Black Hawk County
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Marriage Index A

Below are some of the surnames that were jotted down on May 5, 1999 from the Marriage Index A book at the Waterloo, Black Hawk County Court House. If you would like further information on these records.

George Ackerment C. Roller [father Adam] 9-2-1867 B/330
Pamelia Angel Edward Ellsworth 11-11-1882 H/224
Wm J Ackerman Louisa Foust 9-24-1888 K/145
Mary J Akermant Austin Neumger 10-29-1891 L/362
George Brink Katherine Kammenga `6-25-1859 A/432
Versilia M Barber Horace Boies 12-13-1854 A/355
Daniel O Barber Sydia Maria Pucket 5-13-1858 A2/69
Amy Buechley J M Lichty 2-27-1862 B/6
Sarah Buechly W W Will 8-6-1864 B/112
Amos Barber Susan Hutchinson 12-17-1871 C/96
H M Banfield Fred Henry 3-1-1876 D/410
C E Bandfield M Crail 8-18-1875 E/14
Helen S Barber Edwin Lamb 10-18-1875 E/53
Cornelia Barber George W Will 8-21-1876 E/274
Elizabeth H Barber John Averill 5-31-1876 E/231
Eva R Barber Joseph Robinson 1-18-1881 G/299
Serna R Barber Francis Walker 10-1-1881 G/456
D C Bandfield Lizzie Kilpatrick 4-12-1882 H/100
Joel W Barber Roberta [?]Aurand 5-3-1884 I/139
George W Bandfield Martha Mettler 12-30-1886 J/266
D S Bandfield Mary Ellen Padget 7-3-1888 K/126
Arthur Nieth Mary Zillich 2-4-1892 L/439
Gertrude Nisius John Delagardell 11-4-1892 M/159
Lizzie Neusus Frank Troedl 2-6-1892 L/443
James Nieth A Trumbauer 7-17-1874 D/37
Mary Nieth Allam Hallman 2-21-1871 B/584
Archolas Nises Mary Ambrose 9-15-1877 E/292
Sarah M Nieth Charles L Thomas 8-27-1878 F/212
James Patee MC Collins 1-13-1855 A2/11
Elizabeth Purdy Adam Irving 11-22-1856 A2/21
Mary Jane Pattee Theo Munger 12-24-1859 A/480
Thomas C Pickett S L Howrey 2-8-1865 B/134
Morris Pattee E Smalling 4-20-1866 B/186
E C Purdy J H Gipe 11-23-1865 B/170
Mary A Purdy R B Green 1-12-1864 B/82
Nathan Purdy C Holleushead 10-16-1867 B/636
Gardrier D Purdy S A Jacobs 3-11-1868 B/302
Adam C Pattee Eminoyeue Seversee 4-24-1869 B/496
John Purdy Ruth Howe 5-2-1870 B/500
George D Purdy A V White 5-8-1873 C/381
Joseph Pashby C S Stears 9-21-1875 E/40
Dora Pashby Wheeler S Chapman 5-2-1877 E/442
Catherine Purdy Wm Wright 4-10-1879 F/376
Elmira Purdy John D Minard 2-10-1879 F/336
Charles O Purdy Laura B Weaver 12-8-1880 G/273
Thomas Pashby Imogene Tucker 9-27-1882 H/188
John H Pickett Mary L Besser 10-11-1884 I/199
Charles Pashby Jennie Cook 6-27-1885 I/370
Nettie D Quackenbush Andrew H McCuthen 4-18-1888 K/83
Florence Z Quackenbush Alonzo L Walker 9-1-1877 f/25
Julia R Quackenbush A R McQuilken 9-11-1876 E/287
Julia Quackenbush Henry C Koch 10-12-1870 B/538
Amanda Rechor Joseph Ritchey 2-10-1855 A2/12
George Rector Jr. S Sahrchet 5-11-1866 B/188
Harriet S Rector T P Wilson 2-4-1868 B/242
Thomas C Rector J E Butterfield 3-1-1871 B/588
Amel Rousselow Mary Northway 10-3-1871 C-31
Elmez G Rickert Fannie A Lempez 11-29-1882 H/239
William Smith M J Martindale 3-15-1859 A/392
Levi D Smith Mercy Campell 5-2-1860 A/526
Nancy Smith D Weaver 6-11-1856 A/32