Polk County Cemetery

Burials from Death certificates, Polk County
1904-1908, 1909-1912, 1912-1915
FHL Films #102902979, #102902980, #102902981

Contributed by Patrick Walters
Last updated Feb. 22, 2023.

Family Search films 102902979, 102902980, 102902981 recorded the Death Certificate number beginning with the digits "77" ["77" designates Polk County]; Additionally an image number was assigned; for the purpose of brevity the cite will appear as 77 0470 (Death Certificate number) and 452 (image number).

Abbreviations used: POL(POL) Roll(R)Page(P) Line(LN) Reference POL 409 will be made to: Asylum Record 1894-1900;Insane Record 1901-1915; Insane Record. 1910-1927.

Place of Burial: * denotes this person is one who has been identified as having been moved and is listed on the Pine Hill roster.

FHL Film #102902979 covers 1904 - 1908. Reference that film for the following entries.
AlbersonW 73yr 9m      FAG has Polk County Farm;Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*Unresolved as to residency and DOD Z
GarfieldR       1905?  Unresolved. Listed in #3 Records of Insane N
TuckerPorterJ    13Feb1905 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*ROICIPCIHPOL 409R 502P12Ln 53    Z
  NOTE-Porter Tucker: #3 POL 410 notes "buried by Co. at Farm Cemetery"; Ln 53 Establishes residency;
DukeWilliam     28Oct1905 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*Unresolved; Unable to verify in County Records Z
ThompsonJohn 35   12Jul1906Co. HospitalCo. Farm Cemetery*     7722262116 Z
HankJ         Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*ROICIPCIHPOL 409R 502P22Ln 9    Z H
  NOTE-J Hank: Source establishes residency; there is a question regarding a typo on H list..could be "Harp"
HitchcockLusciousB    11Nov1906 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill* Not in FS#3 Records of Insane have this sp. V. "Hickock" on Z list;
POL 409R 501P 38Ln 54    Z
  NOTE-Luscious Hitchcock: Source confirms residency
KinneyS     24May1906 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*PH Records of Inmates March of 1896POL 410R 402P 301Ln 11   FemaleZ
KinneyCathrine (Katie)     28May1906 "Catherine Kinney" listed as one reolcated to Pine Hill*Unresolved dup with S Kinney?? Z
LewisEd     ?May1906 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*Unresolved residency Z
RobinsonJohn 48   10Mar1907Polk County Poor FarmNone listed     7730592908 N
  NOTE-John Robinson: Likely buried at the farm
LeonMike 51   28Jun1907Co. FarmCo. Farm     7733793209 N
Elders Chas (C.R.) 48   31Jul1907Polk County HospitalPolk Co. Poor Farm*ROICIPCIHPOL 409R501 Ln 317734443271 Z
  NOTE-ROICIPCIH Month of Aug indicates a DOD 12 Aug 1907; Chas Elders: Death Certificate has fathers name with a "Dr Elders"
BurkTom     19Jan1907 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*Unresolved; 1905 Census lists a Tom "Burke" No DC in FS; Unable to verify in County records; Z
SharpAM    4Jun1907 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*ROICIPCIHPOL 409R 501P 40     Z
  NOTE-A Sharp: Verifies residency; No DC in FS
FHL Film #102902980 covers 1909 - July 1912. Reference that film for the following entries.
StrongFrank     14Jul1909County HospitalCounty Farm Cemetery     776035746 N
ClayHenry 67y 4mo 10d   20Aug1909County HospitalPolk Co. Cemetery     776077786 N
AronsenAndrew 73   17Mar1910Polk County HospitalNone listed.      7768411511 N
  NOTE-Andrew Aronsen: FAG has a person of the same name and DOD buried at Laurel Hills; Not likely at farm
GoodwinDan     12Aug1910County FarmCounty Farm Cemetery     7774322066 N
ThompsonSamuaul 55   10Jun1911Polk County FarmNone listed. Not listed in Pine Hill     77007313258 N?
  NOTE-Samuaul Thompson: Likely as a resident of the farm
SmithChas? 70   1Mar1911County FarmCounty Farm Cemetery*     77003772914 Z
  NOTE-Chas? Smith: ROI R 409 P 84 #41 lists a "Chas"
BrewerWilliamH60   2Mar1911County FarmCounty Farm Cemetery* Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill     77002812821 Z
WhitehouseMimmi 39   25Jan1911Polk County Insane AsylumAlfred Dahlstrom. Not listed in Pine Hill     7700741691 N?
  NOTE-Mimmi Whitehouse: Likely as a resident of the farm
PetersonAbraham 66   8Nov1911Polk Co.HospitalPolk Co. Cemenery at County Farm     77012933796 N
CoonsChas?     12Mar1912Poor FarmPolk Co. Poor Farm     77017314213 N
GevnerWmW50   25Mar1912Polk County HospitalCounty Farm Cem.     7701745 4227 N
StrongWashington 50   18Mar1912Mercy HospitalCounty Farm     77018254303 N
VandeenAndrew 45   26Mar1912Polk Co. Hospital Co. Farm     77018314309 N
PlussDavid 35   27Apr1912Des Moines IaCo Farm Cemetery     77019284401 N
FHL Film #102902981 covers July 1912 - 1916. Reference that film for the following entries.
PerriGrigaroi     25Jan1913Polk County Poor FarmSt. Ambrose     7703022691  
  NOTE-Grigaroi Perri: Not in St. Abrose listing
SmithFredL84   17Jun1913Polk Co. FarmPolk Co. Cemetery     7703738372 N
DailyGeorge 55   11Oct1913Polk Co Hospital Polk Co Farm     77041421760 N
ArthurVictor 75   2Mar1914Polk County Insane HospitalPolk County Farm     77046962281 N
JohnsonGeorge 60   18Mar1914Polk Co FarmPolk County Farm     77047582342 N
WayGeorge 66   19Mar1914County FarmPolk Co. farm Cemetery     77048322410 N
ByersJim 60   14Apr1914Polk Co. HospitalCounty Farm     77048572435 N
CasnerFrank 62   30Apr1914Co FarmCounty Farm     77048612439 N
LoydJohn 75   19Apr1914Co FarmCounty Farm     77049162491 N
ShirleyAlma 37   2Apr1914County Tubercolis FarmCounty Cemetery     77049592529 N
LandmarkAndrew 50-55   27May1914SaylorCo Farm Cemetery     77050632629 N
CartwrightR     2May1914 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*         Z
  NOTE-R Cartwright: Xref same name with DOD 17 Aug 1896; No death certificate
CollinsDavid 60   24Jun1914Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm     77051422703 N
BecklerRobert 65   31Aug1914Polk Co FarmCounty Farm     77053882934 N
ThropeTaylor 60   28Aug1914Polk County Poor FarmCounty Field     77055023042 N
CampbellCharley 70   19Sept1914Polk Co HospitalNone entered     77055273066 N
RooneyAnnie 70   2Sept1914Polk County FarmCounty Field     77055893121 N
EverttBJ74   13Oct1914Polk County FarmPauper ground at Farm     77056583185 N
CurtleyHenry 56   19Nov1914Polk County HospitalCounty Cemetary     77057793298 N
WilsonFrank 75   3Nov1914Polk Co Hospitalat County Farm     77058743388 N
HoffmanRobert 34   28Jan1915Polk Co. T. B.Pauper field Co. Farm*     77061023606 Z
MinearLucy 3011Jan187711Jan1915Polk Co HospitalNone entered     77061423645 N
  NOTE-Lucy Minear: Possibly at Farm under occupation: "Inmate of Polk Co Asylum"
TempleMaria     20Feb1915 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*         Z
TempelMary 75   26Feb1915Polk Co HospitalNone listed     77063283816 Z?
  NOTE-Mary Tempel: Duplicate?
DeihlNoah 74   23Mar1915Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm      77063713858 Z
DuffinErvin 65   20Apr1915Polk Co HospitalPolk County Farm     77065163993 N
NolgronGus 58   20Apr1915Polk County HospitalPauper field C Farm     77065264050 N
ConnorGeorge 55   9May1915Polk County HospitalPolk Co Farm     77066424111 N
OdoyleTony 75   27May1915Polk County HospitalPolk Co Farm     77667114175 N
EismerJ 75   6Jun1915Polk Co HospitalCounty Farm     77067664227 N
PierceHenryB63y 6mo 17d19Nov18515Jun1915County FarmCo Farm Cemetery     77668274286 N
MCClintockJohn 72   19Jul1915Polk Co T. B.Respository Harbacks     77069204372 N
  NOTE-John MCClintock: Spelled as "McKlutock" in FS
McKelseyA 75   23Jul1915Polk County HospitalCounty Farm     77069244376 N
RoadhouseAlbertJ42   5Oct1915Polk Co Tub HospitalCounty Farm     77072764702 N
TriggsTony 50   19Oct1915Polk Co FarmNone listed     77072934717 N
SpoonerFrank 40   11Nov1915Polk Co T. B. HospitalCounty Pauper….?     77074224841 N
MarshallJune 40   15Apr1915 Listed as one relocated to Pine Hill*Unresolved; Not found in County records77065684043 Z
  NOTE-June Marshall: Found a Jeannette Marshall DOD 5 Apr 1915 POD Polk Co farm POB Adel, Ia.

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