Black Hawk County, IA

The Researchers Notes

Many times I will be doing some research and I come across a surname which seems to just stick in my
mind. And I always try to jot something down. Do not know why, I guess that it has just become a habit
since I started getting serious about doing genenalogy.

The many resources that I use for my research at this time are the Waterloo Court House archives, library
of the Northeast Iowa Genealogy Society, and the Waterloo Public Library. On occasion there may be
something from the Waterloo Courier as well.

The information below is just kinda a mix of notes and hopefully the following pages will be presented
in a more structured manner. But if you would see how I have my notes jotted down you would under-
stand! *GIGGLE*. Unfortunetely they are not well documented either and will try to improve this situation when further researching.

Carl Koth --1st born of Caroline Tegtmier [b. Germany] and Augustus Kothe [b. Germany]. 7-19-1881;

James M. Bandfield -3rd birth, parents Charles E. [b. NY] and Mirranda Crail, [b. IA], b. 10-9-1880,
BHC 1-8

Junior Douglas Ackerman 1st birth, #18576, parents Sidney R. [23] and Besse Faith Armogst [17]

Judson Arvine Ayers, #5032, 5th birth, 7-25-1894, Frank Jerome Ayers, Cora Peterson

Olto Buechele, third birth #5038, 8-24-1894, Julille, Ariva Walilred

Female Weyland, #5244 page 193, first birth, 12-15-1894, Nicholas Weyland b. Germany, ? Frost b. IA.

Joseph Willard Ackerment, Blacksmith, m. Eva Garlord, #5282 pg 196, son first born, 7-16-1895.

Alice Dunham, #5382 pg 205, 2nd birth, 8-24-1895, Ashley Atwood grocer, b. Canada, Matilda Sohner b. Rockford, IA.

Jessie Claude ONeiil 5th birth, 289/25, pa. Robert McDonnell, painter, b. Scotland, Annis Kennedy, b. IN.

Clyde H. Brown, 12-19-1989, Harry A. Brown and Telly Wagner, #6447/57

Chas. W. Ayers, 2-25-1898, Chas. Ayers, Minnie Wilson, #6501/61

Louis A Curran, #4 birth, #5807, 9-21-1896, John Curran, M. Ryan

Ohl, Male, 4th birth, #5814/3, 9-21-1896, Charles Ohl, Julia ?

Forrest Rugg Shores, first birth, #5705/232, 1025 Lafayette St., Frank M. Shores, Florence Rugg

Female Illegitimate, 8/90, 10-7-1880, Belle Shaffer, Lester Center

Thomas F Smith, 71 d. 2-16-1901, b. NY, brd. Barclay Cemetery

Henry Smith, d. 7-7-1901, brd. Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, IA

Joseph W. Ackerman, 30 yrs, d. 11-17-1901, Rayfield, MN, brd. Fairview, Waterloo, IA

Joseph Newton Ackerman, b. 9-17-1863, WI, pa. Newton Ackerman, Ellen Jones, Teamster, d. 11-19-1919, embolism, brd. Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA

Josiah Lichty, b. 4-12-1841, d. 12-15-1919, brd. Elmwood Cemetery, f. Abraham Lichty

Arthur Terrell, 20, single, informant, AG Thomas, RR accident, 9-6-1907, Cedar Falls, b. Hamilton, IL

Agnes Bandfield, b. 4-17-1856, NY, d. 10-11-1907, carcinoma, brd. Janesville, IA, pa. Hamilton Allen b. Vermont, Polly Collins

Elsa B. Lang, b. 12-24-1824 Germany d. 10-11-1907, Emphesema, senility

Fern O Lynn, b. 2-20-1885 IA , d. age 22 10-18-1909, consumption, pa. Ogden/Mary Bodkin, brother Hedrick d. 10-20-1907

JC Blake, b. 4-18-1830 WI, divorced, capenter, d. 11-16-1907, uraemic poisening, Cedar Falls, Ia

Ann Bird, b. 5-1-? OH, 74 years old, d. 12-23-1907, nephritis, Tama county.

Fredrick Bird, b. 11-23-1907 d. 12-6-1907, premature 13 days, pa. Frank b IL/Ethel Bennet

John Bird, b. 11-17-1843, England, pa. Richard Bird b. England/ M. milburn d. 12-17-1907 rupture of blood vessel, brd. Waterloo.

Wm H Lane, 80, d. 1-25-1902, b. Bradford County, PA, old age, brd. Fairview, Waterloo, IA

Geo. A Geifnow, 5, d. 8-8-1902, same disease of children, brd. Fairview, Waterloo, IA

E C Renkin, d. 2-10-1897, druggist b. Germany, heart failure, brain disease, Parkersburg, IA 2-12-1897

Harve A Smith, b. 11-2-1883 PA d. 7-19-1910 (f. John A Bixler b. PA) m. Clementine Rhine

Lucy Laura Barber, b. 2-8-1822, 89 widow b. NY father ? Higby, d. 2-1-1911, brd. Littleton, IA

Mrs. Eva M Dunham, b. 12-1-1859, NY, d. 10-22-1911, Barclay, IA., divorced, father Jarvis Phillips b. NY, mother Jane Campbell

Vern Barber, b. 12-17-1893, 18 single,d. bright's disease 2-28-1912, Buckingham, IA. father Thomas Barber, mother Martha L. Brown

Mary Falk Weyland, 71, d. 12-1-1936, Fox Twp, cerebral paralysis, widow

Hazel Jean Pablo, d. Black Hawk County, St. Francis Hosptial, b. 3-7-1879 Weener Germany, father George Wehmeyer, b. Germany, mother Bena Base, b. Germany, brd. 11-8-1942, Fairview Cemetery, cancer of pancreas. Informant Harold Coburn, Hastings MN.

Herman Wehmeyer, brd. Fairview Cemetery, casket bearers: Elmer Beryl, Dale Brehmer (nephews), Howard Skaggs, Clarence Erickson, Morley Haynes -- W'loo courier, 11-6-1942

Ethel Barber McKinley, b. 4-21-1892 d. 5-18-1956

Abner D McKinley, b. 8-6-1883 d. 4-11-1947

Samuel A McKinley, c. 1-26-1932 d. 1-5-1949

Kathyrn Elizabeth Brink, b. 10-13-1949

John Jacob Ashenbrenner, b. 11-15-1872 d. 5-20-1876. father William Ashenbrenner

William Tegtmeier, b. 1858 d. 1933 St. Paul's Evang. Cemetery, Mt Vernon Twp

Duncan Campbell, b. 4-1818, Scotland, d. 90yrs, 10 days 2-20-1910 , widow. father, John Campbell, Barclay Cemetery

Mrs. C.Tegtmeier, b.4-15-1835, Germany, d. 3-1-1911 age 76 . father William Noehn, b. Germany, mother, Frederick Blumner

Robert Campbell, b. 3-24-1820, Scotland, farmer, d. 12-8-1906, brd. LaPorte City, IA.

Sophia Brink, b. 6-20-?, Denmark, 27 yrs, 3 mo, 4 days, d. 9-25-1906, shock following operation. A. W. Brink informant, brd. Fairview Cemetery, father: Christian Anderson.

Harriet Niemeyer, 46, d. 9-27-1896, 6 a.m., b. Somerset County, PA, lived in USA 11 years, brd. Raymond, IA

Helen Eleanor Turnbull, b. 10-25-1892, WI, d. 1-22-1973, La Porte City, colonial manor nursing home, never married,. 481-30-7596A, pa. Harry Isaac Turnbull / Sara Anne Popple.

Stillborn , no name, b.d. 1-30-1975, sex unknown, twin, second, Cedar Falls, Sartori hospital, pa glenn Elliott 28 b. NJ, Lila Joy Steenhoek 22, b. Georgia,, burial removal BHC medical laboratory file no 2 Mernell D. Hicks registrar.

Maxine Bernice Weekley, b. 6-2-1924, mother Agnes ?

Minnie Murphy, d.. 1-19-1928, Orange TWP

Laura W. Murphy, d. 1-2-1962

Genevieve Anne Murphy, d. 2-16-1962

Lillie Murphy, d. 12-6-1962

Thomas Patrick Murphy, d. 2-11-1963

Jack Irevin Murphy, d. 10-6-1963

Delores Cecelia Murphy, d. 12-20-1963, b. 9-23-1912, pa. William Macumber, Olive ?, Coronary occulusion, myocardial infarction, cirrhosis of liver, sudden death., Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA

Eugene Murphy d.. 10-22-1929 at age 81 - BHC, Irish Nationality

Orval Sturm "quote" Died 30 January 1924 "Our Baby" Asleep With Jesus

Charles Barrett 1872 - 1939; Lillian 1876 - 1902

Jacobs - Aline L. 1904 - 1979; Everette M. 1905 - 1970

Ackerman - Cleone d. 5-7-1984, N.E. IA, Gertie d. 11-4-1984, N.E. IA

Charles Ackerman - 20 years old, d. 4-27-1888,

Charles Ackerman ---b. England, naturalization 11-7-1892, bk N-563

Belle Elizabeth Ashenbrenner, b. 4-3-1919,

Lydia Tegtmeier, d. 10-7-1984

Abigail Louise Buhr, d. 11-11-1984

Sophia Louisa Buhr, d. 11-30-1984

Viola L Ashenbrenner, d. 6-22-1984

MaeJean Moser-Bast-Smith, d. 8-14-1984

Herbert T. Rousselow, d. 6-15-1984


Thomas J. Kofron 21 b.Cedar Falls, IA, Parents: Edward F. Kofron - Mary Bonn
Occupation: Riveter m. Gladys Johnson 20 b. New Hartford, IA. Parents: Johns Johnson - Gerdina Molendoref
Witnesses: Mrs Pearl Apling, Robert E Kofton
Married at: St. Patricks Church, Cedar Falls, IA, Rev. Robert E. Chambers

Clement F. Kofron, 25 b. 10-8-1937 Cedar Falls, IA, Parents: Edward F. Kofron - Mary Bonn
Occupation: Glaz
er, Pi
ttsburg Plate Glass m. Betty Lou Luitjens b. 12-22-1937 Marshalltown, IA Parents: Lewis E. Luitjens - Minnie Meyer
Witnesses: Philip R. Kofron, Mrs. Bonnie Renken
Married at: St. Patricks Church, Cedar Falls, IA, Rev. Edward J. Lang

James O'Keefe, 27, Jennie L. McBride, Tama County, 22, m 2-17-1897 at Blessing,
Rev. Jno. Shechy, #6405.

Manetta Margaret Ackerman b. Howard SD, pa John Adolph Edward Ackerman / Christina Lindeman,
m. 2-22-1930 Harold Theodore Wright,(pa. George Wright / Gertrude Ross Roe)

Eugene W Buck, b. 4-24-1930 pa. Lars l Buck / Lindquist Astrid m Elcina May Ackerman 10-22-1958

Margaret Tegtmeier m. Glen Smith 8-12-1945 Little Brown Church, Nashua, IA

Helen Smith & Glen Carlton m. 8-11-1927, 44-426

Mary Jane Ackerman pa. George Ackermant, married Austin Henninger 10-28-1891

Sheldon Ayers m. Lizzie Berry 10-18-1863

Henry Althouse m. Mary T Jaten 8-26-1867

Eliza Allshouse m. HF Tobias, 4-7-1876

SW Althouse m. Maggie Davis 3-29-1886

Belle Fitch m. JC Altland 9-27-1871

Camelia Fitch m. Joseph Wilcox 9-6-1860

Charles H Fitch m. Mary M Ginley 11-18-1892

Anna E Fitch m. WC Sloan 5-13-1884

Jessie E Fitch m. Daniel J Brown 11-2-1891

Mathew J. O'Keefe - Nellie Maud Weaver 2-17-1897

TH Weekley & Gladys Wedner m. 9-5-1925

Lawrence J Weekley m. Lovina RP Engledon 7-1-1926

The listings below may be found in the Waterloo Courier.

WHITE, Howard, N; 73; Waterloo IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
COUSINS, Ethel Ruth (CLEMENS); 80; Washburn IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
LONGDO, Lloyd P; 88; Waterloo IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
HUDSON, Maeola (PHILLIPS); 52; Evansdale IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
PINT, Mary F (SCHULTE); 91; Waterloo IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
SYHLMAN, Harm; 82; Waterloo IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
MITCHELL, Mildred M; 95; Reinbeck IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
WELTER, Hazel; 90; Charles City IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
HAYUNGS, Ernist D "Ernie"; 61; Marble Rock IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
ONEAL, Hertha; 66; Waterloo IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
SHORT, Deserie; 17; Alta Vista IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
STOCK, Edwin John; 61; Cedar Falls IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
SHIPP, Gerald R "Jerry"; 71; Waverly IA; WatCour; 1998-11-22
SMITH Margaret, b. 1-7-1823 Scotland, to James Earth, b. Scotland d. 8-30-1912, brd. Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA

LL Ackerman, San Francisco Ship--page 37, Ship columbus, steamer from NY 6-6-1850. Cpt. James B. Peck

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