West High School

"None but himself can be his parallel."

"Foote" is another one of those who were born in Waterloo, October 3, 1903, being the date. He was one of our most prominent athletes. Foot Ball (3, 4), Basket Ball (3, 4 Captain). He was Vice President of the Senior Class and sang in the Glee Club (4). Member of the English Course, Cyclone and Hi-Y Clubs.

Paul Smith

"Virtue is her own reward."

Ruth was born in Waterloo, March 4, 1903. She has been a devoted follower of the English Course during the four years of her attendance at West High. She was a loyal booster fo the Friendship and Herricane Clubs.

Ruth Spafford

"Speech is silver, Silence is golden---but I always did like silver."

Lucille was born on the East Side, April 7, 1904. She attended East High for one year, but realizing her mistake, came to West High in her Sophomore year. She warbled in the Philomel (4) and was a member of both Junior and Senior casts. She studied dilegently in the Latin-French Course and belonged to both Herricane and the Friendship Clubs.

Lucille Stull

"To him nothing is impossible."

Our Class President was born in Des Moines, March 13, 1902. He had a role in the Senior play. "Art" has the President habit. Besides being President of the Senior Class, he is President of the Cyclone and Science Clubs. He spent the early part of his High School life at West Des Moines High School. He was a member of the 1921 Foot Ball team.

Arthur Swigert, Jr

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