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Denmon and Elisabeth Day Letter
Transcription punctuation, spelling and format is as close to original as possible.

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for it is all taken up by those who are so greedy that they do not care whether poor folks have any thing or not, there is a place close by Thomas we could get if we could pay the first of April for it, it has forty acres of the best kind of land all fenced and broke with three acres of timber a log house and a good spring of soft water which is not always to be found in this part of the world, Thomas says the place will pay for it self in a short time and then he will let us have forty acres more which will be as much as we could work to any advantage,

Denmon wishes to know if you would be willing to lend him five hundred dollars and he will secure you on the place worth eight hundred dollars and then if we should not be able to pay you it would be worth twenty percent to you for the rise of the land would be worth that to you if not more, but if we are well and prospered Thomas says we could soon raise the money to pay you and if you would let us have it you shall not lose any thing by it, Please write soon as you receive this and let us know what you will do, Denmon has just got home from town and brought a long looked for letter from you we are very glad to hear from you and now I must try to answer it if I have got my letter partly wrote,

Well Brother Horace I will answer you first how we get along in our log cabin you have by this time found out that we have not got a log cabin but we get along first rate in my Brothers tho we feel a little shivery in a cold windy day and Julia should much rather see you and talk it off as you say than write it. You wish to know what I am doing out here I am a trying to keep warm some of the time and hard work at that that with sewing patching and knitting and lending a helping hand to the various household duties keeps me

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Transcription furnished by Kathy Devlin, December 4, 2003.
The letter is owned by Ken Hallock. He is no relation to the Day family.

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