Will Book 1


ALLEN, William M., heir Sarah, wife; executrix Sarah ALLEN. Will signed 11 October 1853; witnesses Leftrich BESWELL and William C. SIMMONS.  Admitted to probate 16, Nov. 1853

BABER, Thomas; heirs Elizabeth BABER, wife; children, no names given.  Executrix Elizabeht BABER.  Will signed 12 October 1856, witnesses I. W. BARGETT and George LANE.  Admitted to probate 9 February 1857

BRIGGS, Lotan, resident of Denmark, Lee county, Iowa.  Heirs: Turen D. BRIGGS, wife; Elizabeth CASE (wife of H. S. CASE) daughter; Ruth HALL ( wife of Lot K. HALL) daughter; Sally Maria COLLINS (wife of Harry COLLINS)  daughter; Lydia BRIGGS, daughter;  Jerusha Amelia BRIGGS, daughter; Harriet N. BRIGGS, daughter; Mary Elizabeth WILKIE  (daughter of Phebe E. CASE).  Executor Harriet and Turen BRIGGS.  Will signed 18 September 1858, witnesses Lewis FARNSWORTH and Kellogg DAY.   Admitted to probate 22 June 1861/

BRUMFIELD, Jesse, resident of Randolph County, Indiana, age 57.  Heirs: Sarah BRUMFIELD, wife; children: Strother BRUMFIELD; Mary MILLS; Hiram BRUMFIELD; Jesse BRUMFIELD Junior; Sarah Patience HOLCRAFT; Elizabeth BRANSON; Stanton J. BRUMFIELD; Martha Jane BRUMFIELD.  Executor Strother and Jesse BRUMFIELD.  Will signed 6 August 1855, witnesses Uriah BALL  and Stephen BALLARD.  Admitted to probate 25 February 1856.

BURGE, Henry; Heirs: Mary BURGE, wife; Elizabeth BURGE, daughter; rest of heirs not specified.  Executrix Mary BURGE.  Will signed 14 April 1856, witnesses John W. DAWSON  and John L. DAWSON.  Admitted to probate 8 June 1856.

CASE, Thomas F.; heirs: Nathan P. CASE, son; Elizabeth Ann WHEATON, daughter, Emma CASE, wife of Nathan;  J.S. WHEATON husband of Elizabeth; children of Nathan;  Children of Elizabeth; Faren CASE, son; Isaac CASE, son; Executor Nathan P. CASE and J. S. WHEATON.  Will signed 29 April 1862, witnesses Samuel M. DYER and J. V. B. DYER.  Admitted to probate 12 June 1862.

COCKERHAM, Daniel S.; heirs: John C. Cockerham; David M. Cockerham; other lawful heirs not names; spouse Celia Cockerham; executrix Celia Cockerham, dated 21 Nov. 1859; witness Allen W. Hobson and Joseph E. Thompson. admitted to probate 9 Nov. 1861

COOPER, Erasumus; heirs: William Cooper, son; John Cooper, son; Robert P. Cooper, son; Erasmus H. C. Cooper, son; Mary (May) E. L. Cooper, daughter; Wm and John Cooper for Iowa business; Alex Hilands and A. M. Watson for Pennsylvania business. signed 23 June 1856; witness Eli Field, Benjm Coffeen, Andrew M. Thompson; admitted to probate 1 December 1856.

CRUM, Jacob; heirs: Patsy Crum, wife; Rebecca crum, Sarah Ann Reed, Clarkey Mosier, John Crum, Willliam H. Crum; Alfred Crum; executor David Norris; signed 24 September 1865; witness Mary A. Maple, Thomas M. Nagle; admitted to probate 14 Oct. 1865. Jacob Crum age 56.

DEATON, Agnes B.; heirs William Deaton, son; my children but no other names given; executor James P. Deaton; no date for signing of will; witness Lewis D. Powell, John D. McGlothlin, Joshua B. Chapman; admitted to probate 13 August 1856. Spouse is Lewis Deaton, deceased.

EASLEY, Daniel B.; heirs none given; executor James S. Easley; signed 4 April 1862; witness Wm. S. Holt and E. Burkdale Jr. admitted to probate 23 Oct. 1865, Halifax county, Virginia. Residence of Daniel B. Easley Catawba, Halifax County, VA

FREDRICK, Jacob; heirs: wife (no name give); Leary, daughter; Ivanna Firestone, daughter, her husband Joseph and their children; James M. Fredricks, son; Jacob Fredricks, grandson; John S. Fredricks, son;  B. Franklin Fredricks, son; Corwin Fredricks, grandson; Faney Smith, daughter and her children; William Ellison, son-in-law; executors Thomas Mitchell and Isaac Cooper.  Signed 13 April 1852; witness James Rooker, Lewis Barlow and John Barlow; admitted to probate not given, but codicil admitted 5 May 1852.  Died June 1852.

GALBRAITH, William B., heirs: William A. son; Susan, wife; Lora, daughter; Joseph, son; Mary W. Laidley, daughter. Executors Dr. John Laidley and William A. Galbraith.  Will signed 5 March 1864, admitted to probate 17 May 1864.  Residence of William B. Jeff. Bor., Green County, Pennsylvania.

GARRETT, John, residence Camp twp, heirs: John Cary Garrett, son; Lucinda A. McCall, daughter; Margery W. Prices, daughter, Sarah L. Plummer, daughter; Martha M. Garrett, daughter, Sarah, wife.  Executor Ross J. Garrett, witness William Garrett and Jared D. Irwin.  Will signed 24 Sept, 1863 and admitted to probate 7 December 1863.

GILBREATH, John, heirs: Sarah E. Flinn, daughter; John B. Gilreath, son; Mary Jane Dodd, daughter; Joseph Gilbreath, son; Jury Gilbreath, son; Theophilus Gilbreath, son; Ida Bell Gilbreath, relation not given. Executor not given.  Will dated 12 November 1862 and admitted to probate 8 January 1863.  Wife was Mary Gilbreath.

GORDON, Alexander, of Fort Des Moines, age 67 years, heirs:  Delia E. Gordon, wife; Rosanna Wilson, daughter lives in Illinois; William A. Gordon, son lives in Illinois; John Gordon, son lives in Polk County; Stewart Gordon, son.  Executor John H. Gray.  Will signed 15 January 1857 and admitted to probate 2 February 1857.  Witnesses John A. Nash, John H. Gray and S. P. Crawford.

GRIMMEL, Francis C., age 62 years, heirs: Louis Grimmel, son; Augusta Casady (wife of P.M. Casady) daughter; Francis C. Grimmel; Jun. son; George Sneer, no relationship given.  Maria Grimmel, wife.  Executrix Maria Grimmel, signed 4 December 1861.  Witnesses E. J. Ingersoll and Isaac Cooper.  Admitted to probate 24 March 1862.

HALL, Daniel, heirs; Calvin Brockett, son-in-law; Roena Brockett, daughter.  Executor Calvin Brockett, signed 19 February 1853.  Witnesses John Howard and I. B. Tippen.  Admitted to probate 8 May 1854.

HAMMER, George, age 21 or 22; heirs: Richard Hammer, no relationship given; July Ann Bevins (wife of John) half-sister; Elizabeth Hammer, half-sister; James K. Hammer half-brother; Susan B. Hammer, half-sister; Jonathan Hammer, relationship not given. Executor Abijah Hartley.  Witness Henry Swain and Joseph Hammer.  Will signed 15 September 1856 and admitted to probate 20 October 1856.

HAMMER, Jacob; heirs: Catherine Hammer, wife; George W., Julian, Elizabeth, James K., Susan B. Hammer; relationship not given.  Executor Catherine Hammer and Daniel Hammer.  Will signed 16 March 1853, witnesses Joseph Harlan, Jonathan Hammer.  Admitted to probate, not given.

HERNDON, Sidney L., resident of Scott County, Kentucky.  Heirs:  Lucy R. M. Herndon, daughter.  Executrix same.  Will dated 18 april 1861, witnesses Thos. N. Lindsey and Maria L. Lindsey.  Admitted to probate 18 March 1864.

HOLLIDAY, Samuel, heirs: Love Belle, daughter; Margaret Holliday, wife.  Executor, Wm. S. Wallace. Will signed 17 April 1862, witnesses Wm. S. Wallace, Mary Low, Solomon B. Holliday and S. Reed.  Admitted to probate 10 July 1862.  Elijah Wicker guardian of child.

KELLEY, Patick, heirs: James kelley, son: Mary Ann, daughter; Margaret Rose, daughter; Ann, daughter; Mary Jane, daughter; Jane Kelley, wife.  Executor, Rev. John T. Brazzil, and E. J.McGarrish M. D.  Will signed 18 Sept 1861 and witnessed by Thomas Cavanaugh, Edward John McGarrish.  Admitted to probate 7 October 1861.

LARGEY, Patrick, residence Reading twp, Perry County, Ohio.  Heirs:  Thomas Largey, son; Eliza Crighton, daughter; Mary Ann, daughter; Jane, daughter; Patrick, son; Ellen Largey, daughter.  Executor Ellen and Thomas Largey.  Will signed 15 August 1859.  Witnesses T. J. Magines, Patrick Donnady, and Henry Martin.  Admitted to probate 13 Sept, 1859.

LAGUEN, see Leyner

LAVISH, Michael, heirs: John Beck, step-son lives in California; Mary Biddle, daughter; her children, names not given; Lawrence Lavish, son; Michael Beck, step-son.  Executor not given.  Will signed 20 February 1854.  Witnesses James H. Wilson, Julius William Biddle, and Abraham Byers.  Admitted to probate 4 April 1854. 

LEYNER, John Sen. (anglicized), age 72, heirs: Mary Leyner, daughter; Catharine Jourden, daughter; James T. Jourden, husband of Catherine; Rebecca Leyner, daughter; Gertrude Leyner, wife.  Executor Peter A. Leyner.  Will signed 8 November 1859, witnesses Simon Stern and Balthasas Gunther.  Will admitted to probate 1 July 1861.  Will signed Zoporners Laguen.

LUSBY, Robert L., heirs: William T. Lusby; Alexander C. Talbott; Enoch L. Burnham; James B. Lusby, brother; Elizabeth Pierson, half-sister; Mary Ellen Lusby; Lemuel Wooters, half-brother; mother, no name given.  Executor Enoch L. Burnham and Alexander Talbott.  Will signed 7 May 1861, witnesses J. W. Laird, Wm. Phillips and A. Bausman.  Admitted to probate 1 May 1865.

MCCAIN, Soloman, residence Des Moines, heirs: Margaret A. McCain, wife; Mary Francis McCain, daughter; George Davis McCain, son; Walter Moffett McCain, son; flora Belle McCain, daughter.  Executors Steven V. White Saylor; Rueben S. Clarke and Margaret A. McCain.  will dated 24 September 1859, witnesses Schuyler R. Ingham and Daniel B. Spaulding.  Admitted to probate 5 December 1859.  Codicil dated 4 October 1859.

MCCALL, Samuel W., heirs: Elizabeth McCall, wife; Sherry M. McCall, son; Sirena McCall, relationship ot given; Montgomery McCall, son; Sally Ann Deadman, no relationship stated; Thomas C. McCall, no relationship given; Rebecca Jane McRees, no relationship given; George W. McCall, no relationship given; Mirah Porter, no relationship given; William Henry Harrison McCall, no relationship given; Mary Ann McCall, no relationship given; Elizabeth McCall, no relationship given. Executor Montgomery McCall.  Will signed 2 March 1864, witnessed by J. B. West, Abrahm Foutah, and Jesse McKinney.  Admitted to probate 5 April 1864.

MCCLARY, Abel J., heirs: Sarah a. Cahoon, daughter; Abel J. McClary, son; F. J. McClary, son; Andrew J. McClary, son; Susan McClary, wife; Wm. R. McClary, son; Francis M., son; John W., son.  Executrix Susanna, wife.  Will signed 16 September 1865, witnesses S. Henderson, Eli Fullinger (Trullinger), D. H. rider. Admitted to probate 16 September 1865.

MCCOLLUM, Archibald, residence Camp twp.  Heirs: Polly McCollum, wife; children, names ot given.  Executor Calvin J. McCollum, brother.  Will signed 3 November 1853, witnesses John B. Frost and James Miler.  Admitted to probate 6 February 1854.

MCGUIRE, John, native of Ireland, U. S. citizen.  Wife Julia McQuire, also guardian of children.  Heirs John McQuire, son age 15; Catharine McQuire, daughter age 12; William McQuire, son age 9; Mary McQuire, daughter age 8; Jane McQuire, daughter age 3.  Executor J. F. Brazdill and Julia McGuire.  Will signed 10 March 1863, witnesses Thomas Lydon and Frank Meehan.  Admitted to probate 15 May 1863

MCKAY, Ferdinand C. D., heirs: Angelina J. Mckay, wife;  children: Willia L. McKay, Des Moines;  Ferdinand C. D. McKay Jr., Elmira New York;  Edward Delos McKay, New York City;  Angeline J. Mosher, Des Moines;  Endora M. Stewart, Des Moines;  Theodore M. McKay, New York City;  Charles J. McKay, Des Moines;  Clarence E. McKay, Des Moines;  Jennie M. McKay, Des Moines.  Executrix Angelina J. McKay.  Will signed 11 March 1863, witnesses John F. Seely and Steven V. White.  Admitted to probate 4 June 1866.

MCQUIRE, George; heirs: Triphena McQuire, wife; Edith McQuire, neice; Masonic Fraternity.  Executor John Mitchell.  Will signed 23 August 1864, witnesses Thos. T. McChesney, D. O. Finch.  Admitted to probate 5 September 1864.

MARMON, Peter, age 60 or 61; wife Mariam Marmon.  Heirs: Mariam Lee, daughter; Marians Lee's children, names not given.  Executor not given.  Will signed 30 December 1855, witnesses Eli Truthinger, John Loucks and M. McCleary.  Admitted to probate 8 April 1856.

MEAD, Rufus G., age 57, residence Unadilla, Otsego County, New York.  Spouse, Elizabeth, deceased.  Heirs: Charles Frederick, son age 17; Sarah H. Finch, wife's sister;  Samuel J. White, brother in law;  F. A. Sands, guardian for my son;  Elizabeth Mead White, daughter of Sam'l J. and Mary A. White, Del. Co., New York;  Elias and Sally Mead, relationship not given; St. Matthews Church in Unadillas; Aunt and Uncle (no names given) of Marshall Michigan.  Executor Frederick Sands and Clark I. Hayes.  Will signed 27 March 1860, witnesses Milo B. Gregory and Loyd L. Woodruff.  Admitted to probate 5 December 1860.

MILLER, Amos B., Captain Co. 'B' 32nd Iowa Infantry Vol.  Heirs: Sabina F. Miller, sister;  Rachel I. Miller, sister;  Ruth Anna P. Miller, sister, all three reside with mother;  Maria P. Carey, Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio, sister;  Hannah M. Stanley, same address as Maria;  Lydia Fawcett, Oil City, Chenago County, Penn., sister;  Elizabeth Miller, Brownsville, Fayette County, Penn., mother; Emmos H. Miller, in Capt. H. H. Youngs Co. Penn. brother.  Executor Jonathan W. Cattell.  Will signed 13 November 1863   Witness John F. Seeley and S. V. White.  Admitted to probate 20 May 1864

MONTGOMERY, William D.; heirs: Elizabeth Ann Montgomery, wife; Ellen Emmoretta Montgomery, daughter.  Executrix Elizabeth, wife.  Will signed 6 April 1854, witnesses P. M. Casady and Hoyt Sherman.  admitted to probate 9 April 1855.

NENENSCHWANDER, Peter; heirs: John M. Nenenschwander, son; Christ Nenenschwander, no relationship given; Elizabeth Stanghpher, daughter;  Rebecca,  Peter,  Daniel and Christine, children of Elizabeth; Anne Nenenschwanger, wife of John B.  Executor not given.  Will signed 10 November 1860.  Witnesses J. C. Bennett, S. B. Hanna and N. R. Kuntz.  Admitted to probate 3 June 1861.

NUGENT, Edward; heirs: John Hall, relationship not given; Wm. Hall, relationship not given; Catholic Schools in Des Moines.  Executor B. Rice Thomas Cavanaugh.  Will signed 10 November 163, witnessed by John F. Brazill and Maggie Starr.  Admitted to probate 7 December 1863

OGLEVIE, George, age 70, resident Delaware township.  Wife Cathareine Oglevie.  Heirs: children of daughter Margaret Ann rooker, deceased; James Oglevie, son; John W. Oglevie, son; Mary Catharine Brooks, daughter; Elizabeth Leftwick, daughter; David B. Oglevie, son; Josiah F. Oglevie, son; Nancy Jane Wheeler, daughter. Executor C. Leftwick.  Will signed 17 February 1862, witnesses P. M. Kerlin and George Robinson.  Admitted to probate 26 April 1862.

PETTIT, Henry W., resident of Dubuque County, Iowa.  Heirs: Hattie, daughter; Francis Eugenia Pettit, daughter; Fannie T. Pettit, wife; Egbert M. Pettit, brother.  Executors Fannie T. Pettit, Henry B. Welch, James J. Pettit.  Will signed 9 November 1866, witnesses Jas. W. Nightingale and George Crane.  Admitted to probate 4 June 1866. 

REICHENEKER, Jacob; resident of Brownsville, Pennsylvania.  Heirs:  George Amandus, son; Nelson Agustus, son lives at Wyandot City, Kansas territory; John Martin (maybe John Martin, son; Mary and Sarah Reineneker, children of son James Henry, deceased; Maria Catharina Reichenecker, sister lives in Germany; Christinana Louise, sister (wife of Marcus Buckmiller).  Executor Geo. A. Reichenecker and John Johnson.  Will signed 1 January 1858, witnesses Erasmus Kaiser and Joseph C. Graff.  Admitted to probate 22 November 1865.

ROE, Charles, resident of Madison twp.  Wife is Catharine Roe.  Heirs: Elizabeth hawk, no relationship given; Rebecca McCrara, no relationship given; Mahala Jans Sexton, no relationship given; Catharine Hopkins, no relationship given; Lucinda Viola Harvey, No relationship given; John Roe, Nancy S. Roe, Angeline Warden, Mary E. Roe, Benton Roe, Martha Ellen Roe, Susan A. Roe, all heirs of Oliver Roe, deceased.  Executor not given.  Will signed 6 May 1863, witnesses Josiah Hopkins and Jacob Zigler.  Admitted to probate 19 May 1863.

RYTH, John S., residence Ft. Des Moines.  Heirs:  Fredricka, sister; Maria Ryth, sister; Jane Ryth, sister; Margaret Ryth (wife of Andrew Gazell), sister; Margaretta Ryth, mother.  Executor Rev. R. Weiser.  Will signed 15 Dec. 1856, witnesses J. H. Talbott and T. R. McCullough.  Date admitted to probate 5 January 1857.

SAYLOR, Benjamin, Senior; residence lots 7 and 8, block 24, town of  'Ft. Des Moines'.  Heirs: Camilla, wife;  Emily Cone, daughter;  Noah Noble Saylor, son;  John Saylor, son;  John Myers, son-in-law;  Mary Carter, daughter;  Emily C. Taylor, relationship not given;  Martha A. Hays, relationship not given.  Executors John Saylor and John Myers.  Will dated 28 August 1851, witnesses Alias Filler and John M. Perry.  Admitted to probate 2 November 1851.

SHERRILL, Elisha Calvin;  Heirs:  Louisa Sherrill, no relationship given.  Executor Louisa Sherrill.  Will dated 16 March 1865, witnesses Samuel S. Geddis, H. G. Hendrix and A. W. Hobson.  Admitted to probate 3 April 1865.

SHIPMAN, Ezra H., residence Saylor twp.  Heirs: Viretta Hobson, relationship not given; Celestia Shipman, Little Falls, Herkimas county, New York, relationship not given;  Allen W. Hobson, relationship not given.  Executor not given.  Will date 21 May 1862, witnesses Hamilton Cree, James O. Bleness and S. S. Gaddis.  Admitted to probate 7 August 1862.

SNODGRASS, Charles;  Heirs:  Elizabeth Snodgrass, wife; Nelson Snodgrass, son; Isaac Snodgrass, son.  Executor not given.  Will dated 15 November 1853, witnesses Madison Young and S. M. Bickford.  Admitted to probate 3 May 1858.

SPOTTS, Franklin, resident of Saylor twp.  Heirs: Sarah Cenenah Spotts, sister; John Spotts, father.  Executor David Norris.  Will dated 10 October 1864, witnesses J. P. Foster, Mrs. Amelia Young and John G. Weeks.  Admitted to probate 7 August 1865.

SPRY, Lodman E., resident of camp twp, age 72.  Heirs:  Eliza (Everett?), daughter; James M. Warren, relationship not given.  Executor Eliza, daughter.  Will signed 1 June 1863, witnesses Abraham Bringhoff and Abraham Fouch.  Date admitted to probate not given.

STRINGHAM, Almira Jane;  Heirs: Thomas H. Stringham, husband.  Executor husband.  Will signed 29 December 1856, witnesses R. Weiser and H. C. Nutt.  Admitted to probate 8 January 1857.

VAN DORN, Jacob, resident of Madison twp.  Heirs:  Mary A. Van Dorn, wife; George, son; Benedict, son; Isaac, son.  Executor not given.  Will signed 29 November 1865, witnesses N. R. Kuntz and D. C. Mather.  Admitted to probate 6 March 1865. (dates copies as in book)

WALKER, Samuel H., resident Chesterfield, Cheshire County, New Hampshir.  Heirs:  Mary Elizabeth White, granddaughter; John W. Walker, brother; following children of deceased sister Elizabeth Barnard:  Sarah J., Mary Ann, Frederick and Ella.  Executor James P. Brewer.  Will signed 25 July 1864, witnesses Horace T. H. Pierce, Sophia C. Pierce and Erastus Dickenson.  Admitted to probate 15 August 1865.

WHEELHOUSE, Hannah, resident of Madison twp.  Heirs:  Betsy Canady, daughter; Mary Pratt, daughter; Sarah Oatman, daughter; John Marlon Wheelhouse, grandson; William Thomas Campbell, grandson.  Spouse, Robert Wheelhouse, deceased.  Executor John Wheelhouse.  Will dated 19 January 1863, witnesses H. M. Smith and A. Horner.  Admitted to probate 5 December 1864.

WHITCOMB, Alonzo, resident of Elkhart twp.  Heirs:  Zephahiah Agustus, son;  Eli Brunson, son; Sarah M. Whitcomb, daughter; Menah S. Whitcomb, daughter; Orletus P. Whitcomb, son.  Executor not given.  Will signed 26 April 1854, witnesses Nathan Carpenter and Simon Jessup.  Admitted to probate 6 November 1854.

WILLIAMS, Seth, resident Madison twp, age 69.  Heirs:  Louisa A. Williams, wife;  Rodolphus D. Williams, son; George Williams, son; Clarasa A. Williams, daughter; H. R. Bardwell, husband of Clarasa; Sarah Bardwell, granddaughter; Lorenzo Williams, grandson; Andia Williams , granddaughter; John E. O'Hara, lived with family but no relationship given; K. D. Williams, son; John S. Beals, and Hiram Beals, no relationship given;  Hiram M. Smith, no relationship given.  Executor H. M. Smith and Louisa S. Williams.  Will dated 28 august 1860, witnesses Hiram M. Smith and Harriet C. Smith.  Admitted to probate 15 March 1861.

YOUNT, Robert S.;  Heirs:  T. W. Parker, no relationship given;  Alice Ward, wife of Dr. W. H. Ward; no other relationship given;  D. W. Yount, brother;  E. J.Yount, brother.  Executor not given.  Will signed 28 May 1864, witnesses John Mitchell and John H. Morris.  Admitted to probate 30 September 1864.

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