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The following list of Vietnam War casualties was extracted from the U.S. Military Fatal Casualties of the Vietnam War (PDF) for the state of Iowa. This list is provided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). There were a total of 851 casualties in Iowa, seven from Boone County. The full list above includes casualties from all Iowa counties.

BirthdateCityCountyIncident or
Death Date
Brown, Gene WesleyAir ForceMAJ02 Dec 1930BooneBoone08 Jul 1967Yes
Crooks, Douglas EugeneArmySP414 Mar 1949BooneBoone02 Apr 1971Yes
Deaver, Frederick LeroyMarine CorpsPVT03 Apr 1946BooneBoone23 Aug 1966Yes
Ferguson, Dennis DeanMarine CorpsCAPT07 Oct 1939BooneBoone20 Mar 1966Yes
Harrison, Harry ToddArmy1LT13 Dec 1946MadridBoone03 Mar 1969Yes
Kouhns, Dennis BenArmySP503 Aug 1946OgdenBoone30 Jan 1968Yes
Wolf, Kent CarterArmySP506 Jan 1949BooneBoone03 Aug 1970Yes

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