Washington Township

Source: A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875

Washington Township, Polk County, Iowa Map

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NameSectionBusinessNativityCame to StatePost Office
Acheson, J. J.15FarmerMuskingum Co., OH1854Peoria City
Bell, Simeon15FarmerWayne Co., Oh1867Peoria City
Bell, Lewis H.10FarmerPorter Co., Ind1868Peoria City
Cuningham, Pat'k16FarmerTipperary, Ireland1870Peoria City
Elliott, J. R.12FarmerWayne Co., Ind1855Peoria City
Eckley, Peter5FarmerJefferson Co., Ohio1865Peoria City
Fogg, d. W.17FarmerCarroll Co., N. H.1871Mitchellville
Goldsberry, ChasPeoria CityFarmerBoone Co., Ind1848Peoria City
Hurst, Wm. D.7FarmerWanyne Co, Ind1857Mitchelleville
Hobaugh, John K.1Farm & Stk DealerLogan co., Ohio1853Peoria City
Hutson, Martin L.Peoria CityFarmerHenry Co., Ind1855Peoria City
Hartung, William13FarmerPrussia1858Peoria City
Kirkman, James A.Peoria CityPainterWashington Co., Tenn1857Peoria City
Kulow, Fritz9FarmerGermany1855Peoria City
Love, Jas. L16FarmerWestmoreland Co., Pa1855Peoria City
Low, Wm. H. H.11FarmerClark Co., Ind1843Altoona
Low, Francis c.11FarmerClark Co., Ind1840Altoona
Lane, James F.5Farmer & TeacherWyandotte Co., Oh1868Iowa Center
McNall, Uriah2FarmerGrand Isle Co., Vt1858Peoria City
Merrihew, D. G.1FarmerClinton Co., N. Y.1855Peoria City
Merrihew, C. B.10FarmerClinton Co., N. Y.1855Peoria City
Meyers, Samuel H.9FarmerSomerset Co., Pa1858Peoria City
Mowen, Emanuel16FarmerFranklin Co., Pa1873Peoria City
Meese, G. D.12FarmerSomerset Co., Pa1868Peoria City
Mead, L. P.21FarmerChemung co., N. Y.1865Mitchellville
Osgood, Joel18FarmerElmira, N.Y.1863Mitchellville
Pearson, Abel2FarmerHenry Co., Ind.1843Peoria City
Parr, William E.9BlacksmithEngland1870Peoria City
Quinn, Daniel10FarmerTipperary, Ireland1855Peoria City
Randall, Mrs. C. M.Peoria CityMerchantClinton co., N.Y.1860Peoria City
Randall, Milo M.10FarmerFranklin Co., Vt1862Peoria City
Schaeffer, C. W.7FarmerLicking co., Ohio1856Peoria City
Stone, Thomas1FarmerMifflin Co., Pa1869Peoria City
Stilwell, Thomas5FarmerTompkins Co., N.Y. 1855Iowa Center
Turner, R. L.25FarmerAdams Co., Ill1854Mitchellville
Turner, Asa Jr.26FarmerLee Co., Iowa1842Mitchellville
Tomlinson, George1FarmerYorkshire, England1869Peoria City
Troup, H. H.10FarmerWelland Co, Ont. CW1857Peoria City
Yost, H. H.11FarmerErie Co., Pa1867Peoria City

Patrons transcribed from A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, page 540. Polk County map, page 75.

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