Des Moines Townships

Source: A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875

Des Moines & Townships, Polk County, Iowa Map

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NameBusinessNativityCame to State
Ainsworth, E. E.Dir. in Ag'l Impt'ts, Seeds & HardwareChittenden Co, Vt1866
Ankeney, Wm. R.Linseed Oil ManufacturerGreen County, OH1855
Atkins, Charles K.Contractor and BuilderBoston, Mass.1860
Abernethy, AlonzoSupt. Public InstructionOhio1854
Alverson, H. C.Special Agent Fire Insurance Co.New York1870
Buzzell, G. H.Indian DoctorAtlantic Ocean1872
Brooks, James F.FarmerVigo Co., Ind1845
Brown, T. E.Lawyer and ContractorNew York1845
Bissell, J. R.Attorney at LawConnecticut1869
Bartle, P. F.Attorney at LawChenango Co., N. Y.1862
Benham, L. A.Manager B. F. Allen's Real EstateLorain Co., Ohio1853
Bonbright, J. S.Dir. In Ag'l Imp'ts, Seed & HardwareWestmoreland Co., Pa1864
Bishard, M. H.Editor and PublisherOhio1869
Baker, N. B.Adjutant General of IowaNew Hampshire1856
Brown, G. B.Proprietor Aborn HouseWashington Co., N.Y.1849
Bower, W. H.MerchantPennsylvania1869
Bannister & PhillipsAttorneys at Law  
Blake, J. S.ArchitectVermont1869
Baldwin, S. W.Chairman Board SupervisorsNew York1865
Beckwith, JohnFarmer & Assistant PostmasterLivingston Co., N.Y.1864
Burtch, F. W.PainterChittenden Co., VT1863
Browne, JohnReal EstateWales1854
Bidwell, A. C.Real EstateNew York 
Bowman, M. T. V.Gen'l Agt. Washington Life Ins. CoMaine1866
Baker, Geo. C.County AuditorIllinois1858
Bristow, Geo. W.Deputy AuditorIowa1840
Billings, J. R.Gen'l Agt. National Life Ins. Co.New York1870
Bristow, P. H.Deputy U. S. CollectorIowa1842
Bird, W. K.Dry GoodsIndiana1847
Carpenter, C.C.GovernorPennsylvania1854
Carson, S. H.Chief of PoliceWayne Co., Ohio1854
Clapp, E. R.Stock Agt. C. R. I. & P. R. RMadison Co., N. Y.1837
Crane, L. A.Attorney at LawMichigan1848
Connelly, P. J.Homoepathic PhysicianIreland1863
Campbell, JamesOculist and AuristGallia Co., Ohio1839
Cate, LesterDes Moines Transfer CoEngland1857
Conradi, GeorgeWine & Beer HallPrussia1868
Carson, G. D.Packer & Butcher, Dealer in Fine Game & PoultryBuffalo, N. Y.1867
Callan, B.City EngineerIreland1855
Cole, C. C.Judge Supreme CourtNew York1862
Casady, P. M.Real EstateIndiana1846
Clow, H. A.Carpenter and JoinerLower Canada1867
Canaday, J. T.Physcian and SurgeonHighland Co., Ohio1842
Clark, R.R.Master MechanicEngland1867
Cary, E. R.Wholesale DruggistOhio1854
Christy, WilliamState TreasurerOhio1854
Clarkson, R. P. & J. S.Eds. & Props. Iowa State RegisterFranklin Co., Ind1855
Cox, HenryPhysicianOhioBlank
Corliss, F. W.TeacherNew York1862
Cross, R. W.SpeculatorMadison, Ind.1851
Clark, J. S.LawyerNew York1836
Cook & WellingFire InsuranceNew York1836
Donner, C. R.Carriage and House PainterOhio1873
Dean, F. W.DentistBridgewater, Mass1874
Dougherty, JohnPolicemanMuskingum Co., Ohio1856
Douglass, J. R.TeacherNew York1872
Draper, OliverFramer, Gardener & GrocerIndiana1851
Dewey, J. NReal Estate DealerGrafton Co., N. H.1855
Drown, D. B.Clerk for C. & L. HarbachMassachusetts1866
Davison, A. M.Physician and SurgeonNew York1870
Dickerson, Wm.Agricultural ImplementsNew York1858
Day, Wm. M.Justice of the PeaceDelaware1857
Dudley, C. A.Attorney at lawOhio1867
Des Moines & Minn. RR   
Eaton, H. A.Carpenter and BuilderBrunswick, ME1856
Eiboeck, JosephProprietor Staats AnzeigerHungary1849
Ethridge, S. S.Attorney & Deputy U. S. MarshallCarroll Co., N.H.1863
English, R. G.PhysicianKentucky1868
Fuller, S. L.Wholesale & Retail Dir. Seeds, etc.Lake Co., Ohio1867
Freeborn, L. H.PhotographerKentuch1850
Felshaw, D. W.Attorney at lawLewis Co., N. Y.1865
Fowler, OrenGrocery and RestaurantRandolph Co., Ind1869
Fuller, George W.D. D. SurgeryJefferson Co., N. Y..1853
Finch & SickmonAttorneys at LawNew York1853/71
Field, A. G.Physician & SurgeonNew york1863
Fox, Jas. L. T.Attorney at LawIndiana1857
Graham, SethDes Moines Transfer Co.Wayne Co., Ohio1851
Gill, DarbyMeat marketIreland1855
Gatch, C. H.Attorney at LawClermont Co., OH1865
Grupe, D.Boiler ManufacturerAdams Co., PA1845
Goldthwait, N. E.Prof. Des Moines UniversityWorcester Co., Mass1868
Godfrey, G. L.Receiver U. S. Land OfficeVermont1856
Gue, B. F.Pension AgentNew York1852
Gilmore, C. N.Supt. D & Ft. D. R. R.Massachusetts1874
Grant, L. A.Farmer and General BusinessBurlington, Vt.1867
Given, JosiahDistrict AttorneyWestmoreland , PA1867
Gill, Wm. JohnPresbyterian ClergymanNorth of Ireland1871
Griffith, I. W.Bridge SuperintentantOhio1838
Goode, E. J.Attorney at LawVirginia1868
Garretson, N. W.Editor Dallas County GazetteLeft blankBlank
Getchell, FredLumber DealerMaine1862
Grimes, W. S.PhysicianWheeling , VA1856
Garver, GeorgeProduce DealerOhio1862
Getchell, C. H.Lumber DealerMaine1862
Gay & CapenMftrs. Ag'l Imp'ts & Gang PlowsAmericansblank
Hafner, AdamCity MarshallGermany1858
Hill, J. S.Brass Foundry & Machine shopsEngland1874
Hish, PeterCarpenterCayuga Co., N. Y.1872
Hammer, G. B.Attorney at LawHagerstown, Md1867
Hammer, I. A.Physician and SurgeonJefferson Co., Tenn1850
Halliwell, W. H.Surgical and Medical InstituteEngland1875
Hotchkiss, John C.BookkeeperLenawee Co., Mich1868
Hatton, Thos. JuniorReal EstateIreland1861
Hanna, S. F.Hats, Caps and FursRichland, Ohio1865
Heath, H. R.Mfr. Sash, Doors and BlindsPennsylvania1856
Hunt, Enos B.Deputy County TreasurerNew York1870
Hanawalt, Geo. PPhysicianOhio1869
Harvey, J. A.Farmer and Stock BrederIndiana1856
Handy, Geo. W.Eye and Ear InfirmaryNew York1856
Industrial Motor Pub. Co.   
Iowa School Furniture Co.Mfrs. School Furniture  
Ingersoll, E. J.Pres. Hawkeye Fire Ins. Co.New York1868
Iowa State Library   
Jarvis, AlfredPolicemanEngland1857
James, J. T.FarmerSt. Louis Co., Mo1874
Jones, A.D. D. SurgeonKnox Co., Ill1847
Jones, Geo. WilliamProprietor Patron's HelperPenobscot Co., Me1868
Jones, George W.Proprietor Jones HouseKentucky1834
Johnson, C. A.Stock LithographerNew York1866
Jones, E.D.BuilderHmapshire Co., Mass1856
Koenigsberger, JohnHarness MakerPrussia1855
Kennedy, J. F.Phys & Surg., & Asst. Sec'y S. M. SocietyPerry Co., Pa1858
Kasson, John A.Member of CongressVermont1857
Keyes, J. L.Deputy Clerk district CourtNew York1870
Lambert, PeterWholesale & Retail Dir. Seeds, etc.Germany1867
Lewis, N. R.Col. U. S. A. Lumber & Grain Dir.Pennsylvania1873
Lowry, WilliamCounty TreasurerPennsylvania1855
Mick, M.S.MillerPennsylvania1865
Maxwell, H. W.Attorney at LawVermillion Co., Ill1852
Morris, T. T.Mason & County SupervisorCumberland Co., N. J.1855
Morgan, ThomasNotions & ConfectioneryMercer Co. Ill1862
Macy, J. C.Attorney at lawNewport, R. I.1870
Mathews, Orin H.Forman State PrintingButler Co., Pa1866
McCain, Walter M.GrocerIndiana1856
McClelland, D. W.House MoverMaryland1856
Macartney, Fred C. & Co.Proprietors Savery HouseCanada1862
Merrill, SamuelCitizens BankMaine1854
Mason, E. R.Deputy Clerk U. S. CourtNew York1858
Miller, W. E.Chief Justice Supreme CourtPennsylvania1852
Moore, J. J.Insurance AgentIllinois1846
McHenry & BowenAttorneys at LawOhio and Vermont1848/1869
Mitchell, JohnJudge Fifth Judicial districtNew Hampsire1856
McDonnell & MearaMfrs. Steam Boilers & Iron WorksIreland 
Moore, H. J.GrocerIndiana1854
McLane, J. W.Farmer & Stock DealerScotland1865
Miles, M. S.DrugsPeoria Co., Ill1872
Montgomery, WilliamDir. In Pumps, Lightning Rods & HorsesLee Co., Iowa1842
Munsell, O. W.Carriage ManufacturerWayne Co., N. Y.1867
McClelland, J. H.Clerk of CourtsPennsylvania1856
Muffy (?) , J. W.Deputy ClerkPennsylvania1865
Marsh, J. K.Real EstatePennsylvania1867
Maish, Geo. H. C.DruggistPennsylvania1869
Maulsby, JohnFarmer & Harness MakerJefferson., Tenn1853
National State Bank   
Northway, C. C.Milk DairySteuben Co., N. Y.1854
Nelson, S. M.Master MechanicWayne Co., N. Y.1867
Nash, J. A.Presiden Baptist UniversityNew York1850
Nourse & KauffmanAttorneys at LawPennsylvania1850
Olmsted, F.Letter CarrierMarion co., Ohio1864
Osborne, E. H.GrocerClark Co., Ohio1874
Platt & SpiethManufactureres of Plows, etc  
Patchin, R. A.Physician and SurgeonLivonia, N. Y.1875
Pitman, C. J.  1869
Parsons, GaiushaAttorney at LawLewis Co., N. Y.1866
Perigo, IraPass'ger Cond'r C.R.I. & P.R. R.Ohio 
Percival, F. A.Real EstateNew York1863
Pratt, Elisha J.Real EstateNew York1856
Perkins, L.Real EstatePennsylvania1858
Perkins, D. G.County Supt. Of SchoolsIndiana1857
Peed, John R.Agt. Charter Oak Life Ins. Co  
Perrior, H.City Woolen & Flouring MillsEngland1854
Quick, W. H.Supt. U. S. ExpressNew Jersy1856
Rivers, John D.Attorney at LawRochester, N. Y.1866
Rees, D. B.Eclectic PhysicianVermillon Co., Ill1846
Rawson, A. Y.Coal DealerOrleans Co., Vt1856
Rawson, Chas. H.Physician & SurgeonOrleans Co., Vt1856
Rees, DanielCoal MerchantWales1855
Runnells, J. S.Atty and Reporter U. S. CourtsCarroll Co., N. H.1867
Reed, W. A.Leather & Hardward MerchantEssex Co., Mass1857
Riddle, Wm.Horese ShoeingIreland1859
Rouse, M. D.State Agt. Security Life Ins. Co.New York1869
Redhead, WesleyCoal MinerEngland1844
Read, J. C.County RecorderOhio1855
Robertson, S. A.ContractorOhio1856
Rice, B.Attorney at LawMadison Co., N. Y.1849
Smith , MiloAgt. Howe Sewing Machines  
Strong, C. E.R. R. EmployeEdinburgh, Scotland1860
Sassel, Rev. A. N.ClergymanLuxemburg, Germany1866
Smith, Thomas L.ClerkNew Jersey1870
Sweeney, C. H.Attorney at LawKentucky1873
Steele, B. L.PhysicianBelmont, OH1852
Skinner, W. D.General Fire InsuranceDavenport, Iowa1853
Shaw, W. H.Mfr. Seal, Stamps, Stencils, Medals, etcOhio1853
St. John , J. M.Attorney at LawWarren Co., Ohio1839
Stuckey, J. J.BookkeeperCumberland Co., PA1868
Speed, H. B.Business Manager State Print. Co.Barbadoes, West Indies1865
Sprague, F. R.Sec & Business Mgr. Western Farm JournalKalamazoo, Mich1857
Sherman, L. P.U. S. Revenue CollectorOhio1849
Sherman, HoytPres. Equitable Life Ins. Co.Ohio1849
Saylor, W. H.Brick MasonPolk Co., Iowa1848
Swanson, J. A.MerchantSweden1868
Shepard, Wm.City Woolen and Flour MillsMadison Co., N. Y.1864
Shuck, I. M.BookkeeperIowa1840
Stiffler, G. W.PhotographerOhio1855
Smith, Ed L.Deputy SheriffRock Island, Ill1856
Shepherd, G. W.Insurance AgentBelmont Co., Ohio1869
Street, W. C.Prop. Iowa Stone Piping WorksMichigan1859
Slye, J. A.Hawkeye Paper Co.Erie Co. PA1870
Smart, J. J.State BinderScotland1856
Shissler, JosephPork PakerPennsylvania1865
Shurman, J. P.Artist and Portrait PainterEngland1856
Sabin, F. S.Hats, Caps and FursVermont1872
Skinner, P. H.Bank TellerOhio1868
Stanton, J. C.Employee C. R. I. & P. R. R.Spencer, N. J.1872
State Printing Co.Publishers  
State Leader Co.Publishers  
Tetley, J. E.Brass Foundry & Machine ShopsMichigan1874
Tyrrell, D. A.Proprietor Eagle MillsOntario Co., N. Y.1860
Trimble, M. M.With Des Moines Scale Co.Clinton Co., Ohio1870
Thomas, M. W.Physician Chronic DiseasesFrederick, Md1856
Turner, W.Boiler ManufactuerFifeshire, Scotland1868
Tidrich, R. L.Real EstateOhio1847
Ullrich, C. W.PhysicianAthens Co. ,Ohio1850
Voodry, F.Horse Shoer and Wagon MakerFranklin Co, Vt1856
Vorse, A. S.Manufacturer of School FurnitureHarrison Co., Ohio1850
Volk, J. G.PhotographerMassachusetts1862
Williams, J. D.Farmers MillsIndiana1850
Williams, J.Farmers MillsIndiana1850
Wogan, James J.BookkeeperIreland1850
White, W. L.Wholesale & Retail Boots & ShoesOskaloosa, Iowa1847
Ward, W. H.PhysicianScott Co., Ind 
Watts, J.DentistIndiana1848
Wright, Thomas S.Attorney at LawIowa1844
Windle, I.Physician and SurgeonYork Co., Pa1852
Wells CurtisReal Estate and InsuranceHartford Co., Conn1852
West, A. L.BankerNew York1853
Wright, George G.U. S. Senator  
Walgren, C. A.MerchantSweden1869
White, B. C.Miller and Dealer in FlourLancaster Co., Pa1865
White, U. B.Retired 1856
Waldron Bros.Foundry and Machine WorksNew York1869
Wilson, Wm. DuaneEditorPhiladelphia, Pa1854
Williams, J. E.Editor  
West, HarryBankerNew York1853
Weldon, John Jr.Manager LibraryNew York City1867
Worthington & WardBusiness CollegeWisconsin1874
West, F. R.BankerNew York1853
Wiley, E. D.PhysicianNew Brunswick1871
Wicks, G. B.Superintendent Gas WorksLancaster Co., PA1865
Wilson, J. A.Carriage WorksJackson Co., Ind.1870
Williams, S. N.Carriage MakerRock Co., Wis.1871
Whitman, H. L.PhysicianHartford, Conn.1847
Wellsinger, R. T.Books and StationeryOhio1862
Williams, E.D.Manufacturer Gang PlowsOhio 
Western Farm Journal   
Williams, Pierson & BlairPublishers State Journal  
Young, R. T.Grain and LumberCortland Co., N.Y.1871
Young, JohnGen. Mfr. Bldrs Materials, Stairs, etc.Logan Co., PA1864

Received too late for insertion in their proper places.
NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to StatePost Office
Pressley, Jos.Des MoinesSteward Baptist CollegeShelby Co., Ind.1856Des Moines

Patrons transcribed from A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, page 539. Polk County map, page 75.

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