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Barton Bolan School Building moved to Bolan, Iowa; Became Bolan Farm Store, now itís the Bolan School house and Cultural Center (2007); was a two room school with two teachers
District No. 2 School No record
Feldt School Land owned by Feldtís ; 1923 land was deeded to school. 1951 the land deeded back to Herman Feldt possibly when schoolhouse was sold, land was then farmed. - Schoolhouse moved to Carpenter.
Joe Ford School Currently Buechele home, in Grafton, Iowa.
Kenison Burned; Joined with District No. 8 School.
Kruger School Burned
Petznick School Currently Hackbart private home in Grafton, Iowa.
Seater School Struck by lightning in 1953
Bristol Clark School Built in 1870 or 1890; Replaced in 1924; Closed in 1946; used as a residence for a few years, then moved to Winnebago County for use as a granary.
D. L. Lien School Built in 1874; Replaced in 1926; Modernized in 1940; Closed in 1948; Moved to Ausen Farm, Lake Mills, Iowa; Presently being used as a farm building.
Dahlseide School Built in 1895; Replaced in 1920; Sold in 1958; Moved in late 1950ís ; Now farm home of Medlang's, Kensett, Iowa; Bell sent to South Africa to Missionary Millicant Haugebak.
I. A. Trustem School Built in 1870; replaced in 1924; Consolidated with Lake Mills School; Closed
J. M. Aldrich Originally built of logs in 1858; Replaced with frame building; two Ėstory building; closed in 1955 or 1956; Moved to Grotewold farm, Lake Mills, Iowa; Presently being used as a farm building.
Joice Country School Synod Chapel; Built in 1903; Brick, two-room. Demolished in 1921
Joice High School Graduating Classes in 1950-1951 & 1955-1957
Lennings School Built in 1872; Replaced in 1924; Closed in 1943.
Strom School (Bristol #5) Built in 1884; original building sold to Sanden's in 1920ís; Building number two was torn down by Helmer Hagen, lumber used to build a home in MN. Buildring number three was destroyed by a tornado on May 10, 1953.
Brookfield Anderson School Presently being used as a chicken house on the Rothove farm
Bookfield No. ? School Vacant at 1181 460th St. Northwood, land belongs to Stehn.
Center School Remains on original site, corner of Jonquil Ave and 390th St.; Overgrown
District No. 3 School Demolished by Don Hagen in 1990
District No. 7 School Remains on original site; Julseth farm home, Kensett, Iowa
District No. 8 School Original building now used as a farm building on the Peterson farm, Kensett, Iowa,
Martintown School Remains on site on 430th St; Overgrown
McHenry School Holstad purchased this schoolhouse. Currently used as a granary on the Aase farm residence, Northwood, Iowa.
Tenold School Now Anderson residence in Northwood, Iowa
Tonga School Originally located in Northwood; Sold to Johnson for use as a Ag building; subsequently demolished.
Danville Beyer West School Built in 1880; Replaced in 1920; Consolidated in District Nos. 5 and 7; No longer in existence.
Bratrud School Currenly Bratrud Shop, Kensett, Iowa
Bray Originally located on Bray property; Now on Ausenhus farm.
Hanlontown High School 1923 Class Photo
Russel Moretz School Presently being used as a garage
Sleep Hallow or Bonker School Built in 1869; Closed in 1958; Last school to close in Danville Township; Next-to-last school to close in Worth County; Presently Schneider home, Manly, Iowa
Storre School Currently Dahl Residence, Manly, Iowa
Tostenson Orginally located on Brunsvold farm; presently being used as McKally residence, Kensett, Iowa
Trebilcock School Originally on Benjegerdes farm; now Venz home, Manly, Iowa. 1922 teacher Rebecca Nelson was murdered and the school was sold and a new one built.
Willow Creek School Built in 1873; Moved to Hanlontown, Iowa then back to original site on Sorenson farm, Hanlontown, Iowa. Presently being used for grain and storage
Deer Creek #6 School Presently the Dunn residence, Northwood, Iowa
Davidson School Moved to Barber residence in Northwood, Iowa
District No. 2 School Pupils attended school in Otranto .
Hendrickson School Remains on original site; Poor condition; Located on Ken Logemann farm, 4800 block of Vine Ave. Northwood, Iowa.
Meltonville School Remains on original site; presently used as a barn on the Hulshizer farm, Metlonville, Iowa. Second school stands on site; poor condition; overgrown with trees; also in Metlonville
Sawin School Moved to Klitzke residence, Northwood, Iowa
Fertile Brunsvold School Original log structure built in 1873; Replaced in 1910; Closed in 1945.
Center School Presently used by Purcells for granary
Eide School
Field School Old Fertile #4; Field Residence, Joice, Iowa. New Fertile #4, Harlan residence, Fertile, Iowa.
Fertile High School Fertile, Iowa
Kittleson School Now Medlang farm house, Kensett, Iowa
Knudtson School Built in 1892; replaced and consolidated with Fertile School in 1916; Building moved to Joice, Iowa and remodeled for use as Berry residence.
Larson School Built in 1886; Destroyed by tornado in 1907; Remodeled in 1924; In the 1939-1940. There two teachers and 32c pupils; Closed in 1959; Now remodeled into Klevland home, Joice, Iowa.
St. Joice 201 N Western St. Joice is an old School house unknown origin.
Grove District No. 4 School Purchased by Wright for farm storage; Building no longer exists
Maple Dell School Presently located on 8th St. N. Northwood, Iowa; Being used as a residence
McWilhy School Built in 1857; Presently Sanden residence, Northwood, Iowa
Northwood High School Merged with Kensett to become Northwood Kensett, 704 North 7th St., Northwood, IA.
Rustad School Presently Klingfuss residence, Northwood, Iowa
Swensrud School The schoolhouse was built in 1874, by William G. Stott. The school contains rows of desks with carvings of long ago, a pot bellied stove, lunch pails on the bench, and a collection of old books. The names of the researchers who taught in this school are posted on the wall. Open: Sundays 2-4pm Memorial Day through Labor Day. Location: Central Park at junction of Highway 65 S. and 105, Northwood, Iowa (South of The Museum located at 917 Central Ave)
Hartland District No. 2 School Moved to Section No. 23; Presently used for farm storage on Rustad farm, Northwood.
District No. 3 School Built in early 1870ís; Located on Julseth Farm; Became District No. 7; presently being used as an Ag building
Dsitrict No. 6 School Built in 1913; Originally located east of Silver Lake Store; Closed; Moved to Quisley farm in 1960ís; Presently being used for farm storage on Estes farm, Northwood.
Hartland Built in early 1870ís; Moved by 1880; presently being used as a machine shed on the Loken farm, Northwood.
New School Moved to Johnson residence in Winnebago County in the early 1960ís for use as a private home
Old School New School located in Section 27; Moved to Ellingson Farm, in 1920ís; Presently being used for farm storage.
Spilde School Built in 1875; Became District No. 1 School in 1913
Towne School Built in 1859; Relocated in 1860ís to Section 17, Burned in 1913 (Became District #5 in Section 16?); Struck by lightning in 1920ís; After consolidation, building moved to Sanderson farm.
Kensett District No. 4 School Remains on original site, Eldren Brunsvold Farm, Kensett, Iowa; presently being used for farm storage
District No. 6 School Presently being used as a private home, Northwood, Iowa
Fenny School Moved to Northwood; used as a farm building
Kensett #1 Drexell family lived in this structure, until it was destroyed by a tornado April 30, 1967.
Kensett High School Kensett High School later merged with Northwood to become Northwood Kensett High School in Northwood, IA.
Little Red School
Severson School Sold to Ivan Olson; Lumber used in their new home located in Brookfield Township
Solssen Farm School DeWayne Delongais and E. Roberts bought the structure. Moved to town
Lincoln Bender School Now Helmer residence Manly, Iowa; closed in 1950ís.
District No. 6 School In 1933 remodeled No. 5; Now the Bull residence, Manly, Iowa; original location
Lyford School Also known as Willow Grove School
Manly High School Manly merged with Hanlontown in 1959 and became North Central.
North Central High School North Central merged with Nora Springs-Rock Falls in 2007 and became Central Springs
Pennell School Changed to District No. 6, Section No. 26, Cerney School in 1927; (Sutton 1878, 1871??); Remodeled in 1933 to Bethel Baptist Church
Polo-Jewett School School Once a town called Pollo? NW of Shell Rock River?
Russell School Built in 1876-1878; (Stony Point); 1362 370th St. Manly
Snell's School Built in 1880; Located in NW part of township; Became District No. 7 School in 1892.
Strand School Now Moretz residence, Northwood, Iowa
Silver Lake Dahl School (New) Presently located on Holstad residence, Lake Mills.
District No. 1 School Built in 1861; Replaced in 1887; Peder Loberg purchased; Now Groe residence Northwood.
District No. 2 School East of Dahlby farm
District No. 4 School
District No. 6 On Harmon farm in 1913
Old School Presently being used for grain storage on the Holstad farm, Lake Mills, Iowa
Rovang School Built in 1861; Replaced in 1918; Originally located on Rovang land; Donated to District No. 3; Closed in the early 1950ís
Union Bartz School
District No. 1 School Located south of old creamery in Grafton, Iowa, Now Reeks private home.
District No. 2 School
District No. 3 School Located on Walk farm, Grafton, Iowa; presently being used as a machine shed.
District No. 4 School Built in 1872; Moved in 1895 to Section 19. Now used as a garage at Heiny residence, Plymouth, Iowa
District No. 5 School
District No. 7 School Organized in 1898; presently being used as the Legion Hall in Grafton, Iowa.
District No. 8 School Presently being used as a home in Rock Falls, Iowa.
German Parochial School
Grafton High School Grafton graduation classes for 1930-1961 are available on Iowaschools.com. In 1961 Grafton merged with St. Ansgar in Mitchell County.
Sheka School Garage for Buechele residence, Grafton, Iowa.
Source: Worth County Historical Society.
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