1875 Polk County Business Directory

Des Moines
BROWN & DUDLEY, Attorneys at Law.
NOURSE & KAUFFMAN, Attorneys at Law.
MACY & SWEENEY, Attorneys at Law.
BISSELL & CRANE, Attorneys at Law.
ST. JOHN & FELTSHAW, Attorneys at Law.
GATCH & WRIGHT, Attorneys at Law.
PARSONS & LEWIS, Attorneys at Law.
FINCH & SICKMON, Attorneys at Law.
McHENRY & BOWEN, Attorneys at Law.
BANNISTER & PHILLIPS, Attorneys at Law.
P. F. BARTLE, Attorney at Law.
J. S. RUNNELLS, Attorney at Law.
JOHN D. RIVERS, Attorney at Law.
E. J. GOODE, Attorney at Law.
J. S. CLARK, Attorney at Law.
JAMES L. T. FOX, Attorney at Law.
B. RICE, Attorney at Law.
T. E. BROWN, Attorney at Law.
BARLOW GRANGER, Attorney at Law.
J. M. DORR, Attorney at Law.
JOHN A. KASSON, Attorney at Law, Member of Congress.
GEORGE G. WRIGHT, Attorney at Law, U. S. Senator.
W. E. MILLER, Attorney at Law, Chief Justice U. S. Court.
C. C. COLE, Attorney at Law, Judge Supreme Court.
JOHN MITCHELL, Attorney at Law, Judge 5th Judicial District.
JOSIAH GIVEN , Attorney at Law, District Attorney.
N. B. BAKER, Attorney at Law, State Adjutant General.
G. L. GODFREY, Attorney at Law, Receiver U. S. Land Office.
B. F. GUE, Attorney at Law, U. S. Pension Agent.
S. S. ETHRIDGE, Attorney at Law, Assistant U. S. Marshal.
G. B. HAMMER, Attorney at Law, Reporter U. S. Courts.
C. A. JOHNSON, Artist, Sketching, Engraving, and Lithographing. Illustrations of Fine Stock a Specialty.
J. P. SHURMAN, Artist, Portrait Painter.
J. S. BLAKE, Architect.
AINSWORTH & BONBRIGHT, Agricultural Implements. Hardware and Wagon Stock, Seeds, Lehigh and Blossburg Coal.
WILLIAM DICKERSON, Agricultural Implements.
GAY & CAPEN, Agricultural Implements, Gang Plows, etc., Mnfrs. and Dealers.
    J. G. ROUNDS, Cashier,
Bank, Citizens' National. Capital $100,000, Surplus $20,000.
    F. R. WEST, Cashier,
Bank, National State. Capital $100,00, Surplus $30,000.
A. L. WEST, Bank, Capital City.
HILL & TETLEY, Brass Works. Manufacturers and Dealers in all Kinds of Brass Goods, etc.
GRUPE & TURNER, Boiler Manufacturers.
McDONNELL & MEARA, Boiler Works, Manufacturers of Steam Boilers, Lard and Water Tanks, Smoke Stacks, Iron Jail Cells, Vault Doors and Shutters, etc., etc.
WORTHINGTON & WARD, Business College.
G. MUNZENMAIER & CO., Brewery.
E. D. JONES, Builder.
JOHN YOUNG, Builders' Material, Stairs, etc., (Manufacturer.)
J. J. SMART, Binder (for State).
REDHEAD & WELLSLAGER, Books, Stationery, Notions, etc.
W. L. WHITE, Boots and Shoes (Wholesale and Retail.)
FRANK VOODRY, Blacksmith Horse Shoeing and Wagon Repairing, Specialties.
H. A. EATON, Carpenter and Builder.
PETER HISH, Carpenter and Builder.
H. A. CLOW, Carpenter and Joiner.
T. E. BROWN, Contractor.
CHAS. K. ATKINS, Contractor and Builder.
S. A. ROBERTSON, Contractor.
C. J. PITMAN, Cement, Roofing, Felt, etc., (Dealer and Manufacturer.)
A. Y. RAWSON, Coal Dealer, Iowa Central Coal Co.
DANIEL REES, Coal Dealer.
    Samuel Stansberry, Supt.,
    E. W. Chambers, Cashier,
Coal Dealers.
    Wesley Redhead, Sec'y,
Coal Dealers and Miners, Paid up Capital, $100,000.
FOX & BELKNAP, Coal Dealers and Miners.
O. W. MUNSELL, Carriages. Express and Spring Wagons, Hook and Ladder, and Hose Trucks, Manufacturer and Dealer.
J. A. WILSON, Carriage Works.
S. N. WILLIAMS, Carriage Maker.
THOMAS MORGAN, Confectionery, Notions, etc.
J. A. SWANSON, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, etc.
B. CALLAN, Civil Engineer.
F. W. DEAN, Dentist.
J. WATTS, Dentist.
A. JONES, Dental Surgery.
HALLETT & FULLER, Dental Surgery.
C. C. NORTHWAY, Dairy.
E. R. CARY, Drugs, (Wholesale and Retail.)
WEAVER & MAISH, Drugs, Paints, Oils, etc., (Wholesale and Retail).
M. S. MILES, Drugs, Paints, Oils, etc.
W. K. BIRD, Dry Goods.
Des Moines Transfer Company.
JOHN BROWNE, Agent, Des Moines River Land Office.
D. A. TYRRELL, Eagle Mills, Mnfr. And Dealer in Flour, Feed, etc.
WALDRON BROS., Foundry and Machine Works.
SHEPARD & PERRIOR, Flour and Woolen Mills.
J. & J. D. WILLIAMS, Farmers' Mills, Mnfrs. and Dealers in Flour, Feed, Bolted Meal, etc., the "New Process" a specialty.
B. C. WHITE, Flour, Feed, Meal, Hominy, etc., Mnfr. and Dealer.
E. D. WILLIAMS, Gang Plows, Mnfr. and Dealer.
R. T. YOUNG & CO., Grain Dealers.
N. R. LEWIS, Grain Dealer.
OLIVER DRAPER, Grocer and Gardener.
OREN FOWLER, Groceries and Restaurant.
McCAIN & BRO. , Groceries and Provisions.
E. H. OSBORNE, Groceries, Fruits, etc.
H. J. MOORE, Groceries, Fruits, etc.
GEORGE GARVER, Groceries and Produce.
FRED C. MACARTNEY & CO., Hotel, "Savery House".
G. B. BROWN, Hotel, "Aborn House".
G. W. JONES & SON, Hotel, "Jones House".
S. F. HANNA, Hats, Caps, Furs, etc.
F. S. SABIN, Hats, Caps, Furs, etc.
JOHN KOENIGSBERGER, Harness Manfr. and Dealer.
D. W. McCLELLAND, House Mover.
WM. RIDDLE, Horse Shoeing.
    J. M. COGGESHALL, Vice President,
    SAM'L MERRILL, Treas.,
    JAS. E. MYERS, Sec.,
Insurance Company, State.
    J. P. SHERMAN, Vice Pres.,
    F. R. WEST, Treas.,
    I. S. POLK, Sec.,
Insurance Company, Equitable Life.
    JAS. CALLANAN, Jr., Vice President and Treasurer,
    ADAM HOWELL, Sec.,
Insurance Company, Hawkeye.
TALBOTT & SANDFORD, Insurance Agency (See R. Est.)
CURTIS WELLS, Insurance Agency (See R. Est.)
M. D. ROUSE, State Agent, Insurance Co., Security Life.
M. T. V. BOWMAN, Gen. Agt., Insurance Co., Washington Life.
J. R. BILLINGS, Gen. Agent, Insurance Co., National Life
COOK & WELLING, Insurance Agency, Fire.
JOHN R. PEED, Agent, Insurance Co., Charter Oak.
H. C. ALVERSON, Specl. Agt., Insurance Co., Fire.
W. D. SKINNER, Insurance.
J. J. MOORE, Insurance Agent
W. A. REED, Leather (Wholesale and Retail Dealer).
ROBERTSON & WILLOUGHBY, Lime, Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., Estimates and Contracts made on Stone and Brick Work.
H. F. GETCHELL & SONS, Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, etc., (Wholesale and Retail Dealers).
N. K. LEWIS, Lumber and Grain.
C. A. WALGRAN, Merchant.
W. H. BOWER, Merchant.
W. H. SAYLOR, Mason, Brick Work.
T. T. MORRIS, Mason.
R. R. CLARK, Master Mechanic.
S. M. NELSON, Master Mechanic.
M. S. MICK, Miller.
DARBY GILL, Meat Market.
G. D. CARSON, Meat Market, Packer and Butcher, Dealer in Fine Game and Poultry.
JAMES CAMPBELL, Oculist and Aurist.
GRINNESS & PATCHIN, Oculists and Aurists.
ANKENEY BROS., Oil Works, Manufacturers of Pure and Boiled Linseed Oil, Oil Cake, and Oil Cake Meal, Screen'd and Ground Flaxseed.
    H. B. Speed, Bus. Manager,
    O. H. Mathews, Foreman,
Publishers and Auxiliary Printers.
WILLIAMS, PIERSON & BLAIR, Publishers State Journal.
Witmer Brothers & Andrews,  
CLARKSON BROS., Publishers Iowa State Register.
JOSEPH EIBOECK, Publisher Staats Anzeiger.
GEORGE WM. JONES, Publisher Patrons' Helper.
M. H. BISHARD, Publisher Plain Talk.
THOS. G. ORWIG, Publisher Industrial Motor.
MILLS & COMPANY, Publisher The Western Jurist.
C. R. DONNER, Painting, Graining, Kalsomining, Paper Hanging, etc., Dealer in Varnishes, Paints and Carriage Ornaments.
F. W. BURTCH, Painter and Grainer.
A. G. FIELD, Physician and Surgeon.
GRINNESS & PATCHIN, Physicians and Surgeons.
B. L. STEELE, Physician and Surgeon.
CHAS. H. RAWSON, Physician and Surgeon.
W. H. WARD, Physician and Surgeon.
I. A. HAMMER, Physician and Surgeon.
A. M. DAVISON, Physician and Surgeon.
I. WINDLE, Physician and Surgeon.
J. T. CANADAY, Physician and Surgeon.
HENRY COX, Physician and Surgeon.
W. S. GRIMES, Physician and Surgeon.
C. W. ULLRICH, Physician and Surgeon.
E. D. WILEY, Physician and Surgeon.
H. L. WHITMAN, Physician and Surgeon.
R. G. ENGLISH, Physician and Surgeon.
EPHRAIM CLIFFORD, Physician and Surgeon.
GEO. P. HANAWALT, Physician and Surgeon.
M. W. THOMAS, Physician, Chronic Diseases a Specialty.
T. J. CONNELLY, Physician (Homeopathic).
D. B. REES, Physician (Eclectic).
J. F. KENNEDY, Physician and Surgeon, Assistant Secretary S. M. Society.
W. H. HALLIWELL, Physician and Surgeon, Principal of the Iowa Medical and Surgical Institute.
G. H. HUZZELL, Physician (Indian Doctor).
L. H. FREEBORN, Photographer.
G. W. STIFFLER, Photographer.
J. G. VOLK, Photographer.
G. D. CARSON, Pork Packer (See Meat Market).
J. A. SLYE & CO., Paper Mill, "Hawkeye Paper Co."
PLATT & SPIETH, Plow Manufacturers.
WM. MONTGOMERY, Pumps, Lightning Rods and Horses, (Dealer).
J. N. DEWEY, Real Estate Dealer.
CURTIS WELLS, Real Estate Dealer (See Ins.)
F. A. PERCIVAL, Real Estate Dealer.
P. M. CASADY, Real Estate Dealer.
R. L. TIDRICH, Real Estate Dealer.
THOS. HATTON, Jr., Real Estate Dealer.
JOHN BROWNE, Real Estate Dealer.
A. C. BIDWELL, Real Estate Dealer.
ELISHA J. PRATT, Real Estate Dealer.
L. PERKINS, Real Estate Dealer.
TALBOTT & SANDFORD, Real Estate, Exchange and Loan Brokers (See Ins.)
LUSE & MARSH, Real Estate (Des Moines and Chicago).
MILO SMITH, Sewing Machines, Agt for Howe Co.
S. L. FULLER & CO., Seedsmen, Growers, Dealers and Importers of Horticultural and Florists' Goods, Lawn Fixtures, etc.
W. H. SHAW, Seal Stamps, Stencils, Medals, etc., Manufacturer and Dealer.
F. A. PERCIVAL, President,
    H. F. PERCIVAL, Secretary,
    TYLER SCOVILLE, Treasurer,
School Furniture Co., Manfrs. And Dealers in School and Church Furniture.
A. S. VORSE & CO., School Furniture, Patentees and Mnfrs. of the "Iowa School Desk".
R. F. YOUNG, Soap Manufacturer.
J. W. McLANE, Stock Dealer.
W. C. STREET, Stone Piping Works (Manufacturer and Dealer).
H. R. HEATH, Sash, Doors and Blinds, (Mnfr. And Dealer).
W. H. QUICK, Supt., U. S. Express Co.
GEORGE W. COPLY, Attorney at Law, Notary Public and Collection Agent.
O. J. DUTTON & CO., Banking House, Buy and Sell Exchange, Receive Deposits, etc., Collections a Specialty.
T. P. DANIELS & SON, Contractors and Builders.
N. BALL, Contractor and Builder.
G. D. MOORE, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, etc., etc.
JOHN S. McCRARY, Grain Dealer.
D. R. HOXIE, Hotel.
WESLEY BAKER, Huckster and Seed Grower.
KIMBALL & MITCHELL, Lumber, Lime and Grain.
LANE & TUMBLESON, Livery, Sale and Feed Stable.
R. W. PENN, Mason.
G. W. WILKINSON, Publisher Mitchellville News.
Camp Township.
A. M. WOLOHAN, Coal Miner and Dealer (P. O. Vandalia).
Polk City.
A. C. TRUESDELL, Chemist and Prescription Clerk.
R. B. ARMSTRONG, Druggist, Physician and Surgeon.
W. J. WILSON, Drugs, Notions, etc.
J. B. KELLISON, Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.
J. A. KUNTZ, Merchant (General Merchandise).
H. MATTER, Physician and Surgeon.
W. E. ROWLAND, Drugs, Paints, Oils, School Books, Stationery, Wall Paper and Notions.
T. E. HAINES, Grain Dealer.
D. A. CHENEY, Grain Dealer.
J. M. & M. STEELE, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Pumps, etc.
N. WHEELER, Merchant (General Merchandise).
J. W. HENSHAW, Mason and Plasterer.
Crocker Township.
JOHN KENNEDY, Crockery Ware, Manfr. And Dealer, (Section 36).
ALFRED WILLIAMS, Carriage Maker (Section 3).
HENRY HUTTON, General Merchandise (Ankeny).
F. A. CANTRIL & SON, Lumbermen (Section 21).
S. F. CANTRIL, Lumber (Section 28).
E. PARMENTER, Stock Dealer (Section 22).
Saylor Township.
N. J. HARRIS & BRO., Des Moines Nursery (Section 15).
JOSIAH SLICK, Physician and Surgeon (Saylrsville).

Transcribed by Kathy Dozler, October, 2023 from A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Hist. Atlas of the State of Iowa (7th C.D.), Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), Andreas Atlas Co. Chicago, 1875, pg. 571.

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