The next organization was that of the Baptists. The first services were held at the home of Samuel Patterson, the services being conducted by Rev. David Terry. Afterward services were conducted at his home and at the court house for a time, and in September, 1855, a society of this denomination was organized.

In 1858 the society erected a story-and-a-half building, which served the double purpose of a church and a dwelling. The upper floor was used as a residence for the minister, and the lower floor as a place of worship and for other church services. Rev. Austin D. Bush was the first pastor to serve in this building. He was followed in 1859 by the Rev. H. H. Burrington, who served for over five years.

The society outgrew this house, and in 1867 a church structure was built at a cost of about $7000. This building served the congregation until 1901, when the present modern structure was erected, at a cost of $11,000. It has, in addition to the main auditorium of the church, a lecture room and a Sunday school room. The society has a fine parsonage near the church.

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