Birth Records

Delayed Birth Certs 1850-1878

The information available on the forms include parents' birth places, other important dates, whether the child was a twin or triplet, what order they were born in the family (1st, 2nd, etc.), married names of females. There were a multitude of forms used and not all included the same information.

The records include lots of duplicates. Sometimes, they were because they were uploaded more than once, other times it was because the individual filed more than once for a delayed birth record.

Original form images available at (I can no longer do a direct link to the records. You must have a free account to be able to search)

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CarrieEytinge 29 August 1872Moingona, Boone, IowaWilliam Walton CliftEmma Jane Wemple Clift
Ira LMyers6 December 1872Boone, Boone, IowaHenry C MyersBarbara Cline
Elizabeth Jane Ades7 July 1872Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Sims AdesHannah Malissa Harris
Charles Albert Ammann6 July 1876Jackson Township, Boone, IowaHerman AmmannCecila Beler
Lydia AugustaAnderson11 November 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn B AndersonAnna Charlotte Nelson
Oscar Theodore Anderson10 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaSwan AndersonJustena Swanson
John W Anderson14 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn AndersonElizabeth Krabs
Nettie Armstrong5 February 1878Worth Township, Boone, IowaJacob ArmstrongHarriet Laraway
William Curtis Astleford25 September 1875Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam R Curtis AstlefordLouise Hamilton
Minnie Winifred Augsbury25 July 1872Boone, Boone, IowaJas Winfield AugsburyEugenia I Zoller
Clayton Henry Aylesworth12 February 1876Cass Township, Boone, IowaHenry AylesworthLuella Duncan
Charles Theodore Babb25 January 1872Centerville, Boone, IowaIsaac L BabbCynthia A Snider
John R Babbit21 August 1870Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam BabbitRohda Brown
Nellie Louise Babcock24 January 1875Boone, Boone, IowaFrances Dwight BabcockPersis Delaney Sears
Mary Bertha Babcock1 August 1871Boone, Boone, IowaPlympton O BabcockMartha Maria Dresser
Hugh Francis Bagshaw15 September 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaRobert BagshawElizabeth Walker
Samuel Wilbur Baker30 April 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaMoses BakerSarah Ann Shields
Robert Frederick Ball2 August 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaEdmund Frederick BallAnn Hope Main
James WesleyBaney27 September 1872Boone, Boone, IowaJonas Edward BaneySarah Mellinger
Etta D Barber15 June 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaJohn S BarberKatherine Todd
Mary Ellen Barger25 June 1873Jackson Township, Boone, IowaWilliam C BargerMary Elizabeth Emfield
Winnie Eveline Barger19 February 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaHenry Abraham BargerMary Etta Woolhiser
Alonzo James Barkley22 August 1876Dodge Township, Boone, IowaMazzini Clifford BarkleyMary E Smith
Amanda Bassett19 November 1876Boone, Boone, IowaCharles Osmer BassettMary Elnora Gibbs
Addie Bassett1 July 1878Boone, Boone, IowaCharles Osmer BassettMary Elnora Gibbs
Silas Emery Benbo20 November 1877Yell Township, Boone, IowaAlonzo Luther BenboHarriot Aldora Cline
Ina Helen Berry8 June 1877Cass Township, Boone, IowaRobert Anderson BerryVirginia Frances Johnson
Isabelle Beveride1 June 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaRobert BeverideIsabelle Lowe
Nellie Simpson Beveridge12 February 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaJames BeveridgeMary Simpson
Ettie Bletsch7 March 1872Boone, Boone, IowaAugust BletschJohanna Fathauer
David Blythe16 May 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaDavid BlytheAnn Patrick
Daniel Gotfred Boegler13 August 1875Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaChristian BoeglerMary Magdalene Rapp
Richard Ezra Boegler20 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaChristian BoeglerMary Rapp
George J Bonine24 January 1871Boone, Boone, IowaDavid Henry BonineMary Ann Mckean
John Frank Bowman30 July 1867Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaDaniel BowmanJane Petty
Samantha Ellen Boyd18 February 1875Harrison Township, Boone, IowaSamuel Jefferson BoydEllen Evaline Epperson
James William Boyd22 October 1869Harrison Township, Boone, IowaSamuel Jefferson BoydEva Evaline Epperson
Henry Edwin Boyer17 December 1878Boone, Boone, IowaOliver J BoyerAlice A Butler
Guy Edwin Bramon9 August 1875Ogden, Boone, IowaJefferson Harvey BramonJane Ann Stiles
Lena Brauneisen29 December 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJohn Michel BrauneisenFredericka Giger
Rebecca Alzada Breneman16 June 1877Cass Township, Boone, IowaWinfield Scott BrenemanElizabeth Arabelle Prall
Dean Bricker20 July 1873Boone, Boone, IowaMorgan BrickerCatherine Rose
Bradford M Brooks12 July 1876Boone, Boone, IowaMarion BrooksLouisa L Matson
Samuel Brooks7 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaThomas BrooksAnna Price
Nellie Alice Brown30 January 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaVincent BrownMary L Wiley
Eva Lena Buchanan21 July 1870Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Campbell BuchananMary Jane Atkison
Anna Amelia Buckmann6 April 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaFrederick BuckmannMargaret Elizabeth Lohr
Emery Ottobine Burrell28 February 1875Boone, Boone, IowaRobert R BurrellSusan Young
Oscar Alfred Bygel31 May 1872Dodge Township, Boone, IowaCarl August BygelMary Christine Johanson
Amanda Olive Carlson17 October 1867Boone, Boone, IowaPeter CarlsonAnna Maria Jacobson
Anna Augusta Carlson24 November 1869Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaCharles A CarlsonMargaret Sevedson
Maria Mathilda Carlson21 April 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaSven CarlsonBengta Monson
Victor E Carlson18 April 1878Boone, Boone, IowaCarl A CarlsonMargaret Carlson
William Edward Carrel28 September 1877Peoples Township, Boone, IowaJames W CarrelKatherine Mason
Seba Anita Case Duvall1 August 1877Jackson Township, Boone, IowaAlmon Ruggles CaseElizabeth Case
Jessie Tuvanchia Casey19 March 1877Beaver Township, Boone, IowaDelois CaseyMarion Casey
Lorene Durand Castle4 May 1868Boone, Boone, IowaFrederick CastleJeanette Thompson
Viola May Cave27 October 1875Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJames Joseph CaveMary Jane Sewell
Fred Alanson Chilton3 January 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaSpencer ChiltonElla E Chilton
Whittlesey Hubbard Clark16 November 1872Ogden, Boone, IowaElbert Cornelius ClarkAda T Hitchcock
Daniel Ortiz Clark21 August 1872Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaJohn B ClarkSamantha Orrilla Russell
Effie E Clark8 February 1868 / 8 March 1868Boone, Boone, IowaLambert W ClarkAmelia Davis
Mary Clark17 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam ClarkSarah Rae
Nannie M Cline8 June 1874Yell Township, Boone, IowaNorman L ClineFrances Caldwell
Sherman J Cline19 July 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJ J ClineMartha Caldwell
James Arthur Conyers23 September 1875Harrison Township, Boone, IowaGeorge Washington ConyersMary Jane Gordon
Emma Marie Cook16 March 1878Ogden, Boone, IowaCarsten C CookMinnie Peters Cook
Stanley C Cooper18 December 1875Boone, Boone, IowaCharles CooperAlethea Morris
Frank J Cooper31 October 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn CooperMary Spangler
Rowe David Cornell14 December 1876Boone, Boone, IowaSilas CornellAlmeda Clough
Marion Arvil Cox2 December 1873Harrison Township, Boone, IowaWilliam Baynerd CoxElizabeth Lordeska Smith
Edward AlvinCrowe2 August 1874Harrison Township, Boone, IowaMarcus D CroweSarah Ella Lowry
Alice May Crowner29 May 1878Marcy, Boone, IowaEmanuel M CrownerRachel Vontrees
Thomas Main Cumming29 September 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaWm CummingSarah Main
Ezekial Cutler11 October 1874Beaver Township, Boone, IowaThomas Atkins CutlerMary Cooper
Albert G Davis18 April 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaAlbert T DavisJenny Christianson
Will Andrew Davis23 November 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaWilliam A DavisArtie Adkison
Gomar Davis19 April 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaAlfred DavisAnn Edwards
Lillie Mae Dawley20 October 1878Boone, Boone, IowaClark DawleyJulia Hull
James Wallace Deal9 September 1875Boone, Boone, IowaJosiah N DealMary Sackfield
Edwin Danniel Or Samuel Delander20 January 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaJohn J DelanderEvelina J Ericson
Margaret Dickson1 August 1871Ridgeport, Boone, IowaHenry DicksonMary Ann Sweangen
Phoebe J Dixon17 September 1875Ogden, Boone, IowaSamuel Elliott DixonLydia Maria Battin
William Albert Dixon4 October 1871Moingona, Boone, IowaJohn Albert Margaret Herron
Frank PatrickDonovan15 August 1871Jackson Township, Boone, IowaPatrick DonovanMary Mccarthy
Charles Willard Doty18 May 1868Moingona, Boone, IowaWilliam DotyLucretia Robbins
Lorenzo Dow Driggs18 February 1876Harrison Township, Boone, IowaDon Carlos DriggsMary A Markey
Ralph Webb Duckworth24 July 1876Colfax Township, Boone, IowaThomas Alexander DuckworthMary Ann Moore
Jennie Edgar25 April 1877Worth Township, Boone, IowaJohn Sim EdgarElizabeth Wooliscroft
Jessie Grove Edwards9 March 1875Boone, Boone, IowaDavid Wesley EdwardsFrancis Ellen Sill
Olive Edwards30 August 1873Boone, Boone, IowaDavid Wesley EdwardsFrancis Ellen Sill
Trumbull Francis Emmerson21 May 1877Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJames Tzer EmmersonCaroline Serepta Royner
Amelia M Endres20 November 1875Boone, Boone, IowaGodfrey William EndresMary Limmer
Charles Eric Engnell13 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaAndrew EngnellAnna Greta Larson
Charles William Eppert8 August 1871Worth Township, Boone, IowaJames Freman EppertIaabell Connor
James Edward Eppert14 October 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames Freeman EppertIsabell Conner
Frans Gustaf Emil Erickson9 March 1872Madrid, Boone, IowaPeter Gustaf EricksonSara Maria Jonson
Andrew Erickson27 December 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaLars EricksonChristina Olson
Albert Lorimier Felt18 January 1877Cass Township, Boone, IowaSeth H FeltStephanie G Winship
Harry Ferguson30 November 1878Boone, Boone, IowaSamuel Henry FergusonMary Amelia Stotts
Austin Royce Fisher25 May 1877Boone, Boone, IowaAlpheus Royce FisherMary Jane Farnsworth
Fanny Laura Fleming4 May 1876Boone, Boone, IowaOrestes Philo FlemingMary Margaret Ingling
Claude Nelson Fletcher17 October 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames Fletcher Rosella Beaumont
Louise Fogle26 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge FogleMary Ellen Wilson
John Ford6 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaBenjamin FordElizabeth Blunk
Jewell Streets Fountain14 December 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaAndrew Newton FountainMelissa Bock
Ethyl Muriel Fread3 December 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaEmerett C FreadMalina Lewis
Minnie Fredrickson1 May 1878Ogden, Boone, IowaL P FredricksonAnna Linberg
Annie Frey27 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaHerman FreyLucy Miles
Katie Caterine Friel24 October 1870Boone, Boone, IowaPatric FrielSarah Dougherty
Joseph Ashery Frunick28 January 1878Angus, Boone, IowaAdrian Aton TrunickLouvica Houchin
Ora Elmer Fudge21 March 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaWilliam FudgeSarah Ann Matheny
James H Garrison11 March 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaJohn W GarrisonDianne Chesnut
Iva Garrison14 November 1878Luther, Boone, IowaEber GarrisonCairy Shockley
Ruth Beautux Gehr27 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaAustin GehrAugusta Johnson
Robert Earnest Gillette30 May 1875Boone, Boone, IowaWheeler Smith GilletteHanna Ogden
Mary Adelle Gillette21 July 1872Boone, Boone, IowaJohn N H J GilletteSarah B Wells
John Clemens Gingery25 March 1873Cass Township, Boone, IowaLewis GingeryCylinda Howard
Jane Goodman10 March 1878Mackey, Boone, IowaJacob GoodmanMiranda Layton
William Ward Goodykoontz18 August 1872Boone, Boone, IowaDaniel F GoodykoontzMary Elizabeth Moore
Frances Grace Gore Hanna5 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaIrvin GoreElla S Jones
Elizabeth Grant12 March 1871Peoples Township, Boone, IowaDuncan GrantMargaret Samson
Harry Collins Graves22 August 1874Madrid, Boone, IowaHenry Marshall GravesCaroline A Hull
Maude Eveylin Gray10 August 1870Boone, Boone, IowaJonathan T GrayMary Button
Lulu M Gray14 January 1874Colfax Township, Boone, IowaJonathan T GrayMary Button
Cora Francis Gray27 August 1868Boone, Boone, IowaThomas F GrayKatharine J Barth
Peter Andrew Grove17 May 1874Worth Township, Boone, IowaAnders A GroveJulia Dokken
Lillian Delphine Grover11 June 1874Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge William GronerMinnie Schrom
James Francis Gullihus7 May 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames GullihusElizabeth Fansler
Ida Marie Gustafson7 March 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaJohan Wilhelm GustafsonEva Lotta Johanson
Howard Elwood Hall5 June 1873Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Garrett HallMelissa Ann Barger
Spencer Logan Hall16 May 1878Boone, Boone, IowaFidelio HallSidney Loafman
Charles Henry Halley25 August 1868Jackson Township, Boone, IowaWilliam HalleyKatherine Nodle
Agnes Annastashia Hamilton9 November 1875Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Hamilton Jane Counly
Fred Marion Hamilton3 October 1878Boone, Boone, IowaMarion Paul HamiltonMae Holten
Anna Christena Hanson11 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames HansonBertha M Williamson
Thomas Lawrence Harrington23 August 1868Harrison Township, Boone, IowaPatrick M HarringtonAnnie Morrow
Isom Watson Haskill24 August 1865Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam James HaskillAlice Higley
Arthur Benjamin Hayer1 June 1875Boone, Boone, IowaBenjamin HayerSarah Jane Sparks
Ellen Viola Hayes16 February 1871Boone, Boone, IowaMichael Edward HayesEllen Griffie
Emmet John Hays25 May 1875Worth Township, Boone, IowaWilliam HaysEmma Wiley
George Washington Helm30 August 1871Boone, Boone, IowaJohn HelmAlmira Thomas
Margaret Sally Herring28 July 1878Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Sam"L HerringAdelia Ann Ashton
Jennie May Hewitt13 May 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaDavid HewittDrusilla C Spangler
Alonzo E Hickman31 March 1875Boone, Boone, IowaBenjamin N HickmanEliza B Benbow
Birdella Hileman2 July 1877Beaver Township, Boone, IowaGeorge HilemanSusannah E Burdick
John Acie Hill2 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaRobert Mackey HillRebecca Elizabeth Hill
Samuel Ambrose Hixson2 July 1875Ogden, Boone, IowaIssac E DixsonAlice Anna Shaw
Gildea Grimes Hoffman6 August 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJacob HoffmanSusan Jane Gildea
Cleo Holaday23 June 1874Cass Township, Boone, IowaWilliam HoladayJenny Gaylord
John William Holmberg26 October 1876Boone, Boone, IowaGustav HolmbergChristina Peterson
John David Holmes31 July 1878Marcy, Boone, IowaJasper William HolmesOlive C Allen
Albert Eugene Hopley17 September 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaJohn HopleyGertrude Disbrow
Otto Horns23 March 1876Ogden, Boone, IowaJohn Deidrich Wesley HornsAnna Linderman
Mary Florence Howard10 August 1876Boone, Boone, IowaElias C HowardEtta Pease
Austin Pease Howard18 September 1869Boone, Boone, IowaElias Cost HowardEtta Pease
Fred A Hoyt22 November 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaJonathan HoytMary Lamb
Orlando ChesterHull15 March 1876Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJay Solomon HullEmma Atwood Smith
Belle Hull23 July 1875Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge HullMalinda Benbow
Curtis Hull8 November 1876Boone, Boone, IowaNathan Reece HullMelinda J Long
Marion Par Hunford18 May 1867Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge W HunfordMary Ellen Harris
Simeon Ethelbert Hunter18 July 1878Des Moines Township, Boone, IowaGeorge W HunterClara Snyder
Minnie M Hurst27 June 1877Madrid, Boone, IowaJohn Henry HurstHarriett Wilson
Alfred Henry Jacobson17 February 1870Madrid, Boone, IowaJacob JacobsonElizabeth Anderson
James Birtie Jarvis12 September 1875Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJohn S JarvisEuretta Smith
Effie Minnie Jesse14 August 1875Boone, Boone, IowaSamuel Jesse Sarah Eliz Burkhart
August John Johnson18 March 1873Ogden, Boone, IowaAndrew JohnsonHelena Johnson
Christine Johnston1 November 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaRobert JohnstonJanet Walker
Mattie Luella Johnston21 December 1874Boone, Boone, IowaJames Addison JohnstonEllen Louise Knight
Frederick Enfield Johnston21 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames Addison JohnstonEllen Louise Knight
Susanna Francis Jones16 February 1870Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJames JonesRebecca Ely
Rosa Mahala Jones11 January 1877Centerville, Boone, IowaFielden JonesMary Ellen Sweetman
Birdie Cleora Kegley24 February 1878Boone, Boone, IowaThomas Jefferson KegleyDovie Hortense Wood
Minnie Lenora Keith30 August 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaEnoch E KeithEmmaline E Irwin
Jennie Ruth Kelley12 March 1873Worth Township, Boone, IowaJohn Andrew KelleyHelen Elizabeth Fields
James Henry Kelly22 February 1876Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJohn KellySarah Ann Oren Kelly
Edgar F Kemble7 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Ahris KembleSara Elizabeth Mccaskey
Orson Winfred Kemble31 October 1878Ogden, Boone, IowaJohn Wolf KembleAlma Mccaskey
Villa R Kenison5 November 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJoseph S KenisonEuretta S Bagwill
La Linda Kerns9 January 1873Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge Walter KernsSarah Shannon
Joseph Francis Kiner18 December 1876Cass Township, Boone, IowaJohn Henry KinerMaggie Griffin
George Uriah Kirkendall10 June 1877Ogden, Boone, IowaJasper Newton KirkendallCornelia Jane Pugsley
Rosa Elma Knox3 September 1874Des Moines Township, Boone, IowaNelson N KnoxMary Zup
Caleb L Krantz29 June 1873Madrid, Boone, IowaJohn L CransFrederik Maria Peterson
Gustaf Adolf Josua Krantz15 January 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaJohn L KrantzMary F Gustafson
Enfred Leonard Kruse14 January 1877Boone, Boone, IowaLars August KruseJosephine Johnson
Grant Lamb4 March 1870Yell Township, Boone, IowaAndrew J LambEdith Grigsby
Henry Victor Larson3 June 1875Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaJohn LarsonAnna Johnson
Margaret Laughery6 December 1874Harrison Township, Boone, IowaWalker E LaugheryRose Heagney
Fred Leininger8 July 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJoseph LeiningerMargaret Barswell
Emma Josephine Leininger7 September 1878Boone, Boone, IowaMichael LeiningerAugusta Krug
Augusta Alfrida Leksell22 January 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaEric LeksellCharlotta Engstrom
Nina Captola Lewis14 January 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaAndrew J LewisLuella O Decker
Mary Jane Lierman22 October 1877Coal Valley, Boone, IowaFred LiermanMary J Hamilton
Fred L Lilly28 November 1867Boone, Boone, IowaReuben LillyHarriet E Lilly
Minnie Linerode2 March 1873Colfax Township, Boone, IowaIssac Deardorf LinerodeNancy Jane Thomas
Clifford C Little14 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaNathaniel LittleEvangeline Croy
Freddie Sheetz Lovejoy2 September 1876Ogden, Boone, IowaChalmers A Lovejoy Jennie Harr
Hiram Dudley Lucas15 October 1872Madrid, Boone, IowaCorydon L LucasNancy Sturdevant
David C Lumley2 September 1876Boone, Boone, IowaRalph LumleyChristina Landles
Ralph Lumley5 November 1876Boone, Boone, IowaRiddley LumleyJannet Carroll
Kate Lumley30 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaRiddley LumleyJannet Carroll
Elizabeth Lumley12 June 1878Boone, Boone, IowaRalph Ward LumleyChristena Landles
Harry Miller Lutz23 May 1875Ogden, Boone, IowaWilliam James LutzFlora Mae Annan Or Annam
Henry Christian Maas4 September 1874Ogden, Boone, IowaHenry MaasMargaret Brammer
James Henry Madden20 July 1877Boone, Boone, IowaMarcus MaddenHelen Hill
Ada Jane Marsh8 December 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaHenry Blair MarshHannah Elizabeth Caldwell
Mattie Mable Martin25 June 1874Cass Township, Boone, IowaJacob Tyler MartinAbigail Pringey
Margaret Jameson Maxwell27 September 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJohn W MaxwellMargaret Carswell
James Maxwell16 December 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaJohn MaxwellMaggie Carswell
Henry A Mccahill19 September 1876Jackson Township, Boone, IowaMatthew MccahillCatherine J Donovan Mccahill
Lillian Mccall12 September 1878Dodge Township, Boone, IowaArmstead Madson MillerMargaret Ann Dennett
Margaret Florence Mccormick22 September 1876Boone, Boone, IowaPhilip MccormickSusan Friel
William Edward Mcgee6 April 1878Boone, Boone, IowaRichard McgeeMary Murdick
Henry Frew Mcintosh27 August 1875Moingona, Boone, IowaHenry Frew McintoshCatherine Aitchison
Marthia May Mcnaughton4 October 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJohn McnaughtonCharlotte M Craig
Olive Mable Mcnaughton3 November 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames Robt McnaughtonHarriet Estella Roberts
Jesse Joshua Mcpheeters16 September 1875Madrid, Boone, IowaSamuel McpheetersMary Elinor Brueboser
Ida May Mcpheeters16 August 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaSamuel McpheetersMary Elinor Brubaker
Elmer Leon Miller5 June 1876Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJames MillerDelana Dunn
Viola Charlottie Miller18 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJoseph MillerNancy Ann Miller
Theodore Miller27 February 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJames Alexander MillerSarah Emeline Williams
Laura Belle Mills3 December 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaSamuel Wallace MillsRebecca Burton
Lewis Warren Mills12 September 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaSamuel Wallace MillsRebecca Burton
John Gotlieb Moerke21 September 1871Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Gotlieb MoerkePauline Block
George Emmett Moody20 August 1870Boone, Boone, IowaJefferson Moore MoodyAdelia Maria French
Della L Moore29 January 1873Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam R MooreCharity Ann Hammer
Nellie Morgan12 February 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaWilliam David MorganRebecca Treasure
Martha Jane Morgan Madden27 July 1877Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJohn MorganJane Mcvicker
Joseph Milton Moriarty16 September 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJoseph Andrew MoriartyElizabeth Cline
George E Morris2 October 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaMark Anthony MorrisFreelove Melissa Snyder
Iva Inez Adamson Mosher19 November 1876Marcy, Boone, IowaDavid AdamsonSarah Isabell Raybourne
Charles Lyle Mosher23 June 1876Boone, Boone, IowaHenry Fatte MosherBridget Kelley
Alsa Caroline Moxley2 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaByron Reed MoxleyMaria E Bennett
Charles Eugene Munger15 February 1877Jackson Township, Boone, IowaCarey Richard MungerMary Ronin Scarborough
Joseph Murphy4 June 1877Madrid, Boone, IowaIsaac MurphyClara Drew
George Natwick8 April 1876Cass Township, Boone, IowaAndrew A NatwickSarah Thompson
Harry William NawtonOctober 1874Boone, Boone, IowaMatthew NawtonSarah Jane Cummings
Gabrielle Needham17 October 1873Moingona, Boone, IowaJohn Sample NeedhamElla Viantha Hiddleson
Mary Juliette Nelson19 November 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJasper Taylor NelsonMarian Adalaide Thompson
Helma Amanda Nelson Fredrickson7 June 1877Ogden, Boone, IowaHenry NelsonJohanna Johnson
Gustaf WilliamNewstead24 September 1875Boone, Boone, IowaGustaf Frederick NewsteadJohanna Sophie Freed
Gustaf HermanNornholm7 October 1872Boone, Boone, IowaJohan NornholmClara Bork
George Hobert Norris12 March 1877Garden Township, Boone, IowaLucius D NorrisElizabeth Hubby
Selma Oberg24 November 1875Boone, Boone, IowaHans ObergBetsy Swenson
Fannie Arabelle Oglesbee13 January 1874Cass Township, Boone, IowaIsaiah OglesbeeDulcenia King
Hilma Josephine Olston Hybskmann28 July 1876Boxholm, Boone, IowaJohn OlstonJosephine Carlson
Minnie Adelia Olston Williams21 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn OlstonJosephine Fredrica Carlson
Peter Ostberg3 February 1870Madrid, Boone, IowaAndrew OstbergLena Ostberg
Harley Edmund Page31 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn W PageCatherine Eppert
William Harland V Palmer8 February 1873Boone, Boone, IowaJocob Harland PalmerMary Saline Palmer
Ruth Ariella Palmetier Polley9 February 1873Moingona, Boone, IowaHoratio Seymour PalmetierSelecta Tirauda Berray
Adanirum Judson Patterson16 February 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaFlavius Josephus PattersonMargaret Ann Timmons
Mary Etta Patterson 28 October 1873Jackson Township, Boone, IowaFlavius Josephus PattersonMargaret Anne Timmons
Horace Cook Payne18 July 1876Boone, Boone, IowaSamuel Stickler PayneMary Elizabeth Hoyt
Harry M Payne20 November 1876Worth Township, Boone, IowaHenry C PayneEllen Myers
Myra Pearl Peters1 February 1877Cass Township, Boone, IowaDavid Alphonso PetersMartha Jane Chapman
Lena May Peterson12 April 1874Marcy, Boone, IowaChris P PetersonHannah Scott
Joseph Peterson17 August 1873Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaLewis Peter PetersonInga Louisa Anderson
Hulda Wilhelmina Peterson25 April 1873Boone, Boone, IowaJohn PetersonJohanna Erickson
Marie Ann Peterson29 December 1871Boone, Boone, IowaSolomen PetersonMargaret Peterson
Carl Albert Peterson30 July 1871Grant Township, Boone, IowaMikael PetersonJohanna Maria Peterson
Walter Edward Peterson8 June 1869Garden Township, Boone, IowaPeter K PetersonChristena Nelson
Elizabeth May Petty13 October 1858Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaWilliam Marion PettySarah Collins Scott
Granville Edgar Petty26 October 1871Boone, Boone, IowaPhilena H Cline
Ernest Ethelbert Petty1 May 1878Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaWilliam Marion PettySarah Collins Scott
Maria Esther Pfund24 August 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaCarl Conrad PfundMagdalena Margarette Barger
William Harden Phipps5 March 1877Marcy, Boone, IowaElias PhippsMary Abbott
Willis Phipps29 August 1878Boone, Boone, IowaThomas PhippsLavina Ellsberry
Clinton E Pilcher12 September 1875Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Meridith PilcherJulie A Payne
William B Poole3 October 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaCarrol D PooleMargaret Dutton
Malon Sterling Porter17 August 1877Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJesse Whitsel PorterMartha Hanna Neeley
Ira Fred Prell27 January 1878Worth Township, Boone, IowaJohn PrellMary Michalek
Daniel T Price30 October 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJohn R PriceAnne Maria Roberts
Frank Edward Proescholdt18 June 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaJohn ProescholdtChristina Schenck
John Timothy Quigley8 February 1875Boone, Boone, IowaPatrick QuigleySarah L Cline
Charles Herbert Read20 August 1875Ogden, Boone, IowaHerbert R ReadCora C Ring
Alphonso Reece8 September 1878Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJoseph ReeceMary Reece
Claus Henry Reimers8 August 1871Boone, Boone, IowaC F ReimersHeinke Katherine Odefy
Charles James Relf28 September 1874Jackson Township, Boone, IowaGeorge Hanry RelfAlice Ballard
Ida Josephine Richardson6 July 1875Dodge Township, Boone, IowaFranklin RichardsonAriadne Cofer
Washington Rinehart26 November 1872Ogden, Boone, IowaJeremiah RinehartLydia Ann Cosner
James Moninger Ringland26 March 1873Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam RinglandDelia Maria Swain
Alice E Robinson6 December 1875Boone, Boone, IowaWm H RobinsonRose A Snider
Euphemia Albertha Ross31 July 1875Des Moines Township, Boone, IowaJohn Nelson RossEsther Ann Smith
Charley Ross13 November 1878Yell Township, Boone, IowaArchelaus M RossAmanda M Overman
John Henry Routson14 April 1872Boone, Boone, IowaAbraham RoutsonNancy Jane Lyvers
Algot Enford Rundquist12 February 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaPeter John Johnson RundquistJohana Rundquist
John F Ruth12 June 1871Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam F RuthMary A Stanton
James Albert Ruth12 March 1874Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Henry RuthMary Ann Stanton
Amanda Jane Rutledge5 February 1870Boone, Boone, IowaJohn T RutledgePriscilla Mayberry
Charles John Sandberg9 November 1875Madrid, Boone, IowaOscar SandburgCaroline Johnson
John Sattler29 July 1876Boone, Boone, IowaFrederick SattlerMary Schandelmeir
Effa Grace Savitts22 February 1874Boone, IowaJoseph Augustus SavittsHannah Thee Shadle
Mabel Blanch Schoononer15 July 1878Boone, Boone, IowaLevi W SchoononerGertrude M Blakney
Henry Schroeder4 August 1875Boone, Boone, IowaHenry SchroederWilhilmina Brudgeman
Elizabeth Nelly Schwartz2 May 1875Cass Township, Boone, IowaJohn J SchwartzFrances Or Fanny Brenneman
Laura May Schwartz15 January 1873Cass Township, Boone, IowaJ J SchwartzFrances Brenneman
Lillian May Scott7 September 1870Boone, Boone, IowaElijah ScottElizabeth Teller
William Henry Seddon10 July 1871Harrison Township, Boone, IowaJoseph SeddonNancy Poe
Kathryn Seery4 May 1878Boone, Boone, IowaMike SeeryJeanette Landles
Georgia Alice Selley8 September 1871Moingona, Boone, IowaFrancis Marion SelleyMary Emily Selby
Walter Glenroy Shadle1 November 1877Boone, Boone, IowaHarvey Stewart ShadleCeclia Strother Robinson
Charles GilmoreShannon4 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaRobert ShannonSophia Wilmot
Alberta Adeline Shannon20 December 1875Boone, Boone, IowaRobert ShannonSophia Wilmot
Minnie Charlotte Shelburg19 August 1877Boone, Boone, IowaLewis ShelburgLeva Tilley
Roy Shepherd14 November 1872Boone, Boone, IowaJames Moses ShepherdWealthy Ann Bettys
Edith Algera Shepherd25 December 1874Boone, Boone, IowaJames Moses ShepherdWealthy Ann Betteys
Burt Frank Sherman25 September 1876Centerville, Boone, IowaJoseph ShermanMary Allard
George F Sherman11 September 1870Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam B ShermanFanny Morey
William Riley Shurtz28 March 1876Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Robert ShurtzElizabeth Pollard
Hannah Cicilia Siljestrom26 March 1878Madrid, Boone, IowaOlaf SiljestromAnnette Thorson
Reuben Milton Silsby17 May 1871Harrison Township, Boone, IowaAsaph Milton SilsbyAbigail Clifford
Alexander Simpson16 January 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaRichard SimpsonEuphemia Steel
Matilda Olivia Skagerberg13 October 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaEric Justinis SkagerbergJohanna Johnson
Alexander Smeaton6 December 1876Boone, Boone, IowaPeter SmeatonAgnes Orr
John Smiley7 August 1877Boone, Boone, IowaSamuel SmileyAgnes Grant
Tacy May Smith13 June 1873Des Moines Township, Boone, IowaChas H SmithMartha Rebecca Paxton
Char Jacob Smith19 November 1873Madrid, Boone, IowaRichard SmithMary Hannan
Alice Maud Smith23 June 1875Boone, IowaEdward SmithMary Walden
Adalaide Smith3 December 1870Boone, Boone, IowaAllan SmithAdelaide Nancy Butler
Louise Moore Smith4 February 1874Boone, Boone, IowaCorydon SmithElizabeth Brownell
Emogene Smith8 September 1873Cass Township, Boone, IowaAllen SmithMary Shugart
Henrietta Frances Smith28 October 1878Boone, Boone, IowaEdward SmithMary Ann Walden
James Stuart Smith13 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Y SmithLillian V Mitchell
Cora Mae Smith12 April 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJacob Randall SmithNancy Jane Akins
Josephine Belle Snell Van Sickl27 June 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Howard SnellJulia Ellen Night
Joseph Emil Soderman27 August 1877Moingona, Boone, IowaErick Emil SodermanHelga Olivia Lindquist
Gertrude Adele Sommars7 January 1877Boone, Boone, IowaConrad SommarsHarriet Adelaide Miller
Genevieve Southworth31 October 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJ Jay SouthworthDelia Ellen Kelly
Arthur Henry Sprague29 January 1878Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam Henry SpragueElizabeth Mitchell
Herbert Leslie Standeven20 November 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJoseph Herbert StandevenSusan Lucinda Norton
Charlie Stedwell21 August 1869Cass Township, Boone, IowaGeorge StedwellEmeline Elizabeth Beebe
George Elmer Stone24 December 1878Jackson Township, Boone, IowaGeo Washington StoneIda Isabel Cummings
Arthur R Stotts30 May 1878Boone, Boone, IowaIsaac Newton StottsEmma Franks
Edna B Stradley9 December 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJames R StradleySara Culver
Anna Margie Strater29 June 1869Cass Township, Boone, IowaJohn Peter StraterBelinda Flock
Fred Forest Strickling24 January 1873Peoples Township, Boone, IowaMichael Noah StricklingRowena May
Florence May Strickling31 March 1878Boone, Boone, IowaMichael Noah StricklingRowena May
Emmet F Stull9 March 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJacob StullMary Miser
Fred Barrick Stull8 September 1871Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJacob StullMary Miser
Benjamin Henry Suer4 July 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaBernard SuerLouisa Lierman Suer
Benjamin Henry Suer4 July 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaBernard SuerLouisa Lierman
Maggie Suer5 October 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJohn B SuerLavina Burgess
Lloyd Elmer Summers2 December 1878Worth Township, Boone, IowaDavid H SummersMary Elizabeth Starr
Delmar Arthur Swanson12 September 1877Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam SwansonLizzie Bertha Soderstrom
Mary Eva Swart27 October 1876Boone, Boone, IowaJermiah Patterson SwartElizabeth Jollars
James Vincen Swisher28 October 1877Cass Township, Boone, IowaGeo Daniel SwisherEmily Mcmikles
Robert Allen Sylvester28 July 1878Ogden, Boone, IowaFairfield SylvesterEmma Osborne
Elvia Tarr4 November 1875Jackson Township, Boone, IowaJohn TarrMary Lingle
Samuel F Thomas23 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam J ThomasHannah R Kelly
William Henry Thompson18 July 1874Boone, Boone, IowaHenry ThompsonCelina Rioux
Theodore Christopher Thorson27 May 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJohn ThorsonNilla Johanson
Sylvia Tietsort5 June 1876Boone, Boone, IowaCharles TietsortLydia Borders
Emma May Tilton29 November 1875Boone, Boone, IowaIsaac Francis TiltonMartha Phillips
George Wilson Toliver28 April 1877Boone, Boone, IowaAndrew Jackson ToliverZerrilda Weyer
Elmer AllenTorbert18 December 1870Boone, Boone, IowaJames Bryson TorbertSarah Jane Allen
Terry Edward Upham22 August 1874Boone, Boone, IowaAlfred Freeman UphamElvira Johnson
Lucy A Vernon5 January 1871Cass Township, Boone, IowaJoe B VernonPersoshia L Gregg
Clifton Everett Vernon23 January 1878Peoples Township, Boone, IowaOliver Cary VernonEmma Lavina Tarr
William David Vredenburgh17 August 1872Harrison Township, Boone, IowaWilliam Henry VredenburghCassa A Conyers Vredenburgh
David Edward Wagner5 September 1876Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam WagnerSusan Mellinger
Henry WilliamWagner23 June 1872Boone, Boone, IowaDavid Porter WagnerAgnes Sarah Young
Sarah Walker17 March 1878Moingona, Boone, IowaSamuel WalkerHarriet Winfield
Iva Wallace26 November 1877Boone, Boone, IowaJames Henry WallaceCharlotte Batt
Mary M Walz22 July 1876Peoples Township, Boone, IowaGottfried WalzAnna M Rothfus
Agatha Walz31 May 1875Peoples Township, Boone, IowaGottfried WalzAnna M Rothfus
Jamed Bredford Washburn16 March 1876Dodge Township, Boone, IowaObisha W WashburnMary E Moreland
Lamont Loraine Washburn10 February 1871Boone, Boone, IowaJames Foster WashburnJosephine May Holdridge
Edna May Watson27 April 1875Boone, Boone, IowaJohn Thomas WatsonNanie W Harris
Fred Leland Webb18 February 1873Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge Alexander WebbMary Edna Michael
Grace Maud Weeden27 July 1875Boone, Boone, IowaWilliam WeedenLeah Moyer
Helena Augusta Weinrebe30 June 1874Worth Township, Boone, IowaJohn WeinrebeMary Habathal
Margaret Ann Weir28 October 1875Boone, Boone, IowaJames WeirSarah Ann Troughear
Fred C Westergreen29 January 1876Moingona, Boone, IowaOliver WestergreenCarrie Westman
Robert A Weston11 October 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaWilliam James WestonC Josephine Crozier
Lewis Edwin White10 March 1877Boone, Boone, IowaLewis Van WhiteMary Ann Mitchel
Warren Wallace White27 April 1877Pilot Mound, Boone, IowaIsam Benton WhiteIrene Ann Cline
James Charles Wilkins26 January 1876Ogden, Boone, IowaFrank W WilkinsIsabelle Shepard
Liberty Centennial Williams20 November 1876Harrison Township, Boone, IowaLiberty X WilliamsGlendora Lloyd
Laura Maria Williams28 March 1870Ogden, Boone, IowaJohn T S WilliamsJane Thomas
Wallace Arthur Williams2 November 1877Worth Township, Boone, IowaJohn T WilliamsMatilda H Lucas
John T Williams30 November 1877Boone, Boone, IowaChristopher Thomas WilliamsMartha Bowen
John Or Jonathan Williams1 October 1877Des Moines Township, Boone, IowaThomas WilliamsClarisa Jane Bullman
Nora Williams29 July 1877Jackson Township, Boone, IowaA WilliamsM Malcom
Mary Williamson1 January 1875Boone, Boone, IowaRobert F WilliamsonMargaret Hamilton
William Richard Wilson15 March 1878Dodge Township, Boone, IowaWilliam WilsonKatharine Fallein
Allie Luania Wilson4 April 1878Ogden, Boone, IowaHiram WilsonLuania Kelsey
Nellie M Wilson25 August 1878Boone, Boone, IowaGeorge H WilsonAmanda A Wise
Dora Inez Wood7 June 1869Boone, Boone, IowaEdgar Gregory WoodClarissa Main
John H Woods21 May 1877Madrid, Boone, IowaDavid Daniel WoodsEllen Woods
Henry Rening Woodward20 March 1878Cass Township, Boone, IowaDaniel Winchester WoodwardBelle Janette Myers
William Ernald Woolliscroft26 March 1875Worth Township, Boone, IowaWilliam Bentley WoolliscroftHellen Grey Allan
Della Augusta Worden23 December 1875Boone, Boone, IowaJohn S WordenPolly M Perse
Lillian Yeager3 August 1874Boone, Boone, IowaJohn YeagerRebecca Hoke
Harry Irving Yeager4 August 1878Boone, Boone, IowaJohn YeagerRebecca Hoke
J Orrin Young12 December 1877Boone, Boone, IowaReuben Wood YoungMary Virginia Smith
Agnes GertrudeZandell29 June 1876Boone, Boone, IowaAlfred ZandellIda Blomberg

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