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History of Cass Co. 1877


Grain and flour nineteen hundred and twenty-seven car loads or40,467,000 lbs.
Live stock, five hundred and fifty-seven car loads, or11,140,000 lbs.
Miscellaneous, forty-four car loads, or880,000 lbs.
Total number cars loaded at this station, twenty five hundred and twenty-eight. 
Lumber and stone, fourteen hundred and thirty-three car loads, or28,660,000 lbs.
Coal, R. R. Co.'s use, eight hundred and thirty-seven car loads, or18,414,000 lbs.
Coal by dealers, eight hundred and twenty-four car loads, or16,480,000 lbs.
Merchandise, five hundred and sixteen car loads 
Total number loaded cars received for this station, three thousand six hundred and ten 
Grand total number loaded cars received and forwarded, six thousand one hundred and thirty-eight 
Number of passengers ticketed, twelve thousand, one hundred and ninety-one, amounting to$25,848.64
Largest sales in the month of September, fourteen hundred and sixty-seven tickets sold, amounting to3,158.39
Lightest sales were in the month of February, five hundred and seventy-two and one-half, tickets amounting to1,140.30
Cash remitted from Atlantic station, C.R.I. & P.R.R. for eleven months, account of freight only received98,374.97
Money received at Atlantic office per the U.S. Express520,749.30
Money forwarded419,539.50

The car loads were estimated at 20,000 pounds each, whereas a great many are in large excess of that. Then, too, there has been no account of the merchandise shipped and received as way freight, of which there is from one thousand to fifteen thousand pounds daily.

Synopsis of the business done at Atlantic station during the year 1869. The books being opened February 1st of that year:
Grain, twenty-four car loads; Live stock, twenty-nine car loads; R. R. Co.'s material, fifty-five car loads; Miscellaneous, twenty-three car loads; Lumber, fifteen car loads; Merchandise forwarded, equal to one hundred and thirty-five cars, which was handled from the platform. Total number of cars forwarded during the year, two hundred and eighty-one.
Lumber and stone, six hundred and sixty-one car loads; R. R. Co.'s coal, three hundred and twenty-one car loads; Coal dealers, ninety-eight car loads; Merchandise, two hundred and fifty-one car loads; Household goods and stock, one hundred and nineteen car loads; Agricultural implements, nineteen car loads, making a total number of one thousand four hundred and sixty-nine car loads for the year.

There was also a large amount of merchandise unloaded as way freight on the platforms, of which we are unable to find the amount.

Ticket sales for the year were twelve thousand seven hundred dollars. For these statements we are indebted to W. H. Parker, agent at Atlantic.

From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pp. 93-94.
Transcribed for Cass County by Cheryl Siebrass, August, 2014.

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