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Public Officials 1850 to 1912

County Commissioners: 1850 Jesse Hull, John Boyles, James Corbin, Clerk: Reuben S Clark

County Judge: 1851 Samuel B McCall, 1854 J B Montgomery, 1857 Samuel B McCall, 1859 J B  Montgomery, 1865 S B Mitchell, 1867 M M Kins

Probate Judge: With the establishment of this county and the county judge system in 1851, it appears that the office of Probate Judge was discontinued. The 1st and only person to hold this office was David Hamilton who was elected 1849 until the office was abolished.

Clerk of District Court: 1850 John M Wane, 1852 J K Detrick, 1854-56-58 Reuben S Clark, 1860 James Chapman, 1866-68 H R Wilson, 1870-72-74 Phillip Livingston, 1876-78 James Hazlett, 1880-82 J J Snell, 1884-86 Robert J Hopkins, 1888-90 John H Eade, 1904-06 Frank H Johnson, 1908-10 Carl Fritz Henning, 1912 D B Ashenfelter

Sheriff: 1850 Samuel H Bowers, 1851 Jams W Lacy, 1853-55 D Chitwood, 184-59 William Holmes, 1861 G B Redman, 1865-67,69-71 George Crooks, 1873 J B Hurlbert, 1875 ?? Canfield, 1877-79 S S Web, 1881-83 S S Web, 1885-87 Samuel P Zenor, 1889-91 J B Patterson, 1893 S P Zenor, 1895 H C Defore, 1897-99 George Garner, 1901-03 Willard Foster, 1906-08 George E Hannum, 1910-12 John Reid Jr

Treasurer and recorder: 1850 John M Crooks, 1851 Reuben S Clark, 1853 L J Dunn, 1855-57-59-61 E W Hamilton

Treasurer: 1865 J B Hurlbert, 1867 George E Jones, 1869 A Downing, 1871 J R Epperson, 1873 George E Jones, 1875 ?? Snell, 1877  W S Colvin, 1879 J T S Williams, 1881-83 Joseph G Spurrier, 1885-87 Miles Becket, 188-91 Duncan Grant, 1893-95 W D Moore, 1897 to fill vacancy Bert M Huntley, 1899 B M Huntley, 1901-03 S A Bengston, 1906 F M Lorenzen, 1908 A Henderson, 1910-12 Theodore Duckworth

Recorder: 1868 A J Barkley, 1870-72-74 J F Butt, 1876 Matt Webb, 1878-82 C A Ebersole, 1884-86 William Fisher, 1888-90 John L Engstrom, 1892-94 Gustaf A Holm, 1896-1901 C C Olson, 1904-06 J S Halliday, 1908 May F Wells, 1910-12 Herbert C Sayre

Auditor: When the Circuit Court was created in 1869 the office of county auditor, or business agent was instituted. W C Harrah was the n chosen and continued in office until 1873, when L L Sawyer elected as his successor 1875-77  J a Head, 1879-83 T S Boyd, 1885-87 John H Eversell, 1889-92 F E Cutler, 1894-96 M D McGregor, 1898-1900 A M Burnside, 1902-04 Archie Patterson, 1906-08 E F Jones, 1910-12 G H Getty

Prosecuting Attorney: 1850 Wesley C Hull, 1851 Timothy Wilson, 1852 Lewis Kinney, 1854 James Corbin, 1856 V R L Large, The office of District Attorney was established about this same time and the incumbents jurisdiction extended throughout the judicial district in which they were elected. The records do not show that Boone Co furnished a man for this office. The General Assembly of 1885-86 passed an act abolishing the officer of District Attorney and created the office of County Attorney, there by confining the duties of the prosecutor to his own county. The County Attorney under the act holds his office by the vote of the electorate under the same as any other office. The 1st election in Boone Co for the County Attorney was held 1886.

County Attorney: 1886 J R Whitaker, 1888 O M Brockett, 1890-92 J R Whitaker, 1894-96  A J Holmes, 1898-1900 Charles I Sparks, 1902-04 G L Ganoe, 1906-08 C J Cedarquist, 1910-12 Frank Hollingworth

County Superintendent of Schools: Prior to the creation of the office of County Superintendent of Schools, the office of School Fund Commissioner was maintained and the duties there of consisted chiefly in the collection of money obtained form school lands and other resources provided for educational purposes and the disbursement there of as the law directed. It does not appear form the records on file in the County Auditors office that the office of School Fund Commissioner was filled in this county and the 1st record of the County Superintendent of Schools is of the election of 1859 when C W Williams was returned as County Superintendent of Schools. The names of his successors following the order of their election. 1861 Levi Emmerson, 1865 W T Harlan, 1867 H Selby, 1869 A E Simons, 1871-73 T P Coin, 1875 T A Cutler, 1877 G W Lloyd, 1879-81 J H Chambers, 1883-87 George W Ashton, 1889-90 B D Holst, 1890-1903 R V Vineman, 1903-09 R R Cobb, 1910-12 Gracia E Tucker

Surveyor: 1850 Thomas Sparks, 1851/52 S C Wood, 1853 S C Wood, 1855 S C Wood, 1859-65 L Ryan, 1867 J B Torbert, 1881-85 A M Millinix, 1887 Curtis M Kennedy, 1889 Ambrose Blythe, 1890 to fill vacancy I A Worchester, 1892 to fill vacancy G W Brown, 1893-1903 G W Brown, 1906-10 H A Chambers

Coroner: 1850 James Hull, 1851 James Turner, 1853 W L Pilcher, 1855 James Lacy, 1857 Michael Myers, 1859 West Myers, , 1861 Joseph Barnes, 1867 Lewis Davis, 1881-83 George Doran, 1895 D N DeTar, 1896-97 Andrew White, 1899-1903 H C Ebersole, 1904-10 J C Walker, 1912 N M Whitehill, at the election of 1904 the question was before the electors to change the time of elections form yearly to biannually. The proposition carried and those officials whose office would otherwise have expired in 1905 held over for one year. The 1st biannual election therefore was held in the fall of 1906 when a full list of county officials was elected

Source: History of Boone County, Iowa, 1914
Transcribed by Tina Keister for Boone County IAGenWeb, 006