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As with any undertaking of the magnitude of Dale Woodmansee's book "Allamakee County, Iowa Burial Grounds 1845-1988 ", there may be errors, omitted or conflicting information, or descrepancies. The information on this page has been contributed by Allamakee County researchers. The intent is to assist others by alerting them to possible errors, omissions or descrepancies in the book; as well as providing additional notes from the submitter.

*The date after the cemetery is when the most recent update was made.
*Allamakee County Death Records = ACDR
*The initials of frequent note contributors are in parenthesis at the end of the note. Refer to the bottom of the page for their full names.

Adventist (January '15)
Bethlehem (May '18)
Center Baptist (June '19)
Cherry Mound (February '15)
Cleveland (October '14)
County Care (June '14)
Dorchester Methodist (January '21)
East Paint Creek Synod (July '21)
Ebenezer (August '17)
English Bench (January '21)
Evergreen (February '15)
Faegre Prairie (January '20)
French Creek (July '19)
Gethsemane - opens a new page
Hardin (February '19)
Harpers Ferry (March '15)

Submit a Woodmansee note. Please include your source for the correction.

  • Adventist Cemetery notes
    page 388

    Johnson, Alita B. (1899-1916 Jul 25)
    -Date of birth on gravestone is 1909, not 1899; obit in the Allamakee Journal also 1909; born 9/4/1909. ACDR incorrectly have 1899, possibly where Woodmansee got the incorrect date. (R.O.)

    Martin, Arnold E.
    Martin, Edith V.
    Martin, Leonard

    -Correct surname is Oster, not Martin. Are also correctly listed as Oster, with their full dates. (D.D.)

  • Bethlehem Cemetery notes
    page 479-482

    Blum, Fred C. - not listed in Woodmansee; his wife Minnie's obituary in a local paper gives his death as 4/29/1916 & Iowa Death Records indicate burial in Bethlehem cemetery. Minnie is buried in the German Addition of Oakland cemetery in the Ruegenmeier lot. Her 1st husband was Fred Ruegenmeier. (R.O.)

    Guese, Fred / Nagel, Fred A.
    Guese, Minnie / Nagel, Minnie A.

    -Fred Guese (09/07/1864-09/13/1927) and his wife Caroline Wilhelmine Auguste (Stille) 'Minnie' Guese (03/31/1877-11/01/1957) are listed twice by Woodmansee. The first entry under surname Guese and incorrectly with surname Nagel. Fred & Caroline each have a small stone in Bethlehem with no last name, located next to a large stone for Benjamin Nagel. They are found in ACDR as Guese. Fred has an obit in the Allamakee Journal and Caroline an obit in the Postville Herald with surname name as Guese. Dale Woodmansee notes that the Schutte Funeral Home in Postville has a record of handling a burial of Caroline Guese in 1957. (R.O.)

    Nagel, Louis Frederick (1900 Aug 17 -1923 Feb 1)
    -He is more likely buried in Smithfield cemetery, although the ACDR give place of burial as Bethlehem. If originally interred in Bethlehem, he may have been re-buried in Smithfield; as no gravestone in Bethlehem; his inscription is on a Nagel gravestone in Smithfield with dates 1900-1923. Other names on the same stone are Amos W., Sophia & L. Winnifred. See also the Woodmansee Notes for Smithfield cemetery. (R.O.)

  • Center Baptist (Swedish) Cemetery notes
    page 389-393

    Ahlstrom, Otilia H. (1878 Feb 04-1961)
    -Incorrect death year. Otilia (Erickson) Ahlstrom died May 30, 1956 at Milwaukee, WI; w/o Charles T. Ahlstrom (source: obits in Waukon Democrat & Waukon Republican-Standard) (R.O.)

    Aldrich, Willard J. (1871 May 05-1931 Oct 23)
    -James Willard Aldrich was born in 1876, not 1871; gravestone: 1876-1931 & obit Allamakee Journal: birth year 1876. (R.O.)

    Anderson, Andrew G. (1824 Aug 15 - 1898 Sep 26)
    -Woodmansee indicates that he served with Co B 27th IA Inf. This information is likely an error. He is not on the Roster & Record of the 27th Iowa; his 1882 biography & the 1895 census do not indicate CW service in any regiment. (S.F.)

    Johnston, Anna
    Johnston, Britta Christina

    Johnston, Britta Hanson
    Johnston, John

    -Surname for all is Johnson (without the 't'). (S.F. & R.O.)

    Johnson, Johannes (1837-1917)
    Johnson, Wilhelmina (1831-1905)
    -Surname is Jonsson on their gravestone. (S.F.)

    Johnston, Lena C. (1811 Apr 08-1879 Apr 07)
    -She is Helena 'Lena' C. Hammerberg. Her name & dates are on the same gravestone as her husband Jonas Hammerberg. (R.O.)

    Johnson, Mary (1818-1894 Jan 11)
    -Mary S. Johnson, wife of Swen Johnson; shares a gravestone with him, and is buried in Adventist cemetery not Center Baptist. (R.O.)

    Shogren, Agnes J. (1899-?)
    -Agnes Victoria (Erickson) Shogren Lee; 1st married to Alden Shogren. Although her name is engraved on a common stone with Alden, she is not buried in Center Baptist. After Alden died she married Henry Lee. Agnes died March 10, 1989 & is buried in the Adventist cemetery. (S.F.)

    Sundstrom, John (1829 May 12-1905 Feb 07)
    -Correct surname is Lundstrom and correct burial place is in Adventist Cemetery where he has 2 gravestones. Woodmansee also correctly lists him in Adventist. Death certificate gives his dates as July 12, 1829 - Feb. 7, 1905; birthplace Calmar, Sweden; father Nels Johns. (R.O.)

  • Cherry Mound Cemetery notes
    page 687-698

    Brauly: Anne, John, Mary (2), Patrick & Sarah
    -surname is spelled Brady on their gravestones. Church records recorded them as Brauly. (R.O.)

    Colman: Peter, Bridget, Sarah & James
    -Their common gravestone spells the surname as Coleman, although the stone may not have been the original marker for the older graves. (R.O.)

    Cosgrove, Ellen (1823-1890)
    -died Mar 25, 1899, age 67. Sources: gravestone inscription & obit in the Waukon Republican, March 1899. (R.O.)

    Dahlstrom, Janet Elaine (1954 Aug 21-1956 Jan 01)
    -ACDR: burial in Farmersburg-Wagner cemetery, Clayton co.; her parents Robert J. & Shirley A. Dahlstrom are also buried there. (R.O.)

    Henderson, Marie 1904 Dec 29-1930 Dec 29
    -ACDR & 1930 federal census: name was Daisy Marie Henderson, w/o Earl Henderson, d/o Michael and Elizabeth (Elliot) McNally (P.M.)

    Kaveny, Thomas (1806-1876)
    Kaveny-O'Rourke, Mary (1815-1919, not in Woodmansee)
    -Mary Kaveny O'Rouke, 04/06/1815 -04/07/1919. I believe she is buried with her 2nd husband Thomas Kaveny, in Cherry Mound. An obituary in the Postville Herald (reprinted from the Waukon Democrat), April 18, 1919 states that "after the death of her first husband, she was married to Thos. Kaveny and they came to Cherry Mound, about 53 years ago. Following the death of Mr. Kaveny she was married again to John O'Rourke, who also preceded her in death about 25 years ago." An obituary in the Allamakee Journal names her as Mary (Cassidy) Kaveny 1815-1919. There is a cemetery marker for Thomas Kaveny in Cherry Mound cemetery, but not one for Mary. Iowa WPA records for Harrison co. Iowa list the burial of a John O'Rourke (4/29/1822-12/21/1894) in Mt. Carmel cemetery, Missouri Valley, Iowa. This is may be Mary's 3rd husband. (R.O.)

    Kinley, Adrian (1831-1880)
    Liddy, Anna
    (1857 Feb 04 -1942 Jan 03)
    -Anna was 1st married to Adrian Kinley and 2nd to Timothy Liddy (d. 1899), both buried at Cherry Mound. Timothy has no marker. Anna is listed in some records as a Liddy, but is buried beside Adrian Kinley. The Woodmansee book has her listed with surname Liddy. Sources: ACDR, Obits in the Waukon Democrat & Allamakee Journal. (R.O.)

    Kuntz, Marie Francis (1908 Mar 09-1988 Jul 11)
    -buried w/ 1st husband Carl Arthur McCormick and shares a gravestone with him. 2nd husband was Louis Kuntz d. 1976. She has an ACDR & her obit has been posted. (R.O.)

    McCormick, Helen M. 1901-1973
    -Her complete dates are February 12, 1901 - January 6, 1973. Source: Prayer card Bakke and Hanson Funeral Home Waukon, Iowa (C.E.)

    McGeough, Bernard
    McGeough, Catherine
    McGeough, Margaret

    -surname is spelled McGough on their gravestones. (R.O.)

    McNally, John (1892-1967)
    -surname is spelled McNalley on his gravestone. Dates are 02/22/1892-03/03/1967. (R.O.)

    Uechter, Joseph L. (1906-1949)
    Uechter, Walter R. (1900-1952)
    -correct surname for both is Wachter. Also, the middle initial on Joseph's gravestone is an "I" not an "L". (R.O.)

    Wachter, Catherine (1857 Dec 03-1935 Mar 22)
    Walker, Catherine (1857-1935)
    -Catherine Wachter is an incorrect entry. Catherine (Nicholson) Walker, wife of Anton Walker (1857-1925). Her gravestone: Walker. See also Woodmansee Notes for Anton Wachter, Spaulding cemetery. (R.O.)

  • Cleveland Cemetery notes
    page 577-578

    Cranston, Philenia
    (1802 Sep 06-1880 Jan 21)
    -surname is Cranson on her gravestone (R.O.)

    Fuller, Frank W. 1860 Oct 24 - 1931 Mar 10
    -This entry is actually Frank Tuller, who is buried in the Postville cemetery. source: ACDR & gravestone inscription. (R.O.)

    Gilson, Mabel Mae (1880-1963)
    -Mabel Mae (Shaffer) Gilson (7/25/1880-1/2/1962) and her husband Harry B. Gilson (1880-1963)are buried in Illyria cemetery, Fayette co. and not in Cleveland cem. Obituary (R.O.)

    Larson, John D.
    Larson, Millie E.
    Larson, Etta

    -surname is Lawson.  I'm guessing the same for Etta but her stone is sunk too far into the ground to read; also there is a chunk of stone that could be part of Sarah Larson's stone, she's buried near Etta. (J.W.)

    Rawlins, James (1827 Feb 12-1905 Jan 07)
    -correct name is James Rankin, buried Smith cemetery, not Cleveland cemetery (R.O.)

    Terrill, Andrew (1878 Sep 12), Frank (1869 Oct 07) & Joseph (1871 Mar 15)
    -Woodmansee gives the dates on the stone as death dates, the stone clearly shows them as birth dates. Death dates are not given on the stone. (J.W.)

  • County Care Cemetery notes
    page 253-254

    Baldwin, Orton F. (1854-1918 Dec 20)
    -ACDR and obits in the Allamakee Journal & Waukon Republican give burial as Rossville cemetery. Researchers should confirm his burial place. (R.O.)

    Kelly, John R. (died 1939 Jan 24)
    -died at the Allamakee County Home, but is buried in Cherry Mound Cemetery. (sources: Obit, St. Pius Death Records & 2012 Burial Survey Cherry Mound). (R.O.)

  • Dorchester Methodist Cemetery notes
    page 10-13

    Bros, Marta (1888-1919)
    -The year of death for Martha is clearly 1918 on the stone, and confirmed by the date of her published obituary. Inscriptions on the same gravestone are Infant son born & died 1916, s/o M. & R. Bros. and William 1891 - 1921. William is not listed in Woodmansee - (S.F.)

    Jahn, Gottlieb (1882 Apr 04-1928 Jan 16)
    -The name engraved on stone is Fred G. Jahn, dates 1882-1928 -(S.F.)

    Jermeier?, Henry (1902 Oct 19 -1930 Dec 02)
    -This is Henry Zieman, who is buried in St. Mary's Catholic cemetery, Dorchester. He is also correctly on that burial list in the Woodmansee book -(R.O.)

    John, Maude (1884 Jul 10-1908 Jan 07)
    -This is Maude (Steinback) Jahn. She was married to Henry Jahn who died in 1930 and is buried in Oakland cemetery, Waukon - (R.O.)

    Lundering, Leland J. (1923 Mar 16 1973 Sep 09)
    -born March 16, 1931 not 1923. (J.Ra)

    Reinbold, ? (?-1870) note Grandma
    Reinbold, ? (?-1877)
    Reinhold, George (1851-1925)
    Reinhold, Harry Cleveland (1884-1963)
    Reinhold, Mary (1852-1936)
    Reinhold, Thomas Klingen (1879-1939)
    -Grandma is Catherine E. Reinbold, mother of George, w/o Anton Reinbold, who possibly is the unknown Reinbold burial from 1877. The correct surname for the others: George, his wife Mary nee Smith; and their sons Harry & Thomas is Reinbold not Reinhold. (S.R.)

  • East Paint Creek Synod Cemetery notes
    page 535-538

    Bjerke, Chester Lawson (1912 Nov 26-1912 Nov 26)
    Martin, Lawson (1912-1912)
    Martin, Joseph Bjerke (1878 Mar 20-1917 Jan 06)
    -The first 2 names are the same infant. He is s/o Joseph Bjerke and shares a gravestone with the father. Joseph is listed by Woodmansee with surname Martin, but not Bjerke. (R.O.)

    Busness, Julia (1858-1944)
    Hegg, Julia
    Busness (1858-1944)
    -From Mink family tree ( she was b. Nov. 26, 1858 d. Sep 30, 1944, buried East Paint Synod. Father: Ole Olson Busness (1828-1908 buried East Synod) Mother: Martha (Djonne) Busness (1827-1908 buried East Synod) In Woodmansee she is listed as Julia Hegg and as Julia Busness. (R.O.)

    Espeland, Theodore (1878-1945)
    Gronna, Oluf Theodore (1878 Aug 13 - 1945 Jul 22)
    -I believe they are the same person but I do not have any proof of this. There are a number of sources for Gronna but nothing for Espeland. Espeland may have been the Norwegian family name or farm name. (R.O.)

    Jeglum, James R.
    -My father-in-law, James R. Jeglum is buried in the Old East Paint Creek Lutheran Church Cemetery and NOT in the East Paint Creek Synod Cemetery. Dates of 1906 Aug 6 to 1985 May 26 are correct. Appears to be a double entry, more or less. (unsigned)

    Johnson, Trond Justis (March 5,1870-April 22, 1949)
    -ACDR & his obit in the Waukon Republican-Standard give his dates as March 5, 1870-August 22, 1949 (Woodmansee has April). His wife was Martha Ask (1878-1956). Father J. Johnson & mother, Karen Jacobson. (R.O.)

    Narum, Iven O. (1831 Feb 09 - 1889 Mar 27)
    Narum, Karen (1838 Sep 17 - 1896 Apr 02)
    -Correct name is Sven O. Narum, dates are correct as per his gravestone. His wife, Karn/Karen's dates are correct, but the notation 'ss' Olaf is not correct. She does not share a stone with anyone by the name Olaf. Both are also incorrectly shown on the Old East Paint Creek cemetery burial list. (S.F.)

    Olson, Laura A. (1915 May 18 -1915 May 25)
    -ACDR show her buried in East Paint Creek Synod; death notice in the Allamakee Journal does not give burial place, and Woodmansee has her listed in both Old East Paint Creek & East Paint Creek Synod cemeteries. She may not have a grave marker. (R.O.)

  • Ebenezer Cemetery notes
    page 502-503

    Doertner, Fred

    note - correct surname is Poertner (J.W.)

    Hagemeier, Adolph
    (1826 Jun 13-1893 Nov 08)
    notes - correct dates from his gravestone & obituary are July 19, 1826 - November 8, 1896 (D. Hagemeier)

    Kosbau, Fredricka C.; born 1864, Jan 28
    notes - 1st name is Fredrick not Fredricka. Stone is broken off but he appears to have died on Jan. 28, 1864 rather than that being his birth year. (J.W.)

    Lienkamper, Charles; 1822-1879
    notes - Allamakee Probate Records give his date of death 11/14/1879 and his wife as Mary Margaret Laura Kaidper. (R.O.)

    Ruin, Hermine E.;1871 Apr 18 1871 Apr 28
    Ruin, Hermine L.;1868 Nov 02 -1870 Jul 30
    notes - surname is Rumpf.  At the bottom of the stone are the words: "Kinder von C. & C. Rumpf" (J.W.)

    Winher, Ernest; 1820-1890
    Winher, Sophie;  ? -1881 Jul 17
    note - Ernst & Sophie Wentker. Sophie was born 1824 in Germany. (contributor: Norbert &Helen Wurtzel)

    Ebenezer cemetery burials omitted from the Woodmansee book (all notes from Jan Miller's personal observations at the cemetery in April 2004)
    Keehn - notes - no legible dates or other info.
    Hagemeier children - no 1st names, stone inscribed: "2 kinder of A. & L. Hagemeier" 
    Christof - notes - no legible dates or other info.
    Mary - notes - no legible dates or other info.

  • English Bench Cemetery notes
    page 95-97

    ? Beetem
    , d. 1868
    -John David Beetem, died Sept. 3, 1868 in French Creek. He was not 90 years old, as Woodmansee states. According to the 1907 obit of his wife, Mary Beetem, she was laid to rest at the old German Methodist Cemetery in French Creek, next to her husband. -contributor: Dee Yeager, 4th great granddaughter of John and Mary Beetem

    Hartley, Mrs.
    -In the English Bench Cemetery, across the walkway from Hepsibah Sneezeby Hartley, is a grave site, unmarked, but the cemetery records say it is "Mrs Hartley" No other information. Notes say it was paid for by Mrs Hartley, I assume they mean Hepsibah. I believe this is the wife of William Hartley, Jane Howe, died in 1864. -contributor: Marion Hartley

    Hartley, Hephzibah Sneesby 1823 Jul 20-1876 Oct 21
    -Woodmansee incorrectly indicates that she was the daughter of John W. Hartley, but she was d/o James & Susan (Munns) Sneesby. She was Francis Hartley's 1st wife. (P.M.)

    Hartley, Joseph (1842-1861 May 21)
    - Military Records show Death at Davenport, Iowa on 1864 Nov 24 age 18. (R.0.)

    Sadler, Eliza A. (1860 Jan 14-1902 Sep 18)
    -This is Eliza A. (Sadler) Bartley Marsh, w/o 1st John Bartley (died 1897, buried Makee cemetery) and 2nd Joseph Marsh (died March 1950, buried in Elmwood cemetery, Waterloo, Black Hawk co. IA). Although the names on her stone are very difficult to read, it reads: "Eliza A. wife of J.D. Marsh, daughter of J. & A. Sadler. Born Jan 14, 1860. Died Sep 8, 1902." The DOD on the gravestone is in conflict with her obituary which gives DOD as Sept. 29th, 1901. Marriage record (7/4/1900) for Joseph & Eliza names her parents as Joseph Sadler & Anna Pleasants or Pleasarks. It was a 2nd marriage for both ( original image). (R.O. & S.F.)

    Sadler, Joseph M. 1820 Sep 23-1899 Apr 01
    -This is likely an error. There is not a man with this DOB in Allamakee census records. There is only 1 gravestone in the cemetery for this name, the dates on the stone match the other entry for Joseph M. Sadler. (LA)

    Sherriff, Floyd (1903-1922)
    -See obit for SHERIFF, Floyd G. 1903-1918 with lengthly research notes. It is the contributor's personal opinion that the gravestone is not correctly engraved with DOD. Interested researchers should confirm independently.

  • Evergreen Cemetery notes
    page 507-511

    Barham, ? (died 1885 Sep 08)
    -Jackey (Webb) Barham, w/o Nathan Barham. (R.O.)

    Barham, Elbridge (1897-1943?Dec 12)
    -correct dates are 12/12/1843 - 03/29/1897 (R.O.)

    Carrothers, William H. (died 12/07/1906)
    -William H. Carithers, 1829-1906, buried in Smith cemetery, not Evergreen (R.O.)

    Dunne?, James (1813 Jul 01-1884)
    -The surname on this gravestone was misread. It is for James Evans, who is also correctly entered in 'Woodmansee' (R.O.)

    Frink, David F. (1802-1881)
    -The gravestone is inscribed David Fry not Frink. (R.O.)

    Hall, Thomas B.; 1822? - 1879 Sep 21
    -Woodmansee incorrectly identified this man as a CW veteran of Co. B 27th IA Inf. This is NOT the Thomas B. Hall of the 27th. In Evergreen cemetery Thomas Hall's stone is on the side of the John & Clara Henderson stone. They were children Samuel & Clara (Hall) Henderson. Clara Hall was d/o of Thomas B. Hall, born 1822 in England, who died Sept. 21, 1879. I can't rule out that this Thomas B. Hall might have served with another unit. But I am certain that it is not Thomas B. Hall of the 27th Iowa Inf. For a more detailed explanation, please read my research notes on the 27th Iowa website. (E.J.)

    Hoag, Aaron M. (1860 Mar 31-1910 May 06)
    -gravestone is inscribed Aaron M. Hoard. (R.O.)

    Long, Benj.
    -The name on stone is Berttie Long. (J.W.)

    Martin, Grace (died 1885 Sep 07)
    -Woodmansee lists her in both Evergreen and Oak Hill. ACDR show burial in Rossville cemetery. (R.O.)

    Pardee, Mary (died 1885 Sep 08)
    -correct burial place is Rossville cemetery (R.O.)

    Webster, James (1868-1946)
    -Researchers should verify that he is buried in this Evergreen cemetery. He more likely is buried in Cleveland cemetery (sometimes called Evergreen). He lived in Cedar Rapids, and probably died there, so has no ACDR. Schutte Funeral Home records indicate Evergreen, but nothing more specific. His wife Mary (Vickery) Webster may also be buried in Cleveland cemetery. His daughter, Nellie Farley, died in Texas and her obit indicates Cleveland cemetery as place of burial. (R.O.)

  • Faegre Prairie Cemetery notes
    page 394-395

    Faegre, Lena (1861 Jul 19-1889 Dec 12)
    -is shown by her maiden name in 'Woodmansee'; correct is Lena (Faegre) Blilie; w/o Rev. J.A. Blilie. (R.O.)

    -The 'Woodmansee' book lists only 3 of the 5 Faraason burials, all with incorrect dates. There are 5 small stones with a large family monument - Jens H. (04/10/1826-09/24/1891), Marthe H. (12/09/1799-11/30/1881), Marie (07/19/1827-07/28/1895), infant (06/29/1871-03/1873) and child (04/26/1869-03/1873). The Find a Grave names the child as Otto F. and the infant as Ida L., but no source for the first names is given. (R.O.)

    Fossum, Augusta (1883 Jun 14-1883 Jun 21)
    -buried in Old West Paint Creek cemetery; ACDR indicate burial was in Center twp., Norwegian Lutheran (R.O.)

    Gunder, Edward (1856 Aug 31-1870 Sep 19)
    -This stone has been broken & the surname barely visible at the break, inscription is for Edward Gunder Ruud. (R.O.)

    Halverson, Josten (1850 Feb 03-1872 Feb 06)
    -The name on his gravestone is Osten Halvorson Johannesgaard. DOB is inscribed 02/08/1850. (R.O.)

    Hanson, Antonette (1853 Aug 30-1891 Jun 11)
    Redo, Antoinette (1853 Aug 30-1891 Jun 11)
    This is the same person. Her gravestone reads: Antonette Hanson, wife of Nils M. Redo Died June 11, 1891 Aged 37y 9m 10d. Hanson could be a former married name for Antoinette or an Americanized verison of her father's surname Faraason. She is d/o Jens Faraason, also buried in Faegre Prairie. Lutheran church records show baptisms for 3 children of Nils Redo and Antoinette Faraason. (R.O.)

    Olson, Gilbert (1854 Dec 22-1872 Mar 18)
    -The gravestone with the above dates is inscribed Maren Dorothea Olson - Egeberg, not Gilbert Olson (R.O.)

    Rud?, Christian Johnson (1853 May 22-1938 Jul 10)
    -He has a gravestone in Oakland - St. John's Addition, where his wife Carrie is buried. Surname on gravestone is Rude Johnson. See also the note for Christian Johnson in the Woodmansee notes for Oakland cemetery. (R.O.)

    Rudd, Christian (1815 Jan 22-1892 Dec 22)
    Rudd, Edi (1819 Mar 22-1881 Apr 22)
    -surname is Eidet, which is inscribed on base of gravestone. There is also a Ruud inscription on the side of the stone (Grandma Anne Ruud). (R.O.)

    Smedsrud, Karen (1863 Mar 31-1881 Aug 08)
    -death year is 1884 on the gravestone. (L.R.)

  • French Creek Methodist Cemetery notes
    page 98-99

    Buntrock, Frederick (24 Dec 1854-8 July 1886)
    -Friedericke (Deters) Buntrock wife of John Buntrock, 24 Dec 1854-8 July 1886.  The cemetery is in a small corner of land, originally owned by her husband. (A.K.)

    Hirth, Catherine (1838-1888 Oct 16)
    -buried in May's Prairie. See the May's Prairie cemetery notes below for more info. (R.O.)

    Wild, Rosina (1893-1922 Jul 04)
    Obituary gives DOB as 1850 and Death certificate the following: April 1, 1851 - July 5, 1922. Father's surname - Weiland, mother's maiden name - Ickinger. (S.F.)

    Zoll, Mary Angeline
    1902 Apr 11 - 1905 Aug 17
    -correct burial place is in St. Mary's Hanover.  (D.Z.)

  • Gethsemane Cemetery - notes are on a separate page

  • Hardin Cemetery notes
    page 670-674

    Butts, Eliza S. (1831 Aug 14 - 1881 Feb 17) Mrs. A. J.
    Eliza (DeFarce) Butts was the wife of Andrew Jackson Butts (1833-1916), who is also buried in the Hardin cemetery but who does not appear on the Woodmansee burial list. Mr. Butts was a Civil War veteran, Co. F, 6th IA Cav. He died in Monona & his obituary was in an Elkader newspaper. (S.F.)

    Cray - Ella, Jane & infant

    surname is Gray. All three are also correctly listed by Woodmansee. (R.O.)

    CORDANIER - all listings
    -surname is Gordanier (P.P.)

    Dunning, Cordelia J. (1833 May 24-1874 Mar 11)
    She is buried in Volney cemetery, not in Hardin cemetery, although there are a number of other Dunnings in Hardin. She has a gravestone in the Volney cemetery. (R.O.)

    Gordon Krumme
    -He is buried in Salem Cemetery in Ludlow Twp., not in Hardin. (P.P.)

    Hinman, Ruby (1896-1897) Dau of WE & EM
    -DOB is incorrect, Ruby was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hinman, her obituary states she was "nearly four years old" when she died. Her gravestone is engraved 1893-1897. (S.F.)

    Humming, Francisco (1831 Jan 02-1907 Feb 06)
    -surname is Dunning. He is also correctly listed on the Hardin burial list. (R.O.)

    Prescott, Achsa Jane
    -Woodmansee gives her death date as 04/11/1861, but a death notice for the young girl appears in the Garnavillo Herald published on April 21, 1854: "Poisoned! On the 11th inst. at Hardin, Allamakee county, Miss Achsa Jane, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Prescott, formerly of Newport, Maine, was poisoned by eating wild parsnip in mistake for wild artichoke. She lived about an hour after eating the poison. Miss P. was 16 years of age." (S.F.)

    Riley, George (1800 Sep 21-1863 Feb 23)
    -Woodmansee DOD is an error, his date of death on grave marker is 02/22/1883. (R.O.)

    Topliff, Charles (no dates)
    Topliff, Frank
    (died 1872 Aug 26)
    -Charles L. Topliff (1832-1866) & Frank E. Topliff, 1856-1872, are buried in the Postville cemetery, Area B, not in Hardin. (R.O.)

  • Harpers Ferry / aka Sandy Point Cemetery notes
    page 554

    Coopernoll, P. V.
    -This listing in Woodmansee is incorrect.  The tombstone actually reads "Ada F, wife of P.V. Coppernoll" 1851 Sep 26 - 1870 Sep 07. The top portion of the inscription has been obscured by weathering. (T.H.)

    Wilhite, Louis (died 1922 Nov 07)
    -Newspaper articles tell of the drowning of Louis Wilhite in November 1921, near Lansing. His body was not found until the following summer. The 'Woodmansee' book says he has a death record, dated 1922, but this is likely because the death was discovered & recorded in 1922. (S.F.)


Note Contributors:

Diana Dietrich (D.D.)
Connie Ellis (C.E.)
Sharyl Ferrall (S.F.)
Nancy J. Geitgey (N.G.)
Larry Harmon (L.H.)
Ted Harper (T.H.)
Elaine Johnson (E.J.)
Reid R. Johnson (R.J.)
AdaMarie Kerndt (A.K.)
Jan Warren (J.W.)
Paul Moritz (P.M.)
Richard O'Brien (R.O.)
Phyllis Peterson (P.P.)
James Ramsey (J.Ra)
Sandie Reinbold (S.R.)
Larissa Reutgen (L.R.)
Amy Sandvold (A.S.)
Matthew Whalen (M.W.)
Errin Wilker (E.W.)
Dan Zoll (D.Z.)


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