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1914 Rural Tax Payers of Ely, Linn County, IA.

Asenbrener, John, Ely.
Akers, George, Ely.
Akers, Frank, Ely.
Akers, Charles, Ely.
Akers, William, Ely.
B. C. R. & N. R. R., Ely.
Bures, Joseph, Ely.
Bohoc, Frank, Sr., Ely.
Barta, Frantiska, Ely.
Bartosh, M., Mt. Vernon.
Benes, Geo. L., Ely.
Bloomer, George, Ely.
Bartosh, Joseph, Mt. Vernon.
Broulik, John, Ely.
Becicka, Mary, Ely.
Becicka, Joseph, Ely.
Becicka, Samuel, Ely.
Goetz, Joseph, Ely.
Costek, Joseph, Ely.
Coch, Frank, Ely, R. 1.
Church, Lutheran, Ely.
Dill, Fred, Ely.
Dawson, Calvin, Ely.
Dvorak, Wesley J., Ely.
Dvorak, Joseph C., Ely.
Dvorak, J. C. & Ely Lodge No. 5
Dolezal, Anna, Ely.
Denk, Jos., Ely.
Denk, Fannie, Ely.
Elias, W. J., Ely.
Ehruberger, Joseph, Sr., Ely.
Ely & Western Creamery, Ely.
Elias & Sladek, Ely.
Elias, Marie, Ely.
Elias, Frank, Ely.
Fuhrmeister, Caroline, Ely.
Hoolicek, Joseph, Ely, R. 1.
Hoolicek, Annie, Ely, R. 1.
Holets, Joseph, Ely.
Hanns, John, Sr., Ely.
Hess, R. H., Ely.
Hanns, Jr., John, Ely.
I. 0. 0. F., Ely.
Lorenc, Joseph, Ely.
Jirosek, Wenzel, Ely.
Jirosek, Eliza, Ely.
Jiroutek, Frank, Ely.
Jonas, Frank, Ely.
Jirasek, Barbara, Ely.
Jonas, Annie, Ely.
Kulishek, Rosie, Ely.
Korab, Thomas, Cedar Rapids, R. 4.
Koss, Frank J., Ely.
Kriz, Joseph, Ely.
Klekar, John, Ely.
Klekar, Anna, Ely.
Krob, F. J., Ely.
Krob, F. J. & Co., Ely.
Krumenak, Joseph, Ely.
Liphavisky, John, Ely.
Langdon, Mary A., Ely.
Langdon, Eliza A., Ely.
Louvar, Frances, Cedar Rapids, R. 4.
Lorenc, Frank, Sr., Ely.
Lustik, Mary, Ely.
Lipavsky, W., Ely.
Lustic, Milo, Ely.
Lowry, Dr. N. J., Ely.
McIlvain, Charles, Ely.
Masa, Frank, Ely.
Michalicek, Frank, Ely.
Novotny, Frank, Ely.
Novak, Frank, Ely.
Novotny, Joseph, Ely.
Novotny, John, Ely.
Oliver, J. D., North Liberty, Iowa.
Pavel, Jr., Joseph, Ely.
Pavel, Joseph, Sr., Ely.
Rousar, Josie, Ely.
Rehak, Frank, Ely.
Rehak, Francis, Ely.
Rostocil, Chas., Ely.
Rostocil, Mary, Ely.
Stursi, Josie, Ely.
Schley, Jacob, Ely.
Smith, J. H., Ely.
Sladek, Frank, Ely.
Sladek, Josephine, Ely.
Sladek, Charles, Ely.
Stanek, Louis, Ely.
School House No. 4, Ely.
Vanourny, M. D, Ely.
Vrba, Joseph N., Ely.
Vanourny, Charley, Solon, R. 4.
Widra, Catherine, Ely.
Widra, Anna, Ely.
Widra, John B., Ely.
Widra, Frank, Ely.
Zeleny, Frank J., Ely.
Zoacek, Frank, Sr., Ely.

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