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History of Cass Co. 1877


The town of Atlantic was incorporated early in January, 1870. The first Council met January 22d, 1870, and was comprised as follows: D. F. Hawks, Mayor; A. S. Churchill, Recorder; Trustees, S. F. Martin, W. W. Parker, J. R> Reynolds, S. W. W. Straight, J. C. Yetzer. This council chose Isaac Dickerson, Treasurer; I. N. Whittam corporation counsel; P. Carney, Marshal. In February of the same year S. S. Ford, was elected Marshal, to fill a vacancy occasioned by Mr. Carney's resignation. Another town election was held March 1st, 1870, when the officers above named, were chosen again, with the exception that S. W. W. Straight was chosen Recorder instead of Mr. Churchill, and V. O'Bryan was chosen Trustee instead of Mr. Straight. Mr. Whittam was re-chosen Attorney. At the January meeeting, 1871, Harvey Yeaman was elected Assessor. The counsel of 1870, gave way to the new council of 1871, March 7th of that year, but before breaking up passed a resolution of thanks to Mayor Hawks and Recorder Straight. March 1st, 1871, the same officers were re-elected throughout. The council selected H. T. Sharp, as town Attorney; Wm. Waddell, city engineer; S. S. Ford, Marshal; H. C. Johnson, city printer; Samuel Harlan, Assessor.

In March, 1872, the following officers were chosen: Chas. Kelly, Mayor; R. G. Phelps, Recorder; Trustees: A. D. Boyd, G. W. Barber, C. B. Osborne, S. M. Childs, and P. D> Tobie. This council elected A. G. Conley, Marshal; Lafe Young, printer; C. F. Loofbourow, Attorney. Mr. Conley served as Marshal but a short time, and when he resigned James Pugh was selected. I. N. Hammond, was elected Assessor. W. Warwick, was chosen Treasurer.

At the March election, 1873, the following officers were chosen: James W. Brown, Mayor; C. B. Osborne, Recorder; Trustees: S. M. Childs, S. J. Applegate, Byron Lamson, J. A. McWaid, and R. G. Phelps. This council selected the following officers: H. E. Griswold, Attorney; H. C. Johnson, printer;p James Pugh, Marshal. The two cisterns in the middle of Chestnut street were built by order of this council.

In March, 1874, the following officers came into possession of the town government: G. W. Norton, Mayor; I. N. Hammond, Recorder; Trustees: H. E. Bacon, D. Findley, J. A. McWaid, L. C. Sanborn, J. B. McGrew. This council seleced the following officers: Julian Phelps, Attorney; James Pugh, Marshal; A. H. Copeland, Assessor; W. Warwick, Treasurer.

The council of that year sent a petition to the Iowa Legislature asking that the incorporation of the town be legalized, and in accordance with that petition a legalizing act was passed by the Fifteenth General Assembly. The Cap Sheaf was selected as the official paper, the bid offered by the proprietor of that paper being lower than all the others.

In March, 1875, the following officers were selected, by the sovereign voters of the town: Isaac Dickerson, Mayor; J. M. Emmert, Recorder; I. L. Dudley, Treasurer; Trustees: Wm. Waddell, C. F. Loofbourow, S. E. Huse, H. F. White, and John Moeller. This council selected J. C. Gleason, Marshal, and John W. Scott, Attorney.

In March, 1876, the following officers were chosen: Isaac Dickerson, Mayor; J. M. Emmert, Recorder; I. L. Dudley, Treasurer; Trustees: C. F. Loofbourow, S. E. Huse, Wm. Waddell, John Moeller, A. D. Hill, J. C. Gleason was re-chosen Marshal, and John W. Scott was re-chosen Attorney. J. C. Gleason resigned the marshalship, and H. A. Smith, the present incumbent was chosen.

At the March election, 1877, the following officers were chosen: H. T. Sharp, Mayor; D. H. Stafford, Recorder; W. B. Temple, Treasurer; Robt. F. Bain, Assessor; Trustees: Wm. Waddell, Chas. Stier, A. D. Boyd, Frank Cox, John R. Reynolds.

From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 116-117.
Transcribed for Cass County by Cheryl Siebrass, July, 2013.

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