West High School

John Sindlinger

What could the school do without me?

Basket Ball 2-3 Captain 3
Football 2-3
Track 0-3
Glee Club 1-2
W. Club; Hi-Y
Howling Hundred
Radio Club
Marjorie Sinnard

Not without Art, yet to all of us true.

E. Q. V. 4
Operetta 4
Spectator Play 4 Treasurer 3
Trebble Clef 2 English Course

William Slattery

He held his seat, a friend to the human race.

Radio Club 4 Spanish Club 4 College Prep. Course


Gordon Smith

There is no brand like a good name.

Rifle Club 2
Basket Ball 4
Track 3-4
Ruth Smith

Would that there were more like her.

Latin-English Course Philomel
Operetta 4
Athletic Council 3 Volley Ball 2


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