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Early Day Cherokee - West Main Street

Cherokee county, Iowa, lies in the northwestern part of the present State of Iowa. It is within the Missouri River Basin and, in terms of topography and climate, lies in the transition zone between the woodland prairies and the high plains. The area was acquired from the Sioux Indians by treaty in 1850.

In 1851, the Iowa General Assembly created a number of counties in a newly surveyed North West Iowa. The counties created by the legislature were given the names of famous men, Indian tribes, and battles; apparently at the whim of the legislators. Cherokee county was named for the Cherokee Indiana; who actually lived in the southeastern U.S., and later in Oklahoma. At that time, there were no permanent white residents in the county. The county, as created, consisted of 16 congressional townships of 36 sections each - an area of 576 square miles. For governmental purposes, it was attached to Crawford County. In 1853, it was attached to Wahkaw (Woodbury) County and was known as Cherokee Civil Township of Wahkaw County. In 1858, Cherokee County was officially organized as a county, with a single civil township. Today the county has 16 townships, which are as follows: Spring, Cedar, Liberty, Marcus, Amherst, Sheridan, Cherokee Afton, Pitcher, Pilot, Rock, Tilden, Grand Meadow, Willow, Silver and Diamond.

The principal cities and towns are: Cherokee - the county seat, Aurelia, Cleghorn. Larrabee, Marcus, Meriden, Quimby and Washta
My name is Cindy Booth Maher and I have the pleasure of being the county coordinator for this Cherokee County site. 
Like you, I have a personal interest in Cherokee County. My McCoun ancestors migrated to this county in 1863; the Lanes in 1868; and my Booth and Wright ancestors in 1882. I was born in Cherokee and my father and grandfather, Dale & Frank Booth, owned the Case Implement dealership in Cherokee until a tragic small plane accident  took both of their lives in Jan of 1955.

All of the data on this site is a result of volunteer contributions.  This site stays successful and useful through volunteers and user contributions. Your suggestions, generous contributions of information, photos, cemetery readings, article transcriptions, original research and much more is always welcome.  
If you have infomation and/or photographs to share, feel free to contact me.
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