Polk County Cemetery

Burials from Death certificates, Polk County
FHL Films #102902982, #102902983

Contributed by Patrick Walters
Last updated Feb. 22, 2023.

Family Search films #102902982, #102902983 recorded the Death Certificate number beginning with the digits "77" ["77" designates Polk County]; Additionally an image number was assigned; for the purpose of brevity the cite will appear as 77 0470 (Death Certificate number) and 452 (image number).

Abbreviations used: POL(POL) Roll(R)Page(P) Line(LN) Reference POL 409 will be made to: Asylum Record 1894-1900;Insane Record 1901-1915; Insane Record. 1910-1927.

Place of Burial: * denotes this person is one who has been identified as having been moved and is listed on the Pine Hill roster.

FHL Film #102902982 covers Jan 16, 1916 - July 6, 1918. Reference that film for the following entries.
ThomasGeorge 75   13Jan1916Polk County FarmCounty farm     7707705139 N
ThomasWilliam 58y 6m 6d   24Mar19163rd and RacoonCounty farm     7707996410 N
Breefe (Breeze?)Jake 65   14Apr1916Polk County HospitalNone listed     7708033446 N
NobleGeorge 65   9Apr1916Polk County FarmPolk County Farm     7708117524 N
Ozarke (Ozark?)Frank 60   9Apr1916Polk Co HospitalPolk County Farm     7708124530 Z
  NOTE-Frank Ozarke: Verify Frank James recoded as inmate of PCF see 104 James Sr
HannaSamuel 33   30Jun1916Tuberculosis FarmCounty Farm     7708364 756 N
AustinLouis 62   14Jul1916County HospitalCounty Cemetery     7708453841 N
JohnsonCharles 45   19Aug1916Polk Co AsylumPotters field at Farm     77086431023 N?
RileyJames 65   7Oct1916Polk County FarmPolk County Farm     77089261290 N
JohnsonAugust 55 or 60   15Nov1916Polk Co HospitalPolk Co Pauper field     77090151376 N
CopenhefferJohn 70   15Jan1917Polk Co HospitalPolk Co. Farm     7701031673 N
  NOTE-John Copenheffer: FS lists under "Capenheffer"
JohnsonCharley 65   4Mar1917Polk County FarmCounty Farm     7703141863 N
SmithMironP75   8Feb1917Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm     7705492089 N
  NOTE-Miron Smith: (Possibly "Monroe" Male?)
SampsonTisscia 50   10Apr1917Polk County AsylumNone listed     7705792118 N
  NOTE-Tisscia Sampson: Likely buried here; Female subject listed as an inmate if Asylum:
BakerGeorge 69   6Jul1917Polk Co HospitalPolk County Farm     7706942227 N
JonesSmith 55   15Aug1917County FarmNone listed     7709142438 N
McCormickFrank 70   4Jun1917Polk Co FarmPolk Co. Farm     7709672489 N
  NOTE-Frank McCormick: Likely. Listed as Inmate of Polk Co Farm
OlsonHans 85   6Aug1917Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7710312552 N
  NOTE-Hans Olson: Likely. Listed as Inmate of Polk Co Farm
Falaco. (Falacor?)Frank 50   14Sep1917Polk Co AsylumCounty Farm     7713762879 N
HaskinAaron 70   26Sep1917Lee Twsp. City SaylorCounty farm     7714332936 N
JacobsA 70   7Apr1918Polk Co AsylumNone listed     7725844035 N
JiruceFrancis 40   22Apr1918Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7725894040 N
  NOTE-Francis Jiruce: Likely; Female inmate is listed as a resident of Asylum; PCHIH Record Volume Insane Redcord #2 1915-1935 Admission/Discharges confirms
CocranMike 31   23May1918Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7728224264 N
  NOTE-Mike Cocran: Likely. Listed as Inmate of Asylum
SwansonFred 65   16May1918Polk Co HospitalPolk Co Cemetery     7729814417 N
MurreyEdward 58   20Jun1918Polk Co Tuberculosis HospitalNone listed     7739924524 N
  NOTE-Edward Murrey: Likely. Listed as Inmate Polk Co Tuberculosis (camp?)
FarrerCharley 70   14Jul1918Polk County HospitalCounty farm     7733184742 N
FHL Film #102902983 covers July 21, 1918 - Jan 22 1920. Reference that film for the following entries.
HanselJohn 70   7Aug1918Polk County HospitalNone listed     77340375 N
GerssLevi 65   15Oct1918Polk Co AsylumPolk. Co Farm      773745408 N
GornayJoe 40   15Nov1918Polk Co HospitalPolk County Cemetery     774036679 N
LewtonWm 65   17Feb1919Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm     7757632375 N
BarnesGeorge 45   16Mar1919County Poor FarmCounty Poor Farm     7758692475 N
LundbergOle 35   16Mar1919Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7759852588 N
TempleAdam 75   17Mar1919Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7760522653 N
WatsonHenry 58   13Mar1919County Poor FarmCounty Farm     7760652665 N
GastonDavid 75   11May1919Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm     7762822877 N
Willard  75   21Jun1919Polk Co HospitalPolk County Cemetery     7764993086 N
DonovanJohn 50   4Jul1919Polk Co AsylumNone listed     7765373120 N
DavisElizabeth 74   3Feb1920Polk Co HospitalNone listed     7776234138 N
WeldonFrank 75   14Feb1920Polk County HospitalPolk County Cemetery     7778194324 N
RoseSebraAnn47y 11m 26d   5Mar1920Polk Co AsylumNone listed     7779704464 N
ThorntonJohn 75   23May1920Polk County HospitalPolk. Co Farm     7783804849 N
BunyardWilliam 65   7Jun1920Polk Co farmPolk. Co Farm *     7784154882 N
CullonsPat 65   19Aug1920Polk Co AsylumNone listed     7787165159 N
DonovanJohnP38   27Aug1920lists only Saylor under TownshipPolk. Co Farm     7787215164 N
GatwoodEG86   28Aug1920Polk Co T B HosPolk. Co Farm     7787325175 N
SmithMinnie 65   2Aug1920Polk Co AsylumPolk. Co Farm      7788025240 N?
  NOTE-Minnie Smith: Z has an "N' Smith; unresolved; review County Records
WilliamsGeorge 80   29Aug1920Polk Co AsylumPolk. Co Farm      7788025240 N
SillickAllen 85   17Sep1920Polk Co HosPolk County Cemetery     7789355363 N
YoungAbner 65   18Sep1920Polk Co HospitalPolk County Cemetery     7789595387 N

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