Bibles were often given to a bride as a wedding gift and families often recorded information in- them about their family and close relatives.  They are usually considered to be secondary sources because the information probably wasn't recorded at the time it happened.  For early events, though, it may be the only source you have, if you're fortunate enough to have access to a family bible.  Many families kept family bibles but few have survived.  Some have been donated to libraries, gene or historical societies.

If you have a bible with ties to Clinton county, we'd be more than happy to put the info online.

Other sources for Bible records --

The following information comes from 

The DAR has transcribed some Iowa Bible records which are included in:

Daughters of the American Revolution (Iowa). Bible Records. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971. (FHL film 851218 item 6; computer number 280536.)

Daughters of the American Revolution (Iowa). Genealogical Collection. Salt Lake City-: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971. (FHL Films 850405-409, 851208-220, 850411-2; computer numbers 277655, 277811, and others.) This collection, filmed at he DAR Library in Washington, D.C., consists of probate (transcripts), obituary, Bible, cemetery, church, marriage, and death records.  The collection is in several parts and is listed in the Family History Library Catalog in the "Author-Title Search" under Daughters of the American Revolution (Iowa). The volumes are generally arranged by county, and many have individual indexes.  A surname index to the above collection is:

Kirkham, E. Kay.  An Index to Some of the Bibles and Family Records of the United States: 45,500 References as Taken from Microfilm at he Genealogical Society of Utah. Logan, Utah: Everton Publishers, 1984. (FHL book 973 D22kk v.2; fiche 6089184; computer number 298346.)  For records from Iowa, see part two, pages 51-65.  

Daughters of the American Revolution (Iowa). Iowa Genealogical Data. vols. 1-24, 41-62. Salt Lake City-: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971. (On 10 FHL films beginning with 851208 item 8; computer number 277811.) Most volumes are indexed.  

The State Historical Society of Iowa has copies of the DAR Genealogical Collection in 85 volumes.  The society also has a short reference guide that indicates which volumes contain information about specific counties.  This guide is also available at the Family History Library:

Some Iowa Vital Records. Des Moines: Iowa Historical Society Library, 1961. (FHL Book 977.7 A3h, fiche 6050306; computer number 242654.)

Iowa. State Department of History and Archives.  Iowa Family Bible Records, A-Z. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978. (FHL film 1023889 items 2-9; computer number 191581.) The original records are in Des Moines at the State Historical Society of Iowa, where they have a large collection of family Bible records.

Burgess, Jo Ann, and Rita Goranson, comps. Bible Records from Iowa Libraries and Museums. 5 vols. Iowa: N.p., 1977. (FHL book 977.7 D29b v.1; film 1036785 item 3; computer number 79720.) These volumes contain transcripts of Bible records in genealogical periodicals and books.  There is an index to volumes 1-3 in:

Wimberly, Vera Meek.  Bible Records. Conroe, Tex.: Montgomery County Genealogical and Historical Society, 1980. (FHL book 977.7 D29b index; computer number 572948.)







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A personal plea regarding my family in Monroe Co., IA:

A cousin of mine was given a family Bible in 1936.  His aunt talked him into letting her take it home and she would return it to him.  She has since passed away and he never got the bible back.  He can't remember what names were in it. It may have been for a Wilson, Robinson or Hoadley family.  If, during your research, you should come across mention of this bible, I would dearly love to know about it.

Thank you so much, Nettie Mae

If you are looking for your family Bible, I'd be glad to post the information here