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Arlene Jacoby Alborg Notes

Arlene Jacoby Alborg Notes
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A wonderful handwritten note of a couple of the people living in the Poor Farm in the 1950s was donated to this site by Sue M. Her Great Aunt Arlene Jacoby Alborg was a nurse there, along with Arlene's sister Ella Carpenter. There was a wonderful poem (unknown aurthor) that was typed on the left side of the sheet and the hand written notes were on the right side of the sheet.

From the fireside and the feast
There are faces that have vanished
There are voices that have ceased
But we know they passed forever
From are mortal grief and pain
And we thank thee O our Father
For the blessing that 'remain
Thanksgovong O Thanksgiving
That their love once blessed us here
That so long they walked beside us
Sharing every smile and tear
For the joy the past has brought us
But can never take away
For the sweet and gracious memories
Growing dearer every day
For the faith that keeps us patient
Looking at the things unseen
Knowing spring shall fellow winter
And the earth again be green
For the hope of that glad meeting
Far from mortal grief and pain
We thank thee O our Father
For the blessing that remain
For the love that still is left us
For the friends friends that   
who hols us dear
For the lives that may need us
For their guidance and their cheer
For the work that waits our doing
For the help we can bestow
For the care that watches o'er us
Where so ever we may go
 For the simple joys of living
For the beauty of the flowers
And the laden orchard trees
For the night and for the starlight
For the rainbow and the rain
Thanksgiving O our Father
For the blessings that remain

Then handwritten notes begin:

Edith Owens - is a wheel chair patient exschool teacher very nice

Daisy - You'd like her she never complains always happy very tiny & very nice

Emma is our T.B. patient not so bad -

Jennie is Mrs. Thompson rich woman but a right good sport I like her

Upstairs is Mrs Lutz - she is a bed patient thats the one Maxine used to get mad at -

Lillian is the wash women comes on Monday & Friday she's Joes mom - sure is nice

Ella is the cook