Polk County Cemetery

Burials from Death certificates, Polk County
FHL Films #101784586, #101784589, #101784590

Contributed by Patrick Walters
Last updated Feb. 22, 2023.

Family Search films #101784586, #101784589, #101784590 recorded the Death Certificate number beginning with the digits "77" ["77" designates Polk County]; Additionally an image number was assigned; for the purpose of brevity the cite will appear as 77 0470 (Death Certificate number) and 452 (image number).

Abbreviations used: POL(POL) Roll(R)Page(P) Line(LN) Reference POL 409 will be made to: Asylum Record 1894-1900;Insane Record 1901-1915; Insane Record. 1910-1927.

Place of Burial: * denotes this person is one who has been identified as having been moved and is listed on the Pine Hill roster.

FHL Film #101784586 covers Jan 1920 - March 1923. Reference that film for the following entries.
DealEmma 75   9May1920Polk Co HospitalPolk. Co Farm     7700192196 N
DohortyDan 55   27Jun1921Polk Co T B HospPolk. Co Farm     7700206210 N
GarciaFrank 40   21May1921Polk Co HospitalPolk. Co Farm     7700274278 N
HannaTom 52   23Apr1921Polk Co HospitalPolk. Co Farm     7700320320 N
BushJohn 75   28Jun1921Polk Co AsylumCounty Farm Cemetery     0770981047 N
  NOTE-John Bush: See below comparison of death certificates indicates this is the same person
MichelsonMathis 60   8Sep1921Polk Co HospitalNone listed     077199147 N?
  NOTE-Mathis Michelson: Likely NOT; Informate is Andrew J Mickelson of Slater Iowa; His family may have buried him elsewhere
PetersonLouis 70   4Sep1921Polk Co AsylumNone listed     0772591207 N
  NOTE-Louis Peterson: Likely as he is listed as an inmate of the death certificate
BushNo name listed 75   28Jun1921Polk Co AsylumPolk County Farm     0772871236  
  NOTE-Bush: Death certificate lists him as an inmate; Possible duplicate death cert. with "John Bush" in list preceeding?
MeekerCarlton 71y 2m 4d   18Dec1921Polk County Poor HousePolk County Cemetery     0776271576 N
PittmanJames 70   4Apr1922Polk County FarmNone listed     771541671 N
  NOTE-James Pittman: Likely buried here
CotterMimmie 45m on DC; 3y on FS   7May1922Polk Co T B HospPolk County Farm     771621679 N
  NOTE-Mimmie Cotter: No parents listed on death certificate;
MeyersHenryG62y 4m 4d    11Nov1922Polk Co T B HospPolk County Farm Cemetery     772571774 N
  NOTE-Henry Meyers: "077 2203" is written at the bottom of the DC; This DC is an example of the informant being a relative but burial was at the farm.
MurphyWilliam 75   22Jan1923Polk County FarmPolk Co Farm Cemetery     773043362 N
CavendarCarolina 55   27Jan1924Polk County AsylumPolk Co Farm Cemetery     775381112 N
  NOTE-Carolina Cavendar: Likely buried here; Not listed on FAG; DC lists as and Inamte of Polk Co Asylum
RichardsMary 83   7May1924Polk County AsylumPoor Farm Cemetery     776171191 N
DavisMattie 80   26Oct1924Polk Co HospitalNone listed     777141288 N
  NOTE-Mattie Davis: Possible: Occ. Listed as Inmate of Polk Co farm
JohnstonSC90   19Feb1924Methodist HospitalCounty Poor Farm Cemetery     07739441481 N
RiceElla 76   1May1924Township SaylorPoor Farm Cemetery     778412923 N
FHL Film #101784589 covers Mar 1923 - Mar 1926. Reference that film for the following entries.
RedmanWilliam 70   25Feb1926Polk Co FarmPolk County Cemetery     7710264631 N
NOTE: The above was the only entry for 1926
FHL Film #101784590 covers Mar 1926 - Dec 1928. Reference that film for the following entries.
HansenChris 60   19Aug1927Polk County FarmCounty Farm Cemetery     7713281384 N
SopherHarley 71   11Aug1927Brownlawns General HospitalCounty Farm Cemetery     07795382474 N
PolittWilliam 89   14Oct1928Po. Co. Farm HospitalPolk Co Farm Cem     771583280 N
New Death Certificate form came into consistent use. None were recorded as being buried at the Polk County Farm Cemetery

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