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World War II Gold Star - Honored Dead Silver Star
Fate Unknown

The list below is only a partial transcript found on the site by Jan Bony when she became County Coordinator.


Donald M Anderson Navy
Dean M Alsin Navy
Daryl M Anderson Navy
Russell S Anderson Navy
Arnold W Ahrens Army
Bernard T Anderson Navy
Merton G Andrew Army


Steven C Beaulieu Navy
Verl O Brower Navy
Clarence E Brogden Army
Marvin H Blaess Army
Robert E Bice Army
Oliver E Briggs Army
Robert L Barnard Navy
Percy E Barry Army
Kenneth L Brower Navy
Joe Biondi Jr. Navy
Robert J Blake Army
Jack M Bell Navy
Robert L Bass Navy


William J Conway Navy
Joseph W Combs Army
Woodrow D Cox Army
Eugene F Carlson Army
Kenneth H Carroll Navy
John R Cryder Navy
Jack R Cook Navy
Ralph E Check Army
Robert Lee Carpenter Army


Robert S Davis Navy
Ralph Dennis Jr Army
Edwin D Dean Army
Junior D Davis Army
John F Doran Army
James T Dawdy Navy
Ellsworth L Davis Army


H L Eytcheson Navy
Ralph J Ely Army
Earl J Eccleston Army
Edward L Erickson Marine Corp


Robert E Friedley Army
Robert C Fullerton Navy
Harold D Frentress Army
James C Ford Army
James D Frampton Navy
R W Fullerton Navy
Clarence C Fischer Army
Franf F Furst Jr Army


Kermit E Gorden Navy
James I Gardner Army
RAmon K Gardner Army
Eugen G Gibson Army
A J Grasso Army


Roland D Harrison Army
Marion M Hurd Army
Maurice L Hageleen Army
Carl M Hall Army
D W Haerther Army
John Hieneman Army
D E Hasstedt Army
K L Hasstedt Navy
Chester G Huff Army
Edward D Huntley Army
Dean D Hatfield Army
James M Haines Army
Charles R Hughes Navy
William J Hagge Navy
Roger Handlon Navy
C S Hotovec Navy
Edward Hunter Navy


Robert D Janowick Navy
George E Johnstone Navy
Earl Jones Jr Army
R L Jesse Navy
R F Johnson Navy
E W Jennings Army


Harold C Knight Army
Robert E Krock Army
Marvin E Kendall Army
William D Kemmerer Army
R L Kirkman Navy
Lloyd F Kiddie Navy
Karl L Knoole Navy
Arthur B King Army


William B Lamb Army
Milo Lamb Navy
K E Lincoln Navy
Charles H Lainson Navy
Howard C Lyon Army
Carl A Larson Navy
S H Lepovitz Army
Robert R Lees Navy
Homer G Lyon Army
Loran E Lycke Navy
Ralph Lemaster Jr Army
C J Lansing Army