Centennial History of Polk County, Iowa


"We have followed up the plats and Additions to the Town and City as far as the requirements of history demand, and as far as our space would permit. We append here a brief history of the different Cemeteries of belonging to the city and organizations: Woodland Cemetery, embracing forty acres, was laid out November 1st, 1859; Odd Fellows', within the limits of Woodland, March 30th, 1858; Jewish, or Emanuel Cemetery, just outside of Woodland, two acres, January 21st, 1871. The Association laying it out was incorporated July 22d, 1870, and the deed to land dated August 6th, 1870. The first Catholic Cemetery, embracing ten acres, the deed of which was made to Father Loras, first Bishop of Iowa, was laid out two and a half miles South of the City, February 1st, 1858; it was abandoned about ten years ago. The present Catholic Cemetery, purchased through Father Brazil, and deeded to him, embracing twelve acres, just outside of Woodland, was laid out July 23d, 1866. The bodies in the old burial place were exhumed and taken to the new one."

Transcribed from Centennial History of Polk County, Iowa, by J. M. Dixon, Blind Editor. Authorized by the Board of Supervisors of Polk County. Mrs. J. M. Dixon and J. W. Doughty, Amanuenses. Des Moines: State Register, 1876, page 254.

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