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Churches in 1880

Church Location
Augustana Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church Des Moines Township
The church was organized in 1870. The first members included Nels Thorson, Andrew L. Engstrom, P.A. Engstrom, P. Okerlind, J.P. Samuelson, N. Anderson, N.P. Johnson, F. Nelson, A. Nelson and J.P. Johnson. This group was part of another congregation and in 1877 it turned away from the Augustana Synod to the Mission Synod and then claimed the church building. The remnant of the congregation, being left without a house of worship, erected a church edifice which cost $1,870. This church had 49 members.
Concord Presbyterian Church Cass Township
The church was organized in the spring of 1872. S.K. Collins, Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. LeMaster, Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Nance, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Vernon, and Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Vernon were the original members. The church disappeared in 1877.
Congregationalist Church Yell Township
The church was organized on April 3, 1869. A frame church building was erected in 1872 and it's membership was 62 people. There was also a Sunday school in connection with the church with an average attendance of 80 people.
First Presbyterian Church Des Moines Township
The church was organized on May 12, 1866. The original members were C.C. Lambert, Louisa Lambert, Mrs. Wheat, Henry Burns, Lydia Burns, David Lutz, Helen Lutz, Newton Whitehead and Mrs. Day. In 1868 a church building was erected and was dedicated March 1, 1868. In 1879 a new church was built due to the first becoming unsuitable.
McClelland Church Cass Township
Located in Cass Township, McClelland Church was organized in February 1880. Among the first members were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Oviatt, Mr. and Mrs. Orlow Oviatt, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Hurdman, Mrs. Meeker, Mrs. Halsay, Mrs. Mannard, Emm and Ella Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell. Services were held at the McClelland School in Section 5 and had about 20 members.
Methodist Church Union Township
In the fall of 1856, the Methodists in Union Township made their first appointment for regular preaching. Rev. Steward filled the first appointment. At the time the Baptists, also the United Brethren held meetings in the township. The Methodists had a large society until 1859 when the church organization broke up and only a small membership remained. In 1864 the Christians (Campbellites) had a society, however it disappeared quickly.
Methodist Episcopal Church Des Moines Township
The ME Church of Boone was organized in 1866. Some of the first members that were the most active in establishing the church included, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Coldren, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ingersoll, Mr. and Mrs. George Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Darius Harvey, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Main. In 1869 a frame church was erected and dedicated in early 1870.
Methodist Episcopal Church Dodge Township
The church was organized in the fall of 1866. Original members of the church included, H. Candan, Mr. and Mrs. D. Steirett, Lorenzo Skinner, and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Martin. In 1867 the framed church building was erected. It had 75 members.
Methodist Episcopal Church Yell Township
The Methodist Episcopal Church of Ogden was organized in the fall of 1868. A frame church was erected in 1872 with a membership of 175 people. There was a Sunday school with an attendance of over 100 people. The first pastor was W. Martin and the second was J. W. Snodgrass.
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Dodge Township
The church was organized in 1853 with a membership of 16 people. A brick church was built in 1869.
North Union Baptist Church Marcy Township
Located in section 36 of Marcy Township, the church was organized on June 1, 1852 by the Rev. William J. Sparks, a pioneer Baptist preacher in the county. The first to compose this organization were Mr. and Mrs. William Sparks, Jessie Williams, Susanna Williams, Samuel Williams and Susanna Hurst. A brick building was erected in the fall of 1872. It was dedicated in 1873 with a membership of 51 people.
Peoples Township Church Peoples Township
Peoples Township organized a branch of the Perry Church (Dallas County) in March 1874. In February 1879, E.R. Swain, Mrs. E.S. Swain, David Peoples, Lavina Peoples, Levi Colvin, Mary Colvin, James R. Swain and others organized the church. The congregation met at the Peoples Township school for services twice a month. At the time there were 30 members.
Presbyterian Church Marcy Township
The church was organized on May 1, 1867 by Rev. I.H. Peebles, James Knor and Isaiah Reid. Original members were S.W. and Harriet Sour, William G. and Josephine Bartholomew, Charles N. and Frances Couch, Julius Shelby, Mary T. and Susie E. Safely, William Blythe, Joseph Dawson and Andrew M. and Emily Karr. Charles N. Couch and William G. Bartholomew were elected elders. The frame building was erected in 1873 and was dedicated on November 16, 1873, with 51 members.
Swede Valley Lutheran Church Marcy Township
The church was organized in 1868. Andrew Oleson, Wells Challberg, H.F. Boofstrom, Charles Blosser, Charles Johnson and C.S. Damstrong were the original members. A frame building was erected in 1869 with 248 members. A parochial school and a Sabbath school were connected with the church.
Universalist Church Des Moines Township
The church was organized on May 8, 1871. The original members were L.J. Orr, A.B. Holcomb, Mr. and Mrs. George Wilmont, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Head, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Minier, Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. A. Nellis, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Farr, J.P. Crary, J.M. Smith, E. Smith, E. Shoonover, H. Goodard, and Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Harmon. The frame church was erected in 1871 and dedicated June 4, 1871.