Cass County Veterans
Buried in
Iowa Veterans Cemetery (Dallas Co.)

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Located Van Meter Twp., Section 22, Dallas Co. View Map
GPS: 1.54532oN  93.95190oW

SurnameFirst NameBirthDeathNotes
AndersonArdis LSeptember 6, 1929April 3, 2021nee Bailey; w/o Earl L (US Navy)
AndersonDora D19402014nee Dominguez; w/o Duane E (USA)
AndersonDuane E19352016PFC USA
ArmstrongErnest Jr19272013S1 USN MSGT USAF WWII KO VN
BarberoJoAnn M19412017nee Wersching; w/o Roger C (USMC); md 1960
BarrickJohn M SrMarch 17, 1937January 25, 2015SSG US Army Vietnam; b Texas
BeckerDuane P19342010PFC USA Korea
BerensLarry DApril 21, 1938July 19, 2019A1C US Air Force
BethelMichael DSeptember 16, 1947November 21, 2012SP4 US Army Vietnam
BiggsRita KNovember 1, 1946May 26, 2022nee Harris; w/o Barry D (US Army)
BoeckBetty JDecember 4, 1930April 8, 2015nee Armstrong; w/o Jack D (US Army)
BoggsRichard AJanuary 28, 1944August 28, 2021CMA3 US Navy Vietnam
BrewerLyle FMarch 13, 1930July 7, 2020SGT US Marine Corps Korea
BringlesonClarence N19262018TEC5 USA WWII
BritsonEverett SNovember 26, 1924September 5, 2019SGT US Army WWII
ClaussenFrank JamesDecember 16, 1947January 12, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
ClaussenMartha ROctober 21, 1950June 7, 2013nee Roberts; w/o Frank James (US Army)
DargyFrancis XJanuary 23, 1946September 5, 2021PVT US Army Vietnam
EblenMerritt AJanuary 27, 1932November 7, 2016CD3 US Navy Korea
FurneEdward E Jr19412016MM3 USN
GarberThomas JOctober 7, 1942August 7, 2022A2C US Air Force
GrandquistJerry R19572022SGT USMC
GriffithsJudith RSeptember 7, 1945October 30, 2015nee Smith; w/o F Howard Jr (US Army)
GrodtEdward D19272015SKG3 USN WWII
GroverRandy DJuly 6, 1950December 24, 2011EN3 US Navy Vietnam
HansenGalen L19442017SGT USAF Vietnam; f/o Ryan, Terry, Larry
HansenJeffry CNovember 17, 1964January 4, 2011SGT US Army Persian Gulf; AAM & 2OLC
HetrickGlenn E19262010MSG USA
HetrickMarjorie B19332015nee Downing; w/o Glenn E (USA)
HintonSteven P19442022PFC USA Vietnam
JacksonShirley JNovember 3, 1939October 11, 2016nee Taylor; w/o Gary (US Air Force)
JacobsenCarl EdwardMay 29, 1943September 16, 2010SR US Navy Vietnam; s/o Harry & Lenore
JacobsenFloyd VMay 11, 1928February 24, 2016CPL US Army Korea
JacobsenShirley AJanuary 20, 1934June 26, 2019nee Wright; w/o Floyd V (US Army), md 11 Dec 1954
JohnsonCarl E19212014CMOMM USN WWII
JohnsonHelen P19232017nee Mikkelsen; w/o Carl E (USN)
JohnstonDennis CMay 14, 1950September 7, 2018SP4 US Army Vietnam
KatesJohn WJuly 11, 1934September 6, 2019SP4 US Army
KesslerLarry L19382013LT USN Vietnam
KirkhamSteven DSeptember 16, 1943August 20, 2016LCDR US Navy Vietnam
KochCharles LSeptember 6, 1943February 28, 2020TM3 US Navy
LeeEloise BAugust 17, 1918April 10, 1988nee Harriman; w/o Junior D (USAAF)
LettKenneth A Jr19372012SP4 USA
LettShirley Jo19362023nee Woodring; w/o Kenneth A Jr (USA)
LorenzenMonte Ray19402022A1C USAF Vietnam
LynamFrancis P Jr19232009S SGT AF WWII AM & 3 OLC
MagillGlenn FOctober 27, 1940March 18, 2014CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
McEntafferJames E19502016CSM USA Kosovo PG; LM & OLC, MSM & 2 OLC, ARCOM & 2 OLC
MewhirterThomas L19292013SSGT USAF Korea
MichalskiJean CMay 2, 1932December 6, 2019nee Wilkins; w/o Millard J (US Army)
MillerRobert D19352008SGT USMC Korea
MooreClifton CSeptember 27, 1960January 20, 2017SGT US Army; AAM
MurphyRobert F19382019PFC USA
MyersRobert DOctober 3, 1946October 25, 2015SGT US Air Force Vietnam
NelsenAdam RNovember 3, 1979August 16, 2018SPC US Army Afghanistan
NelsonNorman G19512019PFC USA
NicholsGlen AAugust 20, 1945September 19, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
NielsenFranklin EApril 4, 1933December 30, 2007BRIG GEN US Army; Enlisted at 14, Atlantic, IA
NielsenThomas BMarch 29, 1960February 12, 2014LTC US Army Iraq; MSM & 4 OLC; ARCOM & 7 OLC; AAM & 6 OLC
NobleElizabeth JApril 4, 1923July 9, 2018nee Libershal; w/o Joseph F (US Navy)
OldenburgCarolyn R19382023nee Saemisch; w/o Dean H (USA)
ParsonsEdward LSeptember 13, 1935October 23, 2020DM3 US Navy Korea
RasmussenDavid A19452022SP5 USA Vietnam
ReinierEmery James19482018PFC USMC Vietnam
RhodesRoy RAugust 30, 1947March 9, 2012PFC US Army Vietnam
RochholzSharon KOctober 23, 1940August 22, 2022nee Griffin; w/o Larrie L (US Coast Guard)
SanfordSherry MJanuary 10, 1939September 17, 2016nee Wineinger; w/o Ronald D (US Navy)
SchrammMerlyn E19322019SGT USA Korea
SimontonHarold DSeptember 3, 1926October 21, 2014SSGT US Army WWII
SimontonPhyllis JMarch 14, 1927August 6, 2022nee Eshelman; w/o Harold D (US Army)
StrittmatterCharles WJune 17, 1937November 23, 2009HM2 US Navy
TestaDavid PJanuary 16, 1948September 18, 2020SGT US Army Vietnam
WagnerMargaret T19402004nee Christensen; w/o Gary W (USN)
WarwickJudith JNovember 19, 1941November 5, 2020nee Karns; w/o Gary T (US Army)
WatkinsRodney DApril 26, 1957May 26, 2018PVT US Marine Corps
WitzmanDale R19472019SGT USMC Vietnam
WitzmanEdna B19502018nee Reinier; w/o Dale R (USMC)

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