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Rensink, Antonie T., Hendrik W., Gerrit H., Families


Posted By: Wilma J. Vande Berg - volunteer (email)
Date: 7/16/2021 at 15:25:08

RENSINK, Antonie T., Hendrik W. and Gerrit H. Pioneer families

This story comes from the Sioux Center Centennial book of 1991 and was submitted by Sena Rensink pages 484 and 485. The story was transcribed for this BIOS by Beth De Leeuw of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society. Due to the historical pioneer importance of the Rensink brothers, more information was added to this BIOS by Wilma J. Vande Berg by way of Research Notes at the end.

In 1869, three sons of Hendrik Jan and Willemkem Ten Huerne Rensink namely, G.H., H.W., and A.T. Rensink as single men emigrated from Gelderland, the Netherlands to Greenleafton, Filmore County, Minnesota.

While in Greenleafton H.W. Rensink married Hermina Gesiena Jukking and A.T. Rensink married Gesiena Huenink. On April 23, 1871 a son, Henry was born to A.T. and Gesiena Rensink.

In October of 1871, H.W. Rensink and wife, A.T. Rensink, his wife and five and one half month old son, Henry, and G.H. Rensink, a single man joined a wagon caravan led by Jacob Koster to what was to become Sioux Center, Iowa.

The A.T. Rensink family and the single man, G.H. Rensink settled on the E ½ of the NW ¼ and the W ½ of the SE ¼ of Section 2, West Branch Township. They lived in their wagons until a sod hut was completed. The sod hut was their home for several years. On December 6, 1873, a second child, a daughter, Alyda (Mrs. John Doornwaard 12-6-1873 to 5-6-1966) was born in the sod hut to A.T. and Gesiena Rensink.

When expedient, a T model frame house and shelter for the animals and grain, were built. The house with some modifications was lived in by several families until the summer of 1987.

On August 11, 1877, a third child, a son, Antonie Rensink (8-11-1837 to 2-26-1907) was born. Shortly after, the father, Antonie T. Rensink (10-17-1837) died in the frame house from pneumonia. He was buried in the Orange City, Iowa Cemetery. There is no record of his death or grave. He was survived by his widow, Gesiena Huenink Rensink and three children: Henry, Alyda and Antonie.

After the death of his brother, G.H. Rensink, the single man, (12-22-1830 to 6-15-1903) and Gesiena Huenink Rensink (widow of A.T. Rensink 8-7-1839 to 11-7-1897) were married in the bride’s house by Rev. J.M. Warnhuis. On January 1, 1880, a son, H.W. Rensink, also known as “Will” was born (6-17-1880 to 2-19-1967).

In 1883, G.H. Rensink bought one hundred twenty acres of land in the NW ¼ of Section 35 of Welcome Township. The family moved there and the original homestead was rented, presumably, to a Mr. Schoolmeester who later moved to Edgerton, Minnesota and to Watse Bierma.

After the mother’s death and probably after the father’s death, the brothers, Henry, Antonie and H.W. “Will” remained in the home and continued to farm. They engaged Dena Voortman as housekeeper.

In 1906, H.W. “Will” Rensink married Dena Voortman, Antonie Rensink, son of A.T. and Gesiena Huenink Rensink, married Ella Kruizenga. In 1907 Henry Rensink, son of A.T. and Gesiena Huenink Rensink, married Tillie Moss.

In 1907, a new barn was being built on the original homestead for the newlywed Henry Rensinks. While digging sand for the new bar from a pit located on his property, the NW ¼ of Section 12, West Branch Township, Antonie, brother of Henry was struck by a cave in. He died of internal injuries. The sand pit and the NW ½ of NW ¼ of Section 12, West Branch Township is now part of the Sandy Hollow Golf Course.

Henry Rensink and his wife Tillie built a new home on an acreage on the half-mile road which has been renamed East First Street. They lived there for most of their lives.

The Rensinks were quiet, industrious and thrifty folk. They were willing to work hard at making a living not only for themselves, but that their children, too, would be able to have homes of their own and substance to make a living.

Most second and third generations continued to live by farming. Mark Allen Rensink, a fourth generation farmer currently occupies the original homestead farm. Wilmer Rensink lives on the farm bought by his great grandfather G.H. Rensink.

As educational opportunities were more available many third and fourth generations joined professions, civic and government services.

The Rensink families have continually been affiliated with the Reformed Church of America. A.T. Rensink according to the minutes of the Greenleafton church requested his membership to be transferred to the Orange City Church when he moved to Sioux County. Later, A.T. Rensink, Gesiena Huenink Rensink and G.H. Rensink became charter members of the First Reformed Church of Sioux Center. Some served as church officers as deacon or elder. Pictures indicate that Henry attended a Sunday School class taught by Mr. Roelofs and brother, Antonie’s class taught by Beert Rozeboom. Henry also belonged to the young men’s organization. They with others helped establish a church and institutions which have survived and prospered to this day. See the separate story for H.W. Rensink by Rena Remmerde, also the separate story for Henry Rensink son of Antonie and Gesiena Huenink Rensink by Sena Rensink.
By Sena Rensink

RESEARCH Notes - by Wilma J. Vande Berg

Netherlands Records from www.wiewaswie.nl
BIRTH of Garrit Hendrik Rensink on 22 Nov 1830 Aalton, Gelderland, Netherlands to Hendrik Rensink, a farmer, age 48 and Willemken Ter Heurne age 37.

BIRTH of Hendrik Willem Rensink on 31 Jan 1833 Aalten, Gelderland, Netherlands to Hendrik Rensink, a farmer, age 50 and Willemken Ter Heurne, age 40.

BIRTH of Antonie Rensink on 17 Oct 1837 Aalten, Gelderland, Netherlands to Hendrik Rensink, a laborer, age 55 and Willemken Ten Heurne age 44 .

RENSINK ANCESTORS parents of the three brothers:
Hendrik Rensink, a farm labourer age 33, Married 21 May 1815 at Aalten Gelderland Netherlands, to Willemken Ter Heurne age 22, He was the son of Harmanus Rensink and Janna Markelink,and she was the daughter of Gerrit Ter Heurne and Barendje Swartekort.
Children found to be born to them. * marks three who came to America in 1869.
1. Harmanus born 14 Apr 1816 Aalten
2. Garrit Hendrik born 4 March 1818 died 10 Apr 1827 Aalten
3. Hendrik Jan born 13 Mar 1820 Aalten
4. Janna Berendina bon 4 Dec 1823 Aalten
5. Berendjen Hendrika born 13 Dec 1825 Aalten died 1 yr 23 Jun 1827 Aalten
6. Berendjen Hendrika born 24 Mar 1828 Aalten
7. *Garrit Hendrik born 22 Nov 1830 Aalten
8. *Hendrik Willem born 31 Jan 1833 Aalten
9. *Antonie born 17 Oct 1837 Aalten also aks Arend Jan. 1837-1877

EVENTS of the Three brothers

DEATH of Gerrit Hendrik 1830-1903
Sioux Center Nieuwsblad of July 22, 1903
In Dutch - Translated
The old gentleman G. H. Rensink is no more. After a short illness he passed away last Wednesday at the age of 71 years. The funeral was held Friday from the First Reformed Church. Our sympathy is with the sorrowing children.
(Gerrit Hendrik Rensink was born 22 Nov 1830 Aalten Gelderland, Neth. Died 15 Jul 1903 Sioux Center IA, he married Gezina Klazina Heunink (She was the widow of Antonie T. who died in 1878 Orange City. and they had four children - Henry 1871, Lena 1875, Antonie 1877 and Hendrik William 1880.) The first three were of Antonie T. and Gezina; and the last Hendrik William 1880 was of Gerrit and Gezina

DEATH of Hendrik Willem 1833-1890 died May 7, 1890
Rensink William H. born about 1830 died 7 May 1890 at 59 yrs buried in Memory Gardens Sioux Center (WPA Index)
No issues of the 1890 papers exist for Sioux Center, and nothing found in surrounding papers on the death of William.
This William H. is believed to be Hendrik Willem Rensink 1833-1890.
Note: A report on Ancestry.com (by others) lists Hendrik Willem Rensink born 31 Jan 1833 Heurne Aalten Gelderland Netherlands died 1890 Sioux Center IA. His wife was Harmina Gezina Jukkink 1840-1921. Children listed were Wilhelmina 1870-1944, Grada 1876-1906, Antonia 1878-1944.

FAMILY REORT on ancestry.com (done by others) Antonie Rensink a weaver age 29 married Aleida Kasselder ag 28 on 19 Oct 1866 Aalten Gelderland. He was verified as son of Hendrik Rensink and Willemken Ter Huurne (Huerne) She died and then Antonie married Gezina Huinink age 30 daughter of Gerrit Jan Huinnk and Aleida Jukking. On 9 May 1868. She died 7 Nov 1897 Sioux Center IA. They were the parents of four children - Henry 1871-1945: Alida 1873-1966;Elizabeth 1875 (died young?) ;Antonie T. ‘Toon’ Jr. 1877-1907
DEATH Death of Antonie T. Oct 17, 1837 died 1878. Rev. De Pree records

Gezina Huinink Rensink married Gerrit H. Rensink after A. T. died., see the above story of Sena Rensink.
Sioux Center News of Nov 11, 1897 In Dutch
Zondagmorgen overleed Mrs. G. H. Rensink na eenlangdurig lijden aan waterzacht. De overledene was een van Sioux County’s oude nederaetters. De Begrafenis had Dindag plaats van uit den Ger. Kerk.
On Sunday morning, Mrs. G. H. Rensink died after suffering from water retension. The deceased was one of Sioux County's old lower-classers. The Funeral took place on Dindag from den Ger. church.

The picture as labeled in the book is rather confusing.
L-R H. W. Rensink son of Gerrit and Gezina, Gerrit H. Rensink and wife Gezina (former widow of A. T., Back Row: Antonie 1877, Henry Rensink and Alyda Rensink Children of Antonie T.


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