1875 Andreas' Hist. Atlas

Lithographs of Residences

A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa

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Jerry Canfield Farm Residence

Jerry Canfield Farm, Polk County, Iowa

D. A. Cheney's Elevator

D. A. Cheney's Elevator, Polk County, Iowa

Calvin Thornton Farm Residence

Calvin Thornton Farm, Polk County, Iowa

D. B. Murrow Residence

D. B. Murrow Residence, Polk County, Iowa

City of Des Moines
from South Park Hill.

City of Des Moines, Hawkeye Insurance, E. J. Ingersoll, Polk County, Iowa

Hawkeye Insurance Company, Des Moines, Iowa.

Hawkeye Insurance Company: E. J. Ingersoll, President. James Callanan, Vice Prest. & Treasurer. Adam Howell, Secretary.

1. Hawk Eye Insurance Co.'s Building.Baptist College.Savery House, S. W. cor. 4th & Walnut Streets.23. Shamrock House, 2d Street.
2. Hawk Eye Insurance Co.'s Builing, to be erected in 1876.8. Catholic School House.16. Aborn House, S. W. cor. 7th & Court av.24. Fair Grounds and Trotting Park.
3. Moore's Opera House, south-east-cor. 4th and Walnut Street.9. Second Ward School House.17. Given House, 3d Street.25. Gas Works.
4. Court House, west end of Court Av.10. Fourth Ward School House.18. Des Moines House, Walnut Street.26. Equitable Life Insurance Co.
5. Post Office and Custom House, northeast corner 5th St. and Court Av.11. East Des Moines School House.19. Jones House, Locust & 4th, E. Des Moines.27. Water Works.
6. Third Ward School House.12. D. M. & M. Ry. Depot (Narrow gauge.)20. Pacific House, 4th Street.28. Grimes & Patchen Eye and Ear Infirmary, S. E. Cor. 4th & Walnut St.
 13. C. R. I. & P. Ry., I. & W. Ry. Depot.21. Buck Eye House, 3d Street.29. State Capitol Buildings.
 14. D. M. & D. M. & Ft. D. Depot, K. & D. M. Depot.22. Monitor House, 3d Street.30. Residence of Hon. B. F. Allen.

J. M. Dorr Residence

J. M. Dorr Residence, Polk County, Iowa

G. Crawford Residence

G. Crawford Residence, Polk County, Iowa

H. C. Hargis Residence

H. C. Hargis Residence, Polk County, Iowa

J. Cummins Residence

J. Cummins Residence, Polk County, Iowa

J. Justice Residence

J. Justice Residence, Polk County, Iowa

From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, pg. 12 (Hawkeye Ins./DSM), pg. 250 (J. Cummins), pg. 257 (J. Justice), pg. 262 (D. B. Murrow & G. Crawford), pg. 263 (J. Canfield), pg. 266 (C. Thornton), pg. 271 (H. C. Hargis), pg. 276 (J. M. Dorr), pg. 329 (Cheney's Elevator).

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