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The following database list was taken from the Copenhagen police records of people emigrating from Denmark to the vicinity of Lewis, Cass County. The date is that of the emigrant's registration, not necessarily the day he/she sailed. This is by no means a list of all Danes who came to Cass County. There may be a few Swedes and Norwegians who are in this list, who evidently left for the US from Copenhagen. List has been sorted by surname. Contract No. and ID may help show individuals who were traveling together. Occupation and Remarks columns are in the original Danish. Name of ship is available only for direct passage from Copenhagen.

SurnameGiven NameAgeBirthplace
(Parish, County)
(Parish, County)
JacobsenJens P.24 Aarhus, Arhus, ArhusTyended (m. by) [Servant]2/1/1888Island13000D8789J1104 
OlsenLars Jorgen21 Hillerod, Hillerod, FrederiksborgTyende (kv. by) [Servant]2/18/1885Hekla (?)7400D8385O0904ANM: H. - Hekla (II), da Heimdal stoppede d. 25.03.1884.
Petersen Jorgen 35  Hillerod, Hillerod, Frederiksborg Arbejdsmand [Laborer]2/18/1885 Hekla (?)7600D8385P2905NM: H. - Hekla (II), da Heimdal stoppede d. 25.03.1884. I

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