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Denmon and Elisabeth Day Letter
Transcription punctuation, spelling and format is as close to original as possible.

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busy pretty much of the time, as to me sleighing we have not snow enough to make very good but a small part of the time, Alexis has not killed any Bears but he has Prairie Chickens grey squirrels and rabbits but he likes his uncle Thomas' shot gun better than his rifle, the first of January he with the other school boys and the Master went a hunting Deer and wild Turkeys but they did not get anything larger than chickens and rabbits, there was a dear came within a few rods of the house and stopped he finally see us looking at him and he turned and ran like a deer as the saying is, Denmon enjoys as good health this winter as he ever has except he has had a number of boils he had twelve on his left wrist hand and arm two on his right he is a helping Thomas chop wood and timber he is a going to build a new house next summer, we are six miles from the Post Office which is in Vinton Thomas and Denmon are there once and twice a week they have steady meetings at the same place and we have meetings frequently about a mile from us in a dwelling house, we had a school six weeks, a quarter of a mile from us also in a dwelling house I was very sorry it did not keep all winter I wanted Alexis to go so much, Land or raw Prairie is from four to six dollars per acre that which is broke and fenced is more so is timber as they call it here, we think we shall like here very much but can't tell until we have been here through the summer. I wish you could come and see how it looks and hope you will it is neither level nor uphill but rolling it is a very pleasant county and we have the most beautiful sun set I ever saw, Thomas says we cannot tell any thing about it till we have been here through the summer he says it is just the prettyest country he ever saw and he would not exchange one of his forty acre sections for four times that number in old granby for he can raise more grain on it than he could on that, As to the Rail

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Transcription furnished by Kathy Devlin, December 4, 2003.
The letter is owned by Ken Hallock. He is no relation to the Day family.

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