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Complete Tombstone Recording - August 2012

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The Lorah or Pymosa Cemetery occupies the N. W. acre of the N. W of the S. W. and the S/ W/ acre of the S. W. of the N. E. all in Section 22 of CAA County. It is Approximately way between HWY 71 and Olive Street on Dunbar Road north of Atlantic. The land was deeded to township trustees in 1856 by James Mayhew and James Brinkerhoff. The first white death in Pymosa Township was a small daughter of James Brinkerhoff. She was first buried in the family yard, but her body was moved to the cemetery once it was established. The last burial in this cemetery is believed to be Frederick Stuteleberg in 1935. Unfortunately, the cemetery records were destroyed in a fire at the trustee's home.

After that last burial, the cemetery was neglected for many years and plum brush had grown up all over the place. Hogs had gotten in and rooted out gravestones. In the 1050's the 4-H clubs, in cooperation with the township trustees, took over the cemetery care with the clubs receiving tax funds for cemetery maintenance. The 1985 Cemetery walk indicated there were many unmarked graves. Unfortunately there are now many more. The cemetery currently appears very well-maintained. It is neatly mowed and generally well-kept. However, time and the elements have taken their toll. Some markers recorded in that walk can no longer be found. One corner of the cemetery contains a pile of broken gravestones and gravestone parts. Many of these are just blank bases, but a few are markers with inscriptions still partially readable. Rows are numbered as you enter the gate as Row #1, reading left to right, North to South. There are many open spaces in the rows making it difficult to determine the rows at times. Additionally many inscriptions are in German.

The cemetery was also at one time known by locals as the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. According to a New Telegraph obituary in 1917 stated a man who lived in Marne was to be buried in the "Pleasant Valley Cemetery at Lorah. In the Bridgewater Gazette in May 1923 stated that a man was buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Atlantic. Other obits have also recorded this.

This cemetery was walked and recorded many years ago by Mrs. Dorothy Henriksen for the Cass County Genealogical Society and prepared by Edna Christensen. Mrs. Henriksen recorded burials of 121 individuals. That recording has been published in Cass County, Iowa - Cemeteries, Book One - Benton Twp., Brighton Twp., Pymosa Twp., which is available from the Iowa Genealogical Society. Little has changed since that time, except for perhaps more vandalism and weathered stones. Some stones may not have been placed back exactly as originally placed.

This Cemetery was walked in August, 2012 by Carolyn DeLay and Mary Hoegh.

Contributed by Carolyn DeLay, November, 2014.

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