Township Map Polk County, Iowa
Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 7.5' Map
Allen, Township of413132N0933019WDes Moines SE
Beaver, Township of413837N0932253WAltoona
Bloomfield, Township of413143N0934008WDes Moines SW
Camp, Township of413256N0932248WRising Sun
Clay, Township of413842N0932750WAltoona
Crocker, Township of414406N0933752WDes Moines NW
Delaware, Township of413925N0933218WDes Moines NE
Des Moines, Township of413532N0933926WDes Moines SW
Douglas, Township of414402N0933133WDes Moines NE
Elkhart, Township of414907N0933113WElkhart
Four Mile, Township of413419N0932854WRising Sun
Franklin, Township of414353N0932424WAltoona
Jefferson, Township of414403N0934609WGrimes
Lee, Township of413534N0933408WDes Moines SE
Lincoln, Township of414919N0933754WPolk City
Madison, Township of414818N0934329WPolk City
Saylor, Township of413950N0933727WDes Moines NE
Saylorville Reservoir,
Unorganized Territory of
414513N0934335WPolk City
Union, Township of415046N0934550WGranger
Walnut, Township of413503N0934510WCommerce
Washington, Township of414843N0932431WLoring
Webster, Township of413918N0934446WDes Moines NW

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