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East Side School - Atlantic, Iowa

Atlantic East Side School 1909

The first Atlantic School Board was elected in March, 1870, consisting of: W. W. Parker, F. H. Whitney, John R. Reynolds, W. K. Straight, D. F. Hawks and R. D. McGeehon. The board purchased a plot of ground on a hill on the east side of town for $400. A construction contract was awarded to Neimeyer brothers and the East Side school was built at a cost of $9,288. It was completed and occupied in January 1871.

The above divided back photo post card is addressed to Mrs. Will Kirby in Elliot, Iowa and is postmarked 1914. The salutation is "Dear Cousins." The handwriting is somewhat difficult to read, but the card appears to be signed "Mrs. V. & Edna."

Below, divided back post card of East Side School postmarked Feb. 19, 1909. Addressed to Master Fern Cole, 2900 Nebraska St., Sioux City, Iowa. Message reads: "Thank you for the very pretty Valentine. We are just getting over the mumps. love to you all Donald and Clyde".

Atlantic East Side School 1909

Atlantic East Side School Card Back

Photo post cards contributed by Cheryl Siebrass, November, 2010 and October, 2018.

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