Black Hawk County History

The following sites consists of material that was taken from the "Waterloo. A Pictorial History", authors Margaret Corwin and Helen Hay. I found this copy at the Waterloo Public Library.


Mary Melrose Hanna, at age 24 in 1845, she first set foot on the present day site of Waterloo, IA at 11:00 a.m., July18.
A quote from the books says, "Oh, I did not think there was such a place this side of heaven." She came to Waterloo with her husband, George Washington Hanna, two sons, John Quincy and James Monroe.

Mary Hanna was born in Edwards County in 1821, and died on November 12, 1912, and reported was the oldest resident of Black Hawk County. She married George Hanna in 1837, at age 16, and came to Waterloo eight years later. She and George had 8 children in all. James Monroe died shortly after ariving here. Another son, Philip, gained distinction as consul to Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

George Hanna was born in White County, IL in 1917, and died in Waterloo in 1890. He served as both Chaplain and Justice of the Peace.


The following pages are those which contain the notes of the Black Hawk County Court House, and the Waterloo Public Library. They are for reference only, you may contact the court house or library for further information.

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These pages give reference to various photos and information about Black Hawk County such as: early settlers, business, etc.