Walter I. Wolfe

Harlan, Edgar Rubey.
A Narrative History of the People of Iowa.
Vol III. Chicago: American Historical Society,  1931

     One of the brilliant attorneys practicing at the bar of Harrison County, Walter I. Wolfe, of Logan, has won his present high standing through his own ability and strong personality, and is held in high regard in his community. He was born at Lost Nation, Clinton County, Iowa, September 1, 1886, a son of James B. and Anna O'Connor Wolfe, both of whom are deceased.

    James B. Wolfe was born in Ireland, but was brought to the United States in 1844,when he was one year old, by his parents, John R. and Nora Wolfe, also natives of Ireland. For ten years after their arrival in this country they lived in Chicago, Illinois, but in 1854 located permanently in Clinton County, buying government land that is till in possession of the Wolfe family. Anna O'Connor Wolfe was born in Jackson County, Iowa, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah O'Connor, both natives of Ireland, who came to the United States and settled in Jackson county in 1837. All of the grandparents are also deceased, but they, as did the parents, lived long enough in their new community to leave an impress upon it of right living and vital Christianity.

     Growing up on a farm, Walter I. Wolfe first went to the country schools of Clinton County and later to the high school at Lost Nation, from which he was graduated in 1906. In 1907 he took preparatory work in the Iowa City Academy, after which he entered the liberal arts department of the Iowa State University, and was graduated therefrom in 1911,with he degree of Bachelor of Arts. In 1914 he was graduated from the law department with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, and located at Dunlap, Harrison County, where he was engaged in practice until 1917, when he came to Logan, and formed a partnership with Sanford H. Cochran, which association was maintained until 1927, although for several years Mr. Cochran was not active in practice. In the latter year Mr. Wolfe and Harry L. Robertson organized the firm of Robertson & Wolfe, now one of the strongest legal combinations in the county, both partners being able men, thoroughly versed in the law, and enjoying a fair share of the important litigation of this part of Iowa. Mr. Wolfe is a veteran of the World war, having entered the service in 1917, and was stationed at Camp Humphreys, Virginia, the greater portion of the time. After the armistice he was honorably discharged and returned to civilian life, at which time he resumed his practice.

    Mr. Wolfe and Miss Helen Machemer were married at Des Moines, Iowa, and they have three children: Thomas W., Mary Patricia and Dorothy Anne. Mrs. Wolfe is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Machemer, prominent people of Cedar Rapids. In politics Mr. Wolfe is a Democrat, but he has never been active in public affairs. He is a Catholic, as were all of his people, and a faithful son of the church. Mr. Wolfe is a man in love with his profession and he pursues it upon the same methods as the scholar in science-quietly, enthusiastically, and industriously, bringing to it the highest intellectual qualities and tributes of character, which give him an enviable reputation, and a large and valuable practice.

Contributed by Debbie Clough Gerischer
Iowa History Project