Will Book #1

BURBRIDGE, Forgis G. died about 1851 intestate.  Admin. appointed 27 Oct. 1851; inventory 1 Nov. 1851; claims 5 & 20 Nov. 1851 and 8 & 21 Dec. 1851.  Admin. Selena BURBRIDGE, widow and Hoyt Sherman.  Witness Thompson BIRD.

CAMPBELL, Anna died about 1851.  She was anon-resident of Polk county at time of death.  Letters of admin.  Nov. 8, 1851; inventory Nov. 20, 1851.  Admin.  Edward D. Kuler; witness John Barkley

COREY, Isaac W. minor heir of Abijah Corey, deceased.  Guardian Sqr. M. Corey; dated Aug. 5, 1851.  Witness P. M. Casady

DAVIS, James died intestate ca 1851. Admin.  appointed March 19, 1851, claims filed Nov. 3, 1851.  Admin.  Joshua B. Chapman; bondsmen John D. McGlothlen and Alanson Harrison.

DEATON, Lewis died intestate ca 1851. Admin. appointed 15 January 1851; claim 15 Nov. 1851; property sold 20 Nov 1851.  Admin. Cyrus Deaton and James P. Deaton.  bondsmen Sanford Munns and T. P. Gillespie.

FLAGER, Volney M. died intestate ca 1851.  Admin.  appointed 3 March 1851. admin Lorenzo D. Winchester.  Bondsman A. B. Fuller

GIBSON, John minor heir of Joseph Gibson, deceased.  Guardian Burrell Campbell; dated 20 Feb. 1851.  Witness James Phillips.  John under 14 years old.

HOWARD, George Washington, William Harrison and Sarah Francis minor heirs of Michael Howard, deceased.  Guardian Andrew Skaggs, dated 29 March 1851.  Witness Joseph McClintic.

HUFFORD, William died ca 1851;  Letters of admin.  26 Nov. 1851; filed inventory 1 Dec. 1851.  admin.  Lewis Jones.  Heirs widow.  bondsmen William Jones and Samuel Gray.

LONG, Thomas B. died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 27 Aug. 1851;  appraisors appointed 11 Sept. 1851 and 6 Dec. 1851; property sold 30 Dec. 1851.  Admin. Henry S. Buzick; bondsmen Elijah Eaton, Henry Spong and John Saylor.

MAGGS, George died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 2 June 1851; real estate transaction 7 July and 6 August 1851; sold property October 1851.  Admin.  John M. Perry.  Bondsmen Rugin W. Sypher and H. H. Saylor

MEAD, Rufus G. died testate 1860.  Residence Unadilla, Otsego County, New York.  Will admitted to probate 5 Dec. 1860, more certification 16 Jan. 1861.  Executor Frederick A. Sands and Clark I. Hayes.

NORLEY, Mary infant child of John Norley, deceased.  Guardian Sarah Anna Norley, dated 11 Oct. 1851.  Sarah Anna Widow of John.

NORLEY, John died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 11 Oct. 1851; inventory real and personal 23 Oct. 1851. property sold 15 Dec 1851.  Administrator John M. Perry.  Bondsmen Philip Buzzard and R. W. Sypher

OCKERMAN, Joseph died intestate ca 1850.  Admin. appointed 18 Nov. 1850; appraisal and bills 2 June 1851;  sale of property 6 Aug. 1851 and 30 Dec. 1851.  P. M. Casady guardian Ad Litem Emiline Ockerman.  Emma Ockerman mentioned.  Admin.  William W. Williamson; bondsman Henry Everly.

PHILIPS, William, John, Jenkins, Jacob, Slyvestor and Synthia minor heirs of James Philips, deceased.  Children listed as infant heirs, (under 14).  Guardian Sarah Philips, dated 10 Dec. 1850.  Witness Thomas H. Philips.

POPE, Andrew died ca 1850.  Probate date Dec 1850.  Admin. Lewis Todhunter; bondsman John Hull

RATLIFF, William died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 4 Sept. 1851;  appraisers appointed 18 Sept. 1851.  Admin. Mary M. Ratliff, wife.  Bondsmen William Simmons, Leftrich Bedwell and Hames Hart.

RAY, Martin died ca 1851.  bond for admin.  21 Oct. 1851.  Admin. Lee Ray, bondman Alexander M. Ray.

REICHMUTH, Gothold died intestate ca 1851.  admin. appointed 10 March 1851; admin.  Granville Berkeley.  Bondsman Benjamin Bryant.

REYNOLD, Aemelius T. died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 8 Aug. 1851;  inventory filed 21 Nov. 1851 Admin. William T. Marvin.  bondsman Thos. McMullin

ROBY, Uriah died ca 1851.  Petition to sell land 3 Feb.1851 Appraisers report 21 Feb 1851; Claim 30 Dec. 1851.  Admin. Boston J. Taylor.

ROBY, Mary Ann, Sarah Elizabeth and Rebecca Ann heirs of Uriah Roby.  Guardian Michael Winpegler, dated February 1851. 

SAYLOR, Benjamin died testate ca. 1851.  Will prived and recorded 4 Nov. 1851.  Admin.  John MYERS removed 17 Dec. 1851; appointed new admin. 22 Nov. 1851; claim 29 Dec 1851.  Admin. (1) John MYERS and (2) I.P. Saylor.  Bondsman John Saylor

SHALTO, Caroline and John minor heirs of Daivd SHALTO, deceased.  Guradian Lewis TODHUNTER, dated 11 September 1851.  Witness George TODHUNTER.   

SHARP, James died ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 29 March 1851.  Admin. Joseph E. JEWETT; bondsman C. D. REINKIN(G).   

SHELL. George C. died ca 1851.  Letters of admin.  6 Nov. 1851.  Admin.  James GARRETT and Alfred M. LYON.  Bondsman Hoyt SHERMAN.

SHERMAN, James died ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 6 Dec. 1851.  Admin. Alexander GINDER.  Bondsmen Thomas PENDRY and David POWERS.

SIMPSON,  John died intestate ca 1851.  Letters of admin. 30 Oct. 1851; inventory 1 Nov. 1851.  Admin. John D. ENLOW; bondman Allen B. HALL  and Ephram PEIRSON.

SMITH, Peter died intestate ca 1850.  Admin. appointed 2 Dec. 1850.  Admin. Christopher H. SMITH; bondsman William L. MARRIM.

STEHR, Bernard K. died February 1851.  Petition to sell property 3 Feb. 1851 and 3 March 1851.  Sale 5 May 1851.  Admin. John D. MCGLOTHLEN.

THRAILKILL, Jacob died intestate ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 2 June 1851; sell real estate 2 June 1851; claims 31 Oct. 1851; claims 6 Aug. 1851; sale property 23 Dec. 1851.  Admin. Sarah B. CRAWFORD (late Sarah B. THRAILKILL) and Barlow GRANGER. Bondsman Ruegen W. SYPHER and  B.F. ALLEN.

VORSE, Justus B. died ca 1851.  Execution of will 4 March 1851.  Executor Elizabeth VORSE, wife.  Bondsman R. L. TIDRICK and Norman L. VORSE.

WHEELER, Henry died ca 1851.  Admin. appointed 5 May 1851.  Admin. Archibald WHEELER.  Heirs; Sarah Ann WHEELER, Mary Jane WHEELER,  Judy WILLIAMS,  Angeline  COLE,  Dessy GRAY, Relley VAUGH, Thery Ann  WHEELER, Milly BREEDING,  and Elizabeth HAYS.

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