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This page is for pre-1900 births found in Cass County or from other areas if the individual had a Cass County connection. To post a birth record, put in the body of the message: the name of the person the record is for, time-period of residence in Cass County, date and location of birth, parents name, the repository or source from which the document was copied, your name, and your e-mail address. You may include other pertinent information. Send this information to the Cass County Coordinator.

To contact the submitter, type "Cass County Births" in the subject line. If you find the address no longer is active, please inform the the Cass County Coordinator.

ANDERSON f= Henry Beach Anderson m= Anna E. Aker: Hettie May b. 30 Mar 1875 Atlantic d. 31 Jan 1965 in Kansas (Sedgwick County?); Riley Loman b. 21 Oct 1877 d. 25 May 1943, Maize, KS; Note: Urania Beach Anderson, grandmother of these two, lived with the family and died 16 Jan, 1876. Buried in Atlantic Cemetery, Sub-Div 1, Lot 144. none Jo E. Anderson
BOLT f=Harve Bolt m=Mary Jane Tague: Mary b. 1864 Sp=George Polly; Larance F. b. 1866 Sp=Anna E. ?; Lucinda Bolt b. 1872; Viola Bolt b.1871 Sp=George Capps; Charles W. b. 27 May 1867 Sp=Eudora Magnolia Lucy **in Louisville, Pottawattomie Co., KS 4 Feb 1886**; Harvey M. "Harry" b. Dec 1869 Sp=Mrs. Rena Larsen **in Pottawatomie Co, KS 1897** none Judy Bowman Rhodes
BUELL f=Charles W. Buell JR. m=Adelaid F. Tefft: Marian BUELL b 7/6/1897 in Lewis Iowa Birth Certificate Suzanne Poirier
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BIRD f=Ed Bird m=? : Arthur Edward b 1873 d 1940. Surviving sister: Mrs. Olive DeAvila of Kansas City, MO Aurora NE News Register Obituary CReed
BAKER f=Milton Albert Baker m=Charlotte Ann Lewis: Amy Irenne b. June 13, 1889; Arthur Melville b. Aug 27, 1896; Bertha A. b. Mar 27, 1885; Ezra H. b. Jan 07, 1899; George E. b. Jan 1881; Ira E. b. Jan 19, 1881; Mae A. b. Mar 1887; Ray Theodore b. Mar 25, 1894 all born at Lewis none Larry W. Strutz
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BARNES f=John K. Barnes (d. Atlantic, Cass Co., IA buried in Atlantic, IA) m=Lydia Nora Smith (d. Atlantic, Cass Co., IA buried in Atlantic, IA): Leonard Edward Barnes, Sr. SSN: 708-10-8428 b. 15 June 1897 Atlantic, Cass Co, IA d. 13 July 1971 Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS Spouse=Edna Laura Gundersen 7 Feb 1918 none Margi Riggs
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CHAPMAN f=Alfred A. Chapman m=?: ch#4 Ulysses Grant b. Apr 13, 1868 Cass Co. none Richard O. Brush Sr.
GRAHAM f=William Graham m=Ida Alma Young b. 9/10/1857 m. 4/10/1877: Thomas b. 3/27/1879 Cass County none Glenn Graham
GUNDERSEN f=Johan Peter Gundersen (b. Denmark) m:Mary Cornelia Smith (b.Exira, IA): Edna Laura Gundersen b. 19 May 1898 Exira, Audubon, IA Spouse=Leonard Edward Barnes, Sr. none Margi Riggs
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HOOSE f=Thomas Jefferson Hoose m= Mary C(K)atherine Keys m. 12 Apr1877 parents of (all born in Cass Co.: Frederick Walton b. 3 Apr 1878, Dec. 15 Apr 1878; Edward Marion b. 7 May 1879; Mary Lavenia b. 22 Feb 1881; Arthur Mitchell b. 19 Aug 1883 none C. Arthur Battiste
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KARNS f=Charles Karns m=Etta ? Their children: Cloyd Solon Karns b. December 16, 1893; Ada May Karns b. October 14, 1895; Frank Dale Karns b. November 29, 1897; Albert Jerry Karns b. July 17, 1899 all in Anita, Iowa none David Ames
KLEFMANN f=Herr Heinrich Klefmann m=Auguste Drege Their child: Friedrich Ernst Heinrich b. 29 Jan. 1877 Atlantic, bapt. 25 Feb 1877 in holy baptism at Atlantic, Iowa, in the Name of the Triune God was baptized. Baptism Witnessess: Ernst Dreger and Julion Dreger who do verify J. Horn, Dexter, Iowa Ind 15 Apr 1877. baptismal Gloria Klefman
LANE f=Lucius B. Lane m=Ella F. ? Bernard Clarence Lane b. Jan. 26, 1894 Cumberland, Union Township, IA none Robert Barnes Jr.
LANE f=John Sylvaster Lane b1859, Black Hawk, IA m= Sophia ____??: Tom Orvel b. Feb 21, 1891, Atlantic, IA none L Lane
LOMBARD f=Charles E. Lombard m=Anna Mary Smedley Benjamin L. b. Aug 01, 1883 Griswold; Emma H. b. May 25, 1889 Hedrick; Josie b. Jan 23, 1879 Atlantic none Larry W. Strutz
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PIGSLEY f=Prince Pigsley m=Annabelle Watson: Valma b. Oct 23, 1900 Lewis none Larry W. Strutz
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SMEDLEY f=Joseph Smedley m=Ann Buckman: Mercy B. b. Sep 20, 1871 Atlantic none Larry W. Strutz
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STRUTZ f=Karl Ferdinand Joseph Strutz m=Lillie Chestina Blinn Clark: Albert A. b. Mar 12, 1890; Charlie Joseph Adney b. Dec 17, 1893; Henry Harmon b. June 07, 1895; Jessie Lotty Mae b. May 04, 1887 all born at Atlantic none Larry W. Strutz
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TROMBLEE f=Benjamin B Tromblee (1841-1919) m=Alida ? (1863-1917): Merton J Tromblee (1873-1961); William R Tromblee (1877-1937); Edward P Tromblee (1878-1914); Ross V Tromblee (1881-1962). All moved from Anita, Iowa to Woodward, OK none Martin Tromblee
WATSON f=? m=?: Annabelle b. July 01, 1872; Charlie Edward b. Apr 20, 1878; Elender Rachel Euda b. Dec 08, 1873; Mattie Carlisle b. Oct 21, 1875; Laurence Hipple b. July 27, 1880; Charlie Edward b. Apr 20, 1878 all born at Lewis none Larry W. Strutz
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WYATT f=Arthur Wyatt m=Muriell Flora Cox Their child: Robert Carl b. 12/19/1914 Atlantic d. 8/6/1988 Kansas City, Wyndotte Co., KS Death Certificate Gary Wyatt
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