(I am assuming the following questionnaire was filled out by members and that is where the following information came from -- Net) 

The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain information relative to those who have been identified with Grace Church Vested Choir which is to be included in the records and also in a their history of the choir which it is proposed to publish in connection with the observance of the fortieth anniversary to be celebrated on or about Easter Day, 1929.  It is desired that all questions be answered as fully and accurately as possible and that the questionnaire be signed and returned in the enclosed envelope without delay.

Give place and date of birth
What is your name?  (Give name in full)
What is your home address?
What is your business address?
What is you occupation, business or profession?
Are you married?
If so, give date and place.
Have you any family?
Are you a member of any church?
If so, name same.
Have you been baptized?
If so, give date and in what church.
Who baptized you?
If so, give date and in what church.
Who baptized you?
Have you been confirmed?
If so, who prepared and presented you?
Who confirmed you?
Where were you confirmed?

In the event the addressed has passed away relatives are asked to supply the following information:

Plate and date of death.
Place of burial.
How long were you a member of the choir?

……….years………..months.  From……………………………….


The records show that you were awarded honors as follows:  Pleas verify and add dates.


Other Honors.


For the purpose of keeping the records complete, I will gladly inform the Rector, Clerk or Choirmaster of the  Parish of Grace Church, Clinton, Iowa, of an change in address and I have arranged, in the event of my death, to have any of the above mentioned persons advised of the date and place of my death and the place of my burial,  In order that my name be inscribed on the Choir Memorial Cross in the chancel of Grace Church and that  proper entry there of may be made on the choir records.


                                       PERSONAL RECORD

CHARTER MEMBER                                                    ORGANIST

No. 6                    Name           ELECTA MARIAN RAND                  Date

Date and Place of Birth              July 13, 1864, Lyons, Iowa

Home Address

Business Address




Married                                     No

Date and Place


                                                CHURCH MEMBERSHIP

Church                                     Grace Episcopal, Clinton, Iowa.

Baptized                                   Yes

Date and Place                          October 39, 1864, Lyons, Iowa.

Church                                     Grace Episcopal.

Clergyman                                Rev. Samuel Currie.

Confirmed                                Yes

Prepared and Presented by      Rev. Samuel Currie

Place of Confirmation                Grace Episcopal Church, Lyons, Iowa, April 8, 1877.

Bishop Rt. Rev. William Stevens Perry, D. D., Bishop of Iowa.

                                                OBITUARY RECORD

Member from          January 7, 1889          To     December 9, 1915.

26 years 11 Months

                                                CHOIR HONORS

Awarded Medals

Other Honors          Received Organ Edition of Hutchins’ hymnal from Vestry

                             April 3, 1896.  Received Mahogany tea tray and silver tea set

From former communicant and boys of choir Easter Day, 1915


          In group pictures:  No.5 taken September 2, 1895

                                              No 8 taken February 22, 1904

                                       No 10 taken July 14, 1907

                                       Small group taken in chancel about March, 1911

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