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1914 Rural Tax Payers of Boulder Twp., Linn County, IA.

Ary, Nathaniel, Coggon.
Ary, Sarah, Coggon.
Ary, Maude, Coggon.
Ammeter, Christian, Central City.
Ammeter, Godfred, Central City.
Aiken, Edward, Coggon.
Burnside, Jennie M., Coggon.
Burnside, Alice, Central City.
Brown, George, Central City.
Baker, Thomas, Central City.
Bailey, Chas., Coggon.
Brown, W. H., Central City.
Brown, Freemont, Central City.
Burke, James, Central City.
Babek, Wencil, Prairieburg.
Benson, Susie, Prairieburg.
Beronek, Joseph V., Prairieburg.
Beggs, Elizabeth, Prairieburg.
Breslawn, Marcello, Prairieburg.
Cashman, Sr., Thomas, Ryan.
Crowley, Sr., Wm., Coggon.
Crowley, Elizabeth, Coggon.
Cowan, George, Monticello.
Carr, Daniel, Coggon.
Carr, Frank, Coggon.
Caldwell, Oliver, Prairieburg.
Caldwell, Etal, Prairieburg.
Couquillette, A. W., Coggon.
Came, R. D., Central City.
Clark, Phillip, Coggon.
Crilley, Mary, Coggon.
Crookshank, Wilber R., Coggon.
Came, Harry G., Coggon.
Came, Arthur J., Coggon.
Dolan, John, Prairieburg.
Drexler, J. C., Sr., Central City.
Drexler, J. C., Jr., Coggon.
Dupel, John, Prairieburg.
Drexler, Jacob, Central City.
Drexler, Daniel, Central City.
DeLancey, Amos, Prairieburg.
Dolan, E. P., Coggon.
Driscoll, Jerry, Coggon.
Donovan, Johannah, Coggon.
Eiben, John G., Central City.
Fehr, Emma B., Monticello.
Fleming, Thos., Sr., Monticello.
Fleming, Samuel L., Central City.
Fleming, Wm., Monticello.
Franklin, Edward, Central City.
Flanagan, James, Prairieburg.
Fish, C. E., Prairieburg.
Forristall, Glenn, Prairieburg.
Folkers, Henry, Central City.
Glass, A. T., Monticello.
Holub, Joseph M., Prairieburg.
Hasler, Rudolf, Coggon.
Hall, Orval, Monticello.
Holub, J. L., Prairieburg.
Hennessey, John, Monticello.
Hill, Sr., Wm. L., Central City.
Holub, J. B., Central City.
Holub, Martin, Central City.
Holub, Albert, Prairieburg.
Henderson, John I., Prairieburg.
Holub, Frank L., Central City.
Hill, Rawlind, Prairieburg.
Hill, John T., Prairieburg.
Howard, Joseph, Prairieburg.
Holub, Joseph F., Prairieburg.
Himes, Edgar G., Central City.
Hines, Ora M., Central City.
Houser, Joseph A., Coggon.
Holub, John J., Coggon.
Holub, W. B., Prairieburg.
Iwabuit, Christian, Coggon.
Johanek, Wincil, Central City.
Joslin, Mrs. J. L., Prairieburg.
Kula, Frank, A., Prairieburg.
Kula, Albert, Central City.
Kula, John T., Central City.
Kinley, Jennie, Coggon.
Kinley, M. H., Coggon.
Kline, Joseph, Central City.
Kinley, Thos. J., Coggon.
Kula, Mathier, Prairieburg.
Kula, Albert, Prairieburg.
Lawrence, Cathrine, Central City.
Lacy, Richard, Central City.
Lawrence, Frank, Central City.
Leonard, Mary, Prairieburg.
Lawrence, John, Central City.
Leonard, Hugh, Coggon.
Lawrence, John A., Central City.
Lawrence, Mathias, Central City.
Lawrence, Victor J., Central City.
Le Clare, Geo. L., Coggon.
Le Clare, Henry A., Coggon.
Le Clare, Theresa, Coggon.
Lightfool, E. J., Coggon.
Lowell, Geo. L., Coggon.
Monnier, E. F., Coggon.
McCrea, John, Coggon.
McAleer, Mattie, Monticello.
McNamara, Mamie, Prairieburg.
McQueen, James C., Prairieburg.
McEvoy, Wm., Central City.
McEvoy, Luke, Anamosa.
Mangold, Jacob, Coggon.
McDowell, Alexander, Coggon.
Matsell, Geo., Prairieburg.
Marana, John, Prairieburg.
McEvoy, John, Central City.
McNamara, Frank P., Prairieburg.
Mahoney, Jerimah, Coggon.
Morrissey, James R., Coggon.
Morek, John, Coggon.
Nelson, John, Central City.
O'Rourke, Louis, Monticello.
O'Rourke, Wm., Monticello.
Pillard, Peter, Coggon.
Paul, L., Coggon.
Plower, John, Coggon.
Pfeil, Conrad, Coggon.
Pillard, Alfred, Central City.
Powers, William, Central City.
Pillard, Albert H., Coggon.
Reed, John A., Central City.
Rundle, Jennie M., Coggon.
Richards, F. T., Prairieburg.
Reilly, John, Coggon.
Reed, Helen M., Prairieburg.
Ross, J. J., Prairieburg.
Rogers, Luther, Central City.
Smith, Julia, Prairieburg.
Soesbe, George, Central City.
Smith, James P., Prairieburg.
Smith, Frank J., Prairieburg
Smith, Chas. H., Prairieburg.
Slife, F. H., Prairieburg.
Sible, John, Prairieburg.
Simmons, J. M., Monticello.
Shaffer, Thomas J., Monticello.
Smith, Geo. W., Prairieburg.
Stephens, Mary A., Prairieburg.
Sherman, Mary A., Coggon.
Smith, Seward, Prairieburg.
Stoek, Tillie, Prairieburg.
Scheer, A., Monticello.
Trefz, Sr., Wm., Coggon.
Tinker, P. K., Coggon.
Taylor, B. C., Central City.
Tear, V. E., Prairieburg.
Tuttle, Milo, Monticello.
Valanta, Frank, Prairieburg.
Walker, Frank, Prairieburg.
Williams, F. S., Central City.
Walker, Michael C., Prairieburg.
Whitney, Joe, Coggon.
Walker, Barbara, Prairieburg.
Wenger, John, Coggon.
Walker, Mary M., Prairieburg.
Walker, Joseph, Prairieburg.
Whitney, Joseph W., Central City.
Whitney, Elmo E., Central City.
Walker, John A., Prairieburg.
Walmutt, John, Prairieburg.

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