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Directories - 1877 Anita


Mayor: Edwin Cate;

Recorder: John Moreland;

Trustees: Martin Bach, J. P. James, H. C. Saunders, Chas. Young, Geo. Todd;

Treasurer: M. Bach.

Mayor: J. P. James;

Recorder: C. D. Bartlett;

Trustees: John A. Gates, W. Denton, Peter Fox, Martin Bach, Wm. Holcomb;

Treasurer: John Moreland.

Physicians: W. Bradway, V. D. Rood, R. Davis;

Druggists: John Sherman, Jas. T. Armstrong;

Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.: Cate and Hamlin, Gates & Stone, P. & G. M. Lattig;

Groceries, crockery, etc.: Cate & Stoffs, H. J. Taylor;

Hardware, Implements & Wagons: Martin Bach, J. M. Keihl & Co., A. E. Kincaid & Co.;

Implements and Wagons: J. P. James;

Implements, wagons, pumps and coal: Mark & Chafa;

Furniture: John H. Bennett;

Lumber and grain:W. Denton & Co.;

Lumber, grain, coal and stock: Gillman & Co.;

Harness maker: Chas. Young;

Hotel: --Anita House--Earl & Lighter;

Boot and shoe makers: E. Ballee, C. Lynemasier;

Blacksmithing: Wm. Scott, B. A. Stowe, Brewer & Bardrick;

Restaurant: M. Bosley, R. B. Elliott;

Notary public, real estate and insurance agent: John Moreland;

Millinery and dress making: Mrs. Chas. Young, Mrs. Moseley, Mrs. M. Tipton;

Banking: --Bank of Anita--C. M. Myers & Co.;

Lawyers: Blakesley & Alexander;

Jeweler: W. S. Beecher;

Painters: V. W. Wainwright, E. C. Fitch, H. B. Lindsey, G. W. Richmond;

Land and real estate agents: R. Davbis, C. E. Townsend, Geo. L. Allen;

Butcher: Peter Fox;

Livery stable: James Libby;

Nurseryman: L. P. Frost;

Brick-maker: R. W. Calkains;

Carpenters: Furgeson & Brainard, Todd & Lewis, G. W. Pruyn, C. H. Whitmore, J. W. Sloan, D. L. Diltz, Robert Mars, John King;

Wagon makers: V. W. Wainwright, Sam Todd;

Bee apiaries: Whitmore Bros., R. Davis, L. Fitch;

Billiard hall and saloon: John Marley;

Beer saloon: Mr. Duken;

Barber: A. P. Williams;

Stone masons and plasters: Geo. Houseman, H. Bruner;

Notary public: C. M. Myers.

Transcribed from History of Cass County. Iowa Together with Brief Mention of Old Settlers by Lafe Young.
Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pp. 105-106, February, 2011.

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