Beaver Township

Source: A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875

Beaver Township, Polk County, Iowa 1875 Map

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Transcription of Names from Map
NameSection NameSection
T. Mitchell1 D. Cree19
C. Mitchell2 N. Hemstreet19
E. Mitchell2 J. Pitstied20
J. Pitstied20 W. G. Crawford20
J. Swift3 J. Canfield22
D. H. Daily3 D. Ellison23
J. H. Robinson5 P. A. Rooker24
H. P. Brown6 J. Pearson24
R. Jamieson6 A. G. Nye25
R. W. Henry7 G. W. Kinney25
B. E. H. Woodrow7 H. Sternberg26
I. R. Woodrow7 G. W. Kinney26
M. Garber8 J. Canfield27
D. Burget9 J. M. Chaffee27
J. Eshelman9 I. M. Askren28
A. Rothbrock10 H. Canfield28
T. Mitchell10 R. Duncan28
G. W. Rooker11 L. G. Ellis28
G. W. Coply11 E. Champion29
I. C. Dailey11 H. David31
N. Andreas11 G. H. Canfield33
S. Singer11 A. W. Beadle34
I. Lee13 J. L. Beadle34
C. Seiberling13 J. Stackley34
J. Rooker14 J. T. Dillon35
P. F. Glenn14 P. Miller36
J. W. Grinstead15 J. S. Murrow36
N. Hemstreet17   

Source: A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, page 75.

NameSectionBusinessNativityCame to StatePost Office
Askren, I. M.Section 28FarmerChampaign Co., O.1853Altoona
Andreas, N.MitchellvilleFarmerNorthhampton Co., Pa.1869Mitchellville
Ball, N.MitchellvilleFarmerChampaign Co., O.1853Mitchellville
Burget, D.Section 9Contractor & Bldr.Montgomery Co., Ind.1864Mitchellville
Beadle, J. L.Section 34FarmerPostville, Pa.1868Altoona
Beadle, A. W.Section 34FarmerSchuylkill Co., Pa.1868Altoona
Brown, H. P.Section 6FarmerEssex Co., Mass.1872Altoona
Blyler, Frank F. TeacherLehigh Co., Pa.1857Mitchellville
Baker, WesleyMitchellvilleHuckster & Seed Gr'rMarion Co., Ind1849Mitchellville
Canfield, J.Section 27FarmerSusquehanna Co., Pa.1856Altoona
Copley, George W.MitchellvilleAttorney at LawAshland Co., Ohio1869Mitchellville
Champion, E.Section 29FarmerOtsego Co., N. Y.1869Altoona
Chaffee, John M.Section 27FarmerBradford Co., Pa.1861Mitchellville
Canfield, HomerSection 28FarmerSusquehanna Co., Pa.1856Altoona
Canfield, G. H.Section 33FarmerBradford Co., Pa.1857Altoona
Crawford, W. G.Section 20FarmerMuskingum Co., O.1868Altoona
Duncan, RobertSection 28FarmerShefford Co., P. Q.1853Mitchellville
Dillon, J. T.Section 35FarmerDover, Delaware1837Mitchellville
David, HenrySection 31FarmerOrange Co., N. Y.1856Altoona
Dutton, O. J. & Co.MitchellvilleBanking House  Mitchellville
Daniels, T. P.MitchellvilleContractor & Bldr.Northhampton Co., Pa.1869Mitchellville
Daily, D. H.Section 3FarmerLoudon Co., Va.1866Mitchellville
Dailey, I. C.Section 11FarmerLoudon Co., Va.1866Mitchellville
Ellison, DanielSection 24FarmerIsle of Man1847Mitchellville
Ellis, L. G.Section 28FarmerWaukesha Co., Wis.1863Altoona
Eshelman, JacobSection 9FarmerBedford Co., Pa.1868Altoona
Gilmer, Harry FarmerAlexandria, Va.1869Mitchellville
Glenn, P. F.Section 14FarmerEdgar Co., Ill.1849Mitchellville
Grinstead, J. W.Section 15FarmerMacoupin Co., Ill.1845Mitchellville
Garber, M.Section 8FarmerRockingham Co., Va.1868Altoona
Hoxie, D. R.MitchellvilleHotelBerkshire Co., Mass.1865Mitchellville
Herrick, Alonzo FarmerYates Co., N. Y.1869Altoona
Henry, B. W.Section 7FarmerFulton Co., Pa.1862Altoona
Jamieson, RobertSection 6FarmerAyreshire, Scotl'd1874Altoona
Kimball, M. S.MitchellvilleLumber & Grain Dlr.New Hampshire1866Mitchellville
Kinny, G. W.Section 26FarmerShelby Co., Ohio1851Mitchellville
Lee, IshmaelSection 13FarmerBlount Co., Tenn.1852Mitchellville
Lane & TumblesonMitchellvilleLiveryOhio1859
Mitchell, EdMitchellvilleLumber & Grain Dlr.New Hampshire1856Mitchellville
Mitchell, ThomasSection 1FarmerSullivan Co., N. H.1840Mitchellville
Moore, George D.MitchellvilleMerchantJefferson Co., Ohio1843Mitchellville
Miller, PeterSection 36FarmerMedina Co., Ohio1868Mitchellville
Mitchell, Chas. M.Section 2FarmerPolk Co., Iowa Mitchellville
Murrow, John S.Section 36FarmerParke Co., Ind.1868Mitchellville
Murrow, CharlesSection 36FarmerBerkley Co., Va.1843Mitchellville
Murrow, N. W.Section 35FarmerParke Co., Ind.1844Mitchellville
McCrary, John S.MitchellvilleGrain DealerJohnson Co., Iowa1845Mitchellville
Nye, A. G.Section 25FarmerBarnstable Co., Mass.1852Mitchellville
Penn, R. W. Farmer & MasonTuscarawas Co., O.1857Altoona
Pitstied, J.Section 20FarmerPrussia1865Altoona
Pearson, Jesse.Section 24FarmerMorgan Co., Ohio1851Mitchellville
Rooker, W. D.Section 24FarmerTippecanoe Co., Ind.1841Mitchellville
Rooker, Geo. W.Section 10FarmerKeokuk Co., Iowa Mitchellville
Rooker, JamesSection 14FarmerLycoming Co., Pa.1842Mitchellville
Robinson, J. H.Section 5FarmerHamilton Co., Ohio1854Altoona
Rothtrock, Amos.Section 10FarmerLancaster Co., Pa.1865Mitchellville
Sage, J. R.MitchellvilleClergymanSchoharie Co., N. Y.1869Mitchellville
Seiberling, Chas.Section 13FarmerSummit Co., Ohio1867Mitchellville
Slinger, SamuelSection 11FarmerHuntingdon Co., Pa.18693Mitchellville
Swift, JeremiahSection 3FarmerOrange Co., Vt.1857Mitchellville
Stackley, JohnSection 34FarmerGermany1856Mitchellville
Sternberg, H.MitchellvilleMillerHerkimer Co., N. Y.1857Mitchellville
Woodrow, B. E. H..Section 7FarmerPhiladelphia Co., Pa.1854Altoona
Woodrow, I. H.Section 7FarmerPhiladelphia Co., Pa.1854Altoona
Wilkinson, G. W.MitchellvillePublisherrJasper Co., Iowa Mitchellville
Yount, JohnSection 23FarmerAugusta, Va.1869Mitchellville

Source: A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, page 539.

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