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1914 Rural Tax Payers of Putnam Twp., Linn County, IA.

Anthony, Geo., Ely.
Asenbrener, Jim, Ely.
Asenbrener, Joe, Ely.
Andrle, Fred, Ely.
Andrle, John, Ely.
Andrle, John, Ely.
Andrle, Rudolph, Ely.
Burge, Jay M., Ely.
Broulik, Wencil, Mt. Vernon.
Broulik, Edward, Mt. Vernon.
Broulik, Anna, Mt. Vernon.
Bartosh, J. M., Mt. Vernon.
Bartosh, Rosa, Mt. Vernon
Bartosh, James, Mt. Vernon.
Becicka, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Baxa, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Becicka, Tom, Mt. Vernon.
Blain, Chas. W., Mt. Vernon.
Bartosh, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Becicka, John, Mt. Vernon.
Bukacek, Frank, Ely.
Binko, Joe, Ely.
Bednasek, Mary, Mt. Vernon.
Bednasek, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Bartosh, James, Ely.
Biderman, Chas., Ely.
Blozek, Frank J., Ely.
Clark, J. 0., Ely.
Cairns, W. A., Ely.
Coch, Frank, Ely.
Coch, Sr., Joe, Ely.
Clark, Geo. D., Ely.
Chamberlain, John A., Ely.
Cairns, W. R., Ely.
Cesticky, Joe, Ely.
Cerveny, Joe, Ely.
Chotenousky, Joseph, Ely.
Drake, Wm., Ely.
Dvorak, Jacob J., Mt. Vernon.
Dofezal, Frank J., Ely.
Eicher, James, Ely.
Fuhrmeister, P. F., Ely.
Fichy, Wesley, Ely.
Fichy, Charley, Ely,
Fackler, Samuel, Ely.
Fackler, Jerome W., Ely.
Hadec, Vincence, Ely.
Havlek, Joe, Ely.
Havlik, Frank, Ely.
Holets, Joe, Ely.
Hovorka, Albert J., Ely.
Horak, William, Ely.
Horak, John W., Ely.
Hartle, Albert, Ely.
Havlicek, Joe, Ely.
Hynek, Wes., Ely.
Hickey, James, Ely.
Horak, Wesley, Ely.
Hucle, Wesley, Ely.
Hartl, Joe, Ely.
Holec, Joe, Ely,
Holec, Anton, Ely.
Hartl, Josephine, Ely.
Havlicek, Frank (Jr.), Ely.
Jensen, Henrietta, Ely.
Jiroutek, Mary, Ely.
Jondl, Vincence, Ely.
Korotz, John, Ely.
Koss, Frank, Ely.
Kubicek, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Kubicek, Charley, Mt. Vernon.
Kubicek, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Koutny, Jr., Joe, Ely.
Kaupt, Joseph, Ely.
Koutny, Sr., Joe, Ely.
Klinsky, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Kohout, Anna, Ely.
Koss, George, Ely.
Kulhavy, Frank, Ely.
Klouda, Frank, Ely.
Klouda, John, Ely.
Lana, C. W., Ely.
Lana, Mary, Ely.
Lana, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Lorenc, George, Ely.
Lorenc, Sr., Frank, Ely
Lorenc, John, Ely.
Lesinger, Joe, Ely.
Luenicka, Sr., Joe, Ely.
Luenicka, Anna, Ely.
Lorenc, Jr., Frank, Ely.
Luenicka, Jr., Joe, Ely.
Meroshels, Wentzle, Ely.
Moses, Frank, Ely.
Martin, Chas., Mt. Vernon.
Moses, Joe, Ely.
Menc, Joe, Ely.
Machacek, Wesley, Ely.
Mackey, David, Ely.
Mackey, James, Ely.
Makovsky, Edward, Ely.
Makovsky, Joe, Ely.
Motefl, Alzebeta, Ely.
Millard, Fred, Ely.
Neitderhison, J. W., Ely.
Neitderhison, John, Ely.
Noska, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Netolisky, Anton, Mt. Vernon.
Neitderhison, Fred, Mt. Vernon.
Neitderhison, Wm., Mt. Vernon.
Neitderhison, Jane, Mt. Vernon.
Neitderhison, Wm. J., Mt. Vernon.
Nezerka, Adolph, Ely.
Novak, Wes., Ely.
Neitderhisar, Jacob, Ely.
Novak, Leopold, Ely.
Novak, Anton, Ely.
Novak, William, Ely.
Pasarik, Rudolph, Ely.
Pasarik, Matilda, Ely.
Pasarik, Adolph, Ely.
Rehak, John, Ely.
Rehak, Joe, Ely.
Synacek, Martin, Ely.
Serovy, Sr., Joe, Ely.
Smyth, James, Ely.
Stasiny, Stephen, Ely.
Stasiny, Matilda A. T., Ely.
Smyth, Robert, Ely.
Skalsky, Rudolph, Ely.
Skalsky, Wm. H., Ely.
Skalsky, Jr., Frank, Ely.
Sadecky, Ignac, Ely.
Skalsky, Frank, Ely.
Smercek, Jerry, Ely.
Smercek, Charles, Ely.
Stefskal, Frank, Ely.
Sadecky, Emil, Ely.
Strykar, Joseph, Ely.
Staats, Avon, Ely.
Tefr, Anton, Ely.
Teply, Joe, Ely.
Topinka, Frank, Ely.
Tomlinson, Joseph, Ely.
Trpkosh, Jr., Joe, Ely.
Trpkosh, Chas., Ely.
Trpkosh, Frank, Ely.
Trpkosh, Joe, Ely.
Vavra, Joe, Ely.
Verba, Joseph N., Ely.
Varnholt, F. W., Mt. Vernon.
Vavricek, Adolph, Ely.
Woods, John S., Mt. Vernon.
Young, R. C., Ely.
Zobel, Edward, Mt. Vernon.
Zahradnik, Joseph J., Ely.
Zvacek, Jr., John, Ely.
Zahradnik, Joe, Ely.
Kreischer, Edward, Mt. Vernon.
Koss, Ed., Ely.
Klouda, Rudolph, Ely.
Kust, Mathew, Ely.

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