Conference Photos


Dinner time!
Left to right: Rich Lowe, Lynn McCleary, Jeff Lowe and Dave Edsall
Close up of seriously happy people
Left to right facing: Lynn McCleary, Celia Davis, Dorothy Rathbun, Rich Lowe, Bill Rathbun, Jeff Lowe
Left to right backs to the camera: Lynette Edsall, Lisa Spies

Bill Rathbun and Jeff Lowe get to know each other

Dave likes to play with fire

Lynn McCleary and Celia Davis

Left to right: Celia Davis, Dorothy Rathbun, Bill Rathbun, Rich Lowe


Dave Edsall teaches us HTML

Steve Williams teaches us Photoshop tips

Rich delivers his WPA project report

Steve delivers his State Census project report

Bill tells us the 7 goals for good county management

Dave expounds on free HTML editors

Left to right: Lisa Spies, Lynn McCleary, Tina Keister, Karen De Groote-Johnson

Left to right: Lisa Spies, Lynn McCleary, Juanita Ott, Tina Keister, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Barb Hug

Looking back from the other direction

Lynette Edsall and Lisa Spies

Jeff Lowe and Steve Williams

Tina Keister and Karen De Groote-Johnson

Bill and Dorothy Rathbun

Barb Hug asks a question

Celia Davis takes some notes

Lisa Spies listens intently

Lynn McCleary soaks it all in

Juanita Ott contemplates what she's hearing