Henry No. 4 -- PHOTOS


Henry Twp Dist #4  Aug. 30, 1920-May 20, 1921. Taken Monday, Mar. 22, 1921
Teacher Icel Snider.
Grandma has the names in the album and I will list as she did but not sure how they fit:  Note from submitter, Randy Schmitt

Henry Christophersen           Irene Lopau                          Laura Christophersen
Dale Pettengail                    Henry Ericksen                     Lilly Christophersen                 Gladys Lopau
Carl Lopau                          Alma Christophersen              Leona Christophersen
Bll Ott                   Charlotte Christophersen         Charlotte Koch & Leo Pettengail

Henry No. 4

Teacher, Evelyn Stodden, taught this school 1922-1926.

Photo below taken in the Spring 1925

(This below identification was on the album page with this photograph.)

In the back is Miss Stodden, middle is Minnie(Koch) Schmitt, Irene, Roma (Koch) Kendall, Charlotte Koch, front is Esther (Koch) Schlerf, Eugene Ward,
Phyllis Ward

~Note: Minnie Koch later became one of the teachers in this school.


Tire Swing:  Minnie Koch, Alma Kluver


Tree: Charlotte Koch, Irene Lapou


Identification for this picture:

In the back in thetree: Carl Lapou
Back: Matie Kluver, Ed Kluver, Eugene Ward, Charlotte Koch, Irene Ward
Front: Phyllis Ward, Alma Kluver, Roma Koch, Minnie Koch, Esther Koch



Boys in tree: Dale Henry
                    Ed Kluver


Tire Swing

Left Photo: Minnie, Charlotte & Alma

Right Photo: Esther & Phyllis Ward


Henry No. 4, 1925

Miss Evelyn Stodden, (teacher)
              Mabel Schroeder
              Minnie Koch (married Schmitt)
              Irene Lapou
              Roma Koch    (married Kendall)
              Charlotte Koch


Pupil, Minnie Koch, sitting on a fence - 1925


Boys: Earl Klaschen, Melvin Koch, Marvin Kluver


Henry No. 4, 1925, Group of Boys

Teacher, Miss Elizabeth Stodden 1926-1927, Henry No. 4 school

Minnie Koch taught Henry No. 4, 1942-1948

The following pictures were found in Minnie's scrapbook by her son, Randy Schmitt.




School Picnic


All of the above pictures were submitted for posting by the son of one of Henry No. 4 school teachers, Miss Minnie Koch (who married Alfred Schmitt on May 21, 1949.) See below the message from her son regarding these photographs to this Plymouth County Coordinator. A HUGE thanks goes to Randy for sharing his Mother's treasured pictures!

Mom passed away May 26, 2009. I am just getting around to going through her photo albums and have come across pictures of her years in teaching country school. As a retired teacher of 34 years, I am so happy about your research into early rural education. I am including the first set of scans of Mom's second year of teaching which I believe would be at Henry #4. Her pictures are glued into the album so I am using our new hand held scanner and hope the results are acceptable. Mom has written near each picture a few details including names and events.

Thanks for your work in such a special project. I had told Mom about this before her health declined and she was very interested. I know she would have loved to see your work, but I know she has seen it in a special way since her passing. She enjoyed her years teaching even if there was much work involved in walking to school, readying the heat and keeping 8 grades organized. Our best,  Randy and Marilyn Schmitt


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Born May 11, 1918
Died May 26, 2009

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