Probate Book A

BARLOW, George; died ca 1848; appointment of administrators and appraisers 19 December 1848; inventory of appraisors 27 Dec. 1848; sale 9 Jan. 1849; admin. Louis and John Barlow; bondsman Blewford Barlow and David F. Randolph

BELOT, Simon died ca 1848; appoint admin. 26 July 1848; appraisement & inventory 14 July 1848; admin.  elizabeth Belot; bondsman Holiday Wiley.

BELOTT, Peter died testate 26 Nov 1846; maybe Camp twp; will dated 26 Nov. 1846; appoint admin. and appraisal 14 August 1848; inventory 26 Sept 1848.  Admin. Holliday Wiley; heirs Simon Belott, Anis Belott daughter, Jane Menrdury, Emiline Smith, Elizabeth wife, Eliz. Belott granddaughter.  Bondsman Tally Wicker and James Ward

CARTER, Lacey; died testate about 1848; admin. appointed 15 April 1848; admin.  Martha E. Carter; heirs wife Martha E. Carter; bondsman C. B. Jones, Clavin Brummett, Wm. Simmons.

CARTER, William died ca 1847.  Admin. appointed 21 April 1847.  Admin Lacey Carter, changed to Closbery Jones 3 July 1848.  Lacey Carter died.  Inventory and appraisement 24 April 1847.  Bondsman Wm. McKay

COONEY, Archibald died ca 1847  Admin.  appointed 27 May 1847.  Inventory and appraisement 31 May 31 1847; admin. Wm. Mckey; heirs Mary A. Cooney, widow; bondsman L. D. Winchester, Thos. B. Brooks, James Campbell, John Wilday, P. Myers.

HANES, Abraham died ca 1847; entered probate 6 April 1847; admin.  Solomon Bales; witness Nathan Koons, Eli Keeler.

HOLLINGSWORTH, Jesse died ca 1846.  Admin.  appointed 27 Nov. 1846; report of admin. 6 Dec. 1847; admin. Joseph Cook; Guardianship dated 3 March 1847 with John Pearson appointed.  Minor children, David over 14, Martin, Wm. F., Elam, and Ruthe.

LATHROP, Leonard H.; died intestate ca 1846; date of probate 14 October 1846; admin. Elijah Canfield; bondsman Thomas Mitchell.

LONG, Owen died ca 1846; date of probate 16 Nov. 1846; Administrator Noah Reaves.

LONGNECKER, Hezekiah died ca 1848; admin. appointed 12 September 1848; inventory 17 September 1848; admin. Thos. McMullin; bondsmen James Campbell and Aaron Mosier.

PRESTON, William B. died ca 1848; probate dated 7 February 1848; admin. James Campbell and Thos. McMullin and Martin Tucker.

SCOTT, Lunina (Jemima) , died testate, will dated 12 September 1846; entered into probate 20 September 1846; Executor Martin Tucker; witness to will William Rickey.

TURNER, Alexander died ca 1848; date of probate April 4, 1848, appraisor appointed 8 April 1848, inventory filed 12 April 1848.  Admin.  Thomas J. Henderson and Wm. Lower.

UPDIKE, Stephen died ca 1847; date of probate 6 April 1847.  Admin James Campbell; witness Samuel Kennatta.

VICE, Isaac D. died ca 1849; admin. appointed 24 February 1849; inventory filed 26 February 1849; admin. Louis Barlow; bondsmen James Stewart and Camillas Leftwich.

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