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History of Cass Co. 1877

STATISTICS, 1853-4-5-6.

ALSO VOTES IN 1857-8-9.
In the year 1853 Cass county contained 84 male persons subject to poll tax. The county at that time included Adair and Audubon counties also. In that year the capital employed in merchandizing in Cass, as then constituted, was $300.00. Capital employed in manufacturing $700.00. What that manufacturing was, there is at present no means of ascertaining. The following were other statistics pertaining to the county for 1853: Number of cattle, 437; value $14.072; number of mules, 1; value of the animal $90; number of sheep, 116; value of them $155; number hogs, 153; value $472; total value of all property in the county, $57,968.

The following comprises the statistics of Cass county, for the year 1854: number of males, 232; number of females, 181; number of votes, 108; number of militia, 84; total number of inhabitants, 416.

In 1855, there were 14,917 acres of land assessed in the county; in 1856 the number of acres assessed had reached 90,829. In 1855 the total valuation was $99,933.25, and the total tax $124.91. In 1856 the valuation was $449,328.75, and the total tax $561.66.

From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Ol d Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pp. 31-32.
Transcribed for Cass County by Cheryl Siebrass, August, 2014.

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