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1914 Rural Tax Payers of Monroe Twp., Linn County, IA.

Anman, Albert, Toddville.
Anman, J. W., Robins.
Anman, David, Toddville.
Andrews, J. L., Toddville.
Andrew, Lida, Toddville,
Bachman, Frank, Robins.
Blair, W. W., Robins.
Boyd, E. N., Toddville.
Burns, George, Robins.
Burns, Hannah, Robins.
Burns, Robert H., Robins.
Boquist, Oscar, Toddville.
Burns, Thos. M., Robins.
Burns, James, Robins.
Bivins, S. A., Robins.
Bivins, Lenora, Robins.
Bailey, Mrs. Lena, Robins.
Brown, D. W., Toddville.
Blum, J. D., Robins.
Brown, M. L., Toddville.
Bachman, E. F., Robins.
Black, Martha A., Robins.
Byse, F. L., Robins.
Brown, J. C., Toddville.
Brenneman, A. L., Robins.
Beggs, Wm., Toddville.
Beggs, Melina, Toddville.
Beggs, Miss Lola, Toddville.
Bowers, John H., Toddville.
Boyd, P. C., Toddville.
Boyd, C. M., Robins.
Bider, Clarissa, Alburnette.
Booze, William F., Robins.
Bowers, 0. J., Toddville.
Bowers, Allie, Toddville.
Cress, Sarah, Toddville.
Coleman, Adelia, Sylvia.
Coleman, Frank, Sylvia.
Coleman, Lesli, Sylvia.
Coleman, C. A., Robins.
Cripe, D. L., Robins.
Cress, J. A., Toddville.
Cress, L. G., Toddville.
Coleman, G. W., Robins.
Dumond, S., Toddville.
Ditch, C. L., Toddville.
Dicken, N. H., Alburnette.
Ditch, W. B., Robins.
Ditch, Lewis, Robins.
Deal, Daniel W., Toddville.
Deal, John, Toddville.
Dotten, Amasa, Toddville.
Ditch, H. B., Toddville.
Dicken, J. E., Robins.
Elson, Fred, Toddville.
Elson, R. D., Toddville.
Elson, Mrs. Martha E., Toddville.
Ellis, Mrs. Elizabeth, Toddville.
Ellis, Henry, Toddville.
Elson, Parker, Toddville.
Elson, Chas., Toddville.
Edaburn, Bert, Toddville.
Filling, Clay, Toddville.
Erickon, R. A., Toddville.
Ellis, Wm., Toddville.
Flickinger, Mrs. Anna M., Robins.
Fillmore, Alice H. Robins.
Fillmore, John H., Robins.
Gott, W. N., Toddville.
Hickey, John C., Toddville.
Hickey, James, Toddville.
Hepker, Lewis, Robins.
Hepker, W. E., Robins.
Howard, C. S., Robins.
Howard, Jesse, Robins.
Hoff, Sarah J., Toddville.
Hachlen, Edwin, Robins.
Hoff, Fred, Toddville.
Hants, H., Toddville.
Hilton, H. H., Toddville.
Harvey, John W., Toddville.
Hepler, Wesley, Toddville.
Hagerman, R. H., Toddville.
Hoff, John, Toddville.
Hendrickson, F. M., Robins.
Heffner, J. F., Robins.
Heffner, Mamie, Robins.
Halsinger, Geo. A., Robins.
Hepker, Henry, Toddville.
Hepker, W. A., Toddville.
Howard, Lee, Robins.
Harris, John R., Robins.
Harris, Laura, Robins.
Hagerman, S. J., Robins.
Hagerman, Geo. G., Robins.
Hepker, J. F., Robins.
Hatz, W. E., Robins.
Hepker, Mrs. Charity, Robins.
Hepker, C. N., Robins.
Hepker, Walter, Robins.
Willie, Robins.
Johnston, Henry. Robins.
Jellison, G. W., Toddville.
Kulper, J. C., Robins.
Kulper, Chas., Robins.
Kulper, John, Robins.
Kartson, John W., Robins.
Kulper, W. J., Robins.
Kan, H. L., Robins.
Kine, Chas., Robins.
Kartson, W., Roy, Robins.
Krouse, Chas., Robins.
Kline, Samuel, Robins.
Krouse, Frank, Toddville.
Krouse, Henry, Toddville.
King, A. N., Toddville.
Lair, G. E., Toddville.
Lentz, Lucy, Robins.
Lanning, E. L., Toddville,
Lint, Mrs. Margaret, Toddville.
Lutz, Laura, Robins.
Leidigh, John, Robins.
Milburn, Ray, Toddville.
Morris, G. 0., Toddville.
Morrison, J. B., Robins.
McArthur, N. C., Robins.
McArthur, Will A., Robins.
McArthur, J. P., Robins.
Miller, D. W., Robins.
McCreary, W. D. C., Robins.
McCreary, Chas., Robins.
Mentzer, J. M., Robins
Minor, Wm. E., Toddville.
Matheny, Theo, Toddville.
Miller, Geo. W., Robins.
Miller, Mary C., Robins.
Mentzer, John, Robins.
Matheny, John W., Robins.
Morris, N. S., Robins.
McClintock, Mae E., Toddville.
Matheny, C. L., Toddville.
McEvers, Ethel L., Robins.
Mason, Mrs. Eleanor, Toddville.
Newman, Mack, Robins.
Newman, Sr., David W., Toddville.
Newman, J. J., Toddville.
Newman, C. E., Toddville.
Newman, Jr., David W., Toddville.
Olinger, John, Center Point.
Olinger, Nancy, Center Point.
Potter, L. B., Toddville.
Prenosil, John, Robins.
Palmer, Roscoe. Toddville.
Pflughaupt, A. F., Robins.
Palmer, Viola E., Toddville.
Quimby, Irvin, Toddville.
Quimby, Bert, Toddville.
Quimby, Ella, Toddville.
Quass, W. H., Robins.
Quass, Marie C., Robins.
Reed, John F., Toddville.
Roth, Loyd, Toddville.
Roth, Valentine, Robins.
Roth, W. L., Robins.
Reid, Mrs. Maude A., Toddville.
Reid, George A., Toddville.
Roy, J. P., Toddville.
Roy, B. F., Toddville.
Richmond, E. N., Robins.
Reed, W. M., Robins.
Snyder, Jacob H., Robins.
Stinson, 0. Leland, Robins.
Stinson, Hazel L., Robins.
Sonka, Frank J., Robins.
Stambough, C. L., Robins.
Sparks, Leonard, Toddville.
Schley, Mrs. Francis K., Robins.
Shcley, Fred W., Robins.
Stark, Joseph, Robins.
Schanke, F. C., Robins.
Snyder, Fred M., Robins.
Senger, Geo. W., Robins.
Snyder, John W., Robins.
Todd, A. J., Toddville.
Tyler, E. Ward, Toddville.
Taylor, Geo. W., Toddville.
Trimble, T. B., Toddville.
Thomas, W. H., Robins.
Trimble, E. D., Toddville.
Trimble, A. J., Toddville.
Tinka, Chas., Robins.
Vredenburg, J. D., Palo.
Vredenburg, B. L., Palo.
Vredenburg, A. E., Palo.
Vannate, N. L., Robins.
Vanfassen, P. G. W., Toddville.
Vanfassen, John E., Toddville.
Vanfassen, Mrs. Barbara, Toddville.
Vanfassen, A. C., Toddville.
White, Martha C., Toddville.
Wilson, W. C., Toddville.
Wright, Alice, Robins.
Wirtner, Tom, Toddville.
Williams, I. Q., Robins.
Werner, Edward A., Robins.
Waterbury, G. H., Toddville.
Wyman, Mike, Robins.

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