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1856 State Census

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The census has been abstracted mostly from microfilm. (I did acquire from the Iowa Archives fairly good photocopies of the non-standard pages comprising Washington Township. Those pages are almost unreadable on microfilm.) This is the first all-person census available for Story County. It occurs at a time that settlement was rapidly increasing. Unique to this census is how many years a person lived in Iowa. Quality of the data varies. Errors may have been introduced by the census taker or by my transcription. Some family names were recorded incorrectly. Especially inventive are the name spellings for the Norwegian settlers in Lafayette Township. According to a book on Iowa censuses published in 1883, the 1856 Story County census recorded 2,868 individuals. I have identified 2,854. Most of the missing 14 individuals are probably found in Washington township, for which the surviving census data is in poor condition.

The following fields are included in this abstract:

The 1856 census also captured a lot of agricultural and manufacturing data. I have not attempted to transcribe any of this. It would be a great challenge to attempt to match this data, found on the right hand sheet, with the basic data found on the left hand sheet. This would be especially difficult for Nevada and Franklin townships for which the pages are badly scrambled. For those interested, statistical summaries of this data for Story County survive in books published by the State of Iowa.

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